Review Yeelight Mini LED Lamp Cabinet Light USB Rechargeable

Review Yeelight Mini Lamp With Motion Sensor For Cabinets And Drawers: Rechargeable Version 2022.I will continue the story about small touch-sensitive lamps, which are in demand when you need to install lighting in a closet, furniture drawers or on dark shelves. Such lighting fixtures do not require stationary power supply from the network and the installation of additional switches, react to movement in the area from the location, have a long life without recharging and are quite economical. Not so long ago, I talked about one such version, powered by batteries from Yeelight, the turn of the battery version (model YLCTD002) has come, and I will tell you about it in this review.

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The mini-lamp is delivered in a very small cardboard box:

Inside there are the device itself, a short Type-C charging cable and a metal sticker with double-sided tape for the ability to mount the lamp in any convenient place:

I expected that the mini-lamp would be small, but I did not expect that it would be so small 🙂 Therefore, you should not expect any special feats in terms of lighting from this crumbs:

The body is made of plastic, and the lighting part is only a narrow lower translucent strip. Of the controls, there is one single button that switches operating modes. There are only two of them: constant light and the “AUTO” operating mode from the motion sensor. They switch sequentially with a button, the third press turns off the device.

A magnet is built into the back wall of the luminaire, where you can see a platform for fixing it to a metal surface. The power of the lamp is 0.15W:

On the left side there is a connector for charging the battery, the declared capacity is 300mAh:

An interesting sensor is located on the upper side part. It differs somewhat from typical motion sensors combined with a light sensor and used in most of these devices. In the review unit, a double sensor with an infrared LED. A simplified scheme of work is as follows: an LED sends pulses, and a photosensor located nearby catches their reflection from the surface, and if it stops recording them (that is, a furniture drawer or a cabinet door is open), then it turns on the lighting. After the box is closed and the photosensor again begins to record the pulse reflected from the surface, the lamp turns off (after 3 seconds). The actuation distance is about 4cm, i.e. the luminaire is more suitable for closed volumes. The presence or absence of external lighting does not in any way affect the operation of the luminaire.

Dimensions 68x26x11mm:

Weight 21gr .:

The luminaire gives a dull diffused neutral light (4000K):

When the button switches to the motion fixing mode, a blue LED next to the connector lights up:

The option of installing a mini-lamp in a wardrobe, we set it in such a way that the sliding door, when opening or closing, passes by the sensor:

Bookshelf with lifting door:

The pull-out furniture drawer can be placed in different places, for example, on the furniture body …

… or on the drawer itself on the side wall …

… or on the front wall:

If the surface on which we place the lamp is metal, then it is magnetized, in other places we glue the complete metal plate. When the drawer is closed, the light turns off after 3 seconds. The time during which the light is on in the sensor operating mode is 25 seconds (if the sensor does not register additional movement).

The brightness of the device, of course, is moderate, but due to the fact that the light is diffused and illuminates a fairly large area, it is quite acceptable even for large furniture boxes.

In the constant light mode, the luminaire works on one battery charge for about seven hours, in the sensor operating mode for 2-4 months, depending on the intensity of use of the furniture in which it is installed. When charging, the red LED is on, which changes color to blue when the battery is fully charged.

The device is charged for about an hour with a current of 0.25A:

I was surprised that the tester showed the battery capacity more than 10% higher than the declared 300mAh:

Well, and, of course, it is always interesting to look inside the viewing device. Let’s disassemble it by snapping off the back cover … As many as 9 LEDs are responsible for the light:

On the battery label, we see that its capacity is 350mAh:

In general, an overview model of a luminaire with a motion sensor is quite viable and is well suited for illuminating the interior spaces of cabinets, bookshelves or drawers. No one bothers to place it in an open space and activate it, for example, by moving a hand. The miniature size is definitely a plus, because will not get in the way. The brightness, although not very high, is quite sufficient to find what you need in the box. Manufacturing and assembly are of high quality. Plus a built-in battery.

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