Yeelight LED Desk Lamp Review

Review Yeelight LED Desk Lamp Clip-On Night Light USB Rechargeable 2022. It often happens that a stationary light source is not in the right place. In this situation, a rechargeable lamp will help out. It is especially important that when giving light, the lamp does not occupy the hands and it is possible to fix it in a comfortable position. I will tell you about one version of such a lamp, a compact clothespin lamp from the Yeelight Stot company, in this review.

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The packaging of the lamp is a dense cardboard box, inside a bubble bag for better protection:

The kit includes the lighting device itself and a meter cable for charging it:

The lamp has three parts: a base in the form of a clothespin, which contains a battery, a flexible “neck” support and a lighting unit with LEDs:

The luminaire is convenient in that it can be simply placed on the table, using it as a small table lamp, or it can be fixed with the powerful clamping mechanism of a clothespin.

The flexible lamp support bends at any angle, directing the lighting flux in the desired direction:

If necessary, you can even bend it in the form of a spiral:

Minimum bending radius about 3-4cm:

The lower part is quite weighty and stands quite steadily on a flat surface. In front there is a touch button that switches brightness modes, which allow you to use the lamp for reading and as a night light:

The clothespin is equipped with a powerful metal spring. The fixing parts have anti-slip pads:

The same is located at the bottom of the base:

Inside the lighting unit there are three LEDs covered with a corrugated transparent plate. Translating from Chinese into English the text on advertising pictures, I read that such a design is similar to that installed in first-class cabins on airplanes 🙂

Declared characteristics:

  • Total power: 4W
  • Color temperature: 3900K
  • Number of modes: 3
  • Battery capacity: 1500mAh

Dimensions. Flexible post height 33cm.


Lamp weight 215gr .:

The maximum distance between the parts of the clothespin when opened is from 15 to 45mm:

To turn on the light, just touch the sensor on the lower platform with your finger:

The design of the lighting part is such that the light is concentrated in a fairly small area. However, it is quite sufficient for a workplace or reading a book. The movement of the parts of the clothespin is sufficient for fixing, for example, on the armrest of a chair …

shelf above the computer workstation …

or even vertically, like on a door:

By the way, with this fastening, the lamp holds up perfectly – the clothespin does not roll or fall off:

When fixed on the edge of the table, the lamp practically does not take up space on it:

As for the brightness. In the maximum mode, it is quite possible to work and read, however, as I already mentioned, the illuminated area is not very wide:

If we compare the three modes that are sequentially switched by the button, then it looks like this. The brightest:


Low brightness:

Another comparison from the brightest to the weakest modes. Lighting from two and a half meters:

Operating time on a single charge: in the brightest mode (checked) the lamp works for 9 hours and 20 minutes. Declared time for medium mode: about 20 hours; for the lowest brightness mode: 70 hours.

When connected to charging, a red LED lights up next to the connector, which goes out after its completion:

The battery is charged in 3 hours and 30 minutes. The capacity corresponds to the declared 1500mAh:

In general, it is quite a good and well-made compact light bulb, with a long operating time. Three brightness modes will allow you to read, and make a dim backlight, and use a clothespin lamp as a night light. You can fix it in any convenient position, even horizontally, even vertically, directing the light in the right direction. When folded it takes up very little space.

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