Review Z04 Automatic Foam Dispenser

Review Z04 Automatic Foam Dispenser With A Two Week Service Life 2022. Forced Disassembly. When automatic dispensers have entered our lives tightly, it is no longer a soul to abandon them and switch to the classic methods of using soap. Therefore, after the life of the dispenser, for which I wrote a review here, ended, the next one was immediately ordered. Chosen for a unique design, I never expected that our acquaintance would not last long.

The choice was made for the original design and low price. Wall Mounted Automatic Soap Dispenser Infrared Induction

Dispenser parameters

Model Z04
Power 3W
Charging time About 3 hours
Working hours About 450 times of use
Battery capacity 1200mAh
Charging power parameters 5V = 0.6A
Container volume 300ML
The size 135 x 135 x 59mm / 5.3 x 5.3 x 2.3in “
Weight 384g

Packaging and equipment

Supplied in a white box in the manner of a Xiaomi product. The product itself is drawn on the front side, and the dispenser parameters and assembly data on the back. Includes plastic wall mount. It has tape for easy installation, which I did right away. Tore off the barely old mount from the dispenser, which had not lived for a long time, by the way, here is a review on it

The dispenser is made and attracted attention with just this round body made of white plastic. Front round black display and nothing else

In general, this gold strip serves not only for decoration – it is also a button for turning on / off and viewing data on the display. The strip has a motion sensor and a rubber foam nozzle.

On the side is an uncovered TypeC connector for charging the battery, I could not check the capacity, by the way. And on top of the filler neck for soap. It is covered with a silicone stopper, with a silicone handle. There are no complaints about the assembly. At first glance, everything is sound and strong.

On the back of the dispenser there is a sticker about the model and 3 tabs for installation on a wall mount. Assembly screws are visible.

The dimensions are compact, in the hand something like this


In order to turn on the dispenser, hold down the golden button, To turn it off as well. The dispenser will tell you what is happening with the readings on the display.

When pressed again, the display will show the battery percentage. And by double-clicking it will give you the ambient temperature, you can look at F and C

At first I liked the dispenser very much, it gives a strong stream of thick foam, shoots it straight. The foam is also excellent in detergent properties. I dilute the soap with water in a 1: 8 ratio and it works great. But I use thick soap.

And I was about to rejoice at the purchase when the dispenser stopped responding to my hand. He began to work only on white objects. I thought it was okay, you can get used to acting anyway, but, unfortunately, after another week, he completely stopped reacting to objects.

Then the thought came to disassemble it and look what was inside.

A good idea to assess the possibilities for renovation. I decided to share with you. It is easy to understand, 4 screws, and then everything is on scotch tape. Screw-on boards

The board responsible for the display and on which the main controller of the dispenser.

TypeC connector for charging


Battery capacity 1200 mAh. Uses a standard 18650 battery

The sensor itself, located on the board and immediately the on / off button

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