Zepter Myion portable personal air purifier review

The emergence of new vses inevitably leads to the fact that people become more careful and begin to carefully monitor their health. Some manufacturers of equipment see this need and are trying to release solutions that meet new customer needs. One such solution is the personal air purifier MyIon, produced under the Zepter brand.

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The device is positioned as an innovative method of combating harmful particles from 0.001 to 2.5 micrometers, dust, allergens and even vses. Therefore, let’s study the air purifier in more detail and try to test it in operation, because, according to the manufacturer, the hero of the review “uses advanced air ionization technology to eliminate 99% of all harmful particles in the air within a radius of 30 cm from a person indoors or outdoors. MyIon releases 18,000,000 negative ions per cm³. Negatively charged ions grab airborne particles and weigh them down, pushing them out of your personal space.”


  • Model: ION-01

  • Negative ion generation: 18,000,000 per cm³

  • Effective area: 30cm

  • Working time: 10 hours

  • Charging time: 2-3 hours

  • Lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 200 mAh

  • Dimensions: 21 x 66.5 x 19mm

  • Weight: 22.9 grams

  • Country of manufacture: South Korea

  • Warranty: 2 years

  • Equipment

    The ION-01 comes in a small, nicely designed box with a picture of the insment, its specifications, and how it works.

    In addition to the insctions in English, the set includes two laces for wearing the device around the neck – their total length is 60 and 68.5 cm, but in the first case, the strap stretches by about 10 cm more, which will be enough in most cases. The laces are detachable – this is done in order to prevent strangulation, because it is assumed that the cleaner will be used by children, too.

    For charging, a 70 cm USB-micro USB cable is used.


    Outwardly, the device looks like a keychain or jewelry designed for comfortable wearing around the neck – this is facilitated not only by its compact size, but also by its low weight (less than 23 grams). The shape is a rectangle with rounded edges, and often the hero of the review is compared with lipstick.

    Case material – matte silver plastic, which does not show fingerprints. On the sides there are holes for threading a lace or chain.

    On the front side we see an interesting design solution in the form of 20 slightly recessed triangles, 2 of which are indicators of work. The mechanical on/off button is made in the form of a hexagon, which together looks very nice. There were no proding parts on the case, which significantly reduces the risk of breakage and accidental pressing of a single button.

    When the device is in operation, the left indicator of blue color always glows – it also looks nice, but in the dark the brightness seems excessive, especially before going to bed.

    When charging, the right orange LED works, turning green after fully charged.

    The fact that the air purifier will soon be discharged can be understood by two simultaneously working blue and red diodes.

    On the bottom side there is a micro USB charging port and a sticker with a short information about the product. Here we would be right to expect a more modern Type-C connector.

    The back side is a large Zepter logo.

    On the upper side, bristles prode from the hole, which emit ions. This process can even be heard if you bring the upper or lower side of the device to your ear – a subtle sound periodically appears and then disappears. When you touch the wire with your fingers, the effect may intensify, and occasionally a slight tingling is felt, but there is nothing to be afraid of, since, unlike some stationary devices, it is unrealistic to get at least a strong electric shock.

    It will not be difficult to disassemble the cleaner – just pry the case with a mediator, but it is better to do it near the micro USB connector, and then you can already remove the front half, which is held on by latches.

    Inside there is a board, a battery and a key component of the device – a negative ion generator. Ionizer model – HL-ZF18 with less than 1W consumption. It should be noted that something similar can be found on sale in Chinese stores for a few hundred ***, although the question remains how identical the goods will turn out to be.

    The reverse side of the board is the connectors for the negative ion generator and the battery, as well as the ATtiny13A microcontroller and the TP4056 chip needed to charge the battery.

    The case is not waterproof, so if moisture gets inside, it may damage the device.

    Device in operation

    The monitored model is turned on by pressing the button on the front side, and turned off by even longer clamping when the indicator goes out.

    A popular method for checking the operation of ionizers is to eliminate the smoke found in transparent cans. A similar test passes and ION-01 is an example of how dust particles settle on the walls of the vessel, as well as on any other surface. This is also sufficient to combat odorous gases, at least when it comes to small containers. At the same time, the generation of negative ions of 18,000,000 per cm³ declared by the manufacturer is excessive according to all standards and can be greatly overestimated.

    Similar tests on Youtube:

    With the claimed 10 hours of operation, the device is able to last without recharging much more than this time – we are talking more about 20 hours with a full charge. The battery with a capacity of 200 mAh or 0.74 Wh is fully charged in about 1 hour and 10 minutes. The maximum charging power is 1.3 W (5.057 V, 0.257 A), so you can use almost any low-power power adapter or charge the device via the computer’s USB connector. At the same time, the manufacturer does not recommend using an adapter with a power of more than 10 watts.


    As we found out after disassembling the device, MyIon ION-01 is a compact ionizer. Those who call the device an absolute dummy will be wrong, since everything necessary for its operation is in the case. The small size of the ionizer suggests that the effect of the work, namely the settling of small particles, should be expected in small rooms when the device is next to a person. As a gift Zepter My Ion ION-01 looks interesting and unusual, regardless of the presence or absence of an effect on health.

    In my opinion, the product has two drawbacks – this is not the newest micro USB connector for charging and a rather high cost, the reason for which, presumably, was the very famous Zepter brand and South Korean production.

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