Yeedi Vac Hybrid Review Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Review of Yeedi 2 Hybrid Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2022 with an interactive map and a powerful motor for 380 dollars. Yeedi 2 hybrid is one of the most affordable and functional mid-range robots. In fact, this is a budget copy of Ecovacs Deebot ozmo 950, which is almost inferior to the original, but costs half the price. At the current exchange rate for the Yeedi 2 hybrid they ask for a little more than 380 dollars. The only difference is visual navigation instead of laser navigation, while the interactivity of the map remains at the same level. In the presence of a suction power of 2500 Pa, a 5200 mAh battery, a turbo brush with hair guides and other cool things from the premium segment. I will tell you more about this robot with an interesting combination of price and quality later in the review.

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Together with the robot, the manufacturer supplies:

  • a charging station and a cord for connecting it to an outlet;
  • floor nozzle;
  • one reusable tissue and five disposable;
  • manual and warranty in English.

There are no spare brushes, filters and control panel in the box, and the service brush is in a special compartment under the hinged cover.


The robot is made in the form of a tablet with a diameter of 345 mm and a height of 77 mm. The bezel and top edge are made of white plastic, the rest of the case is black. On the front panel there is an overview camera and a start button.

In the compartment under the lid there is a 430 ml dust collector. It is a transparent box with a foldable handle. A rubberized HEPA filter and a foam pad are inserted into the back wall; the mesh can be accessed from the main chamber.

In front of the robot is a traditional bumper with a scattering of sensors and a silicone pad. A 240 ml C-shaped tank is attached to the back of the body. A pump is installed inside the tank to supply water to the napkin.

The Yeedi 2 hybrid has the following tools under the bottom:

  • drive wheels with high cross-country tread;
  • anti-winding turbo brush;
  • end panicles with elongated leashes;
  • terminals and swivel roller;
  • nozzles for wetting the napkin;
  • 6 perimeter surface sensors.


Cleaning type dry and wet
Lithium-ion battery 5200 mAh
Working hours 110-200 minutes
Cleaning area 70 -130 sq. m
Suction power 2500 Pa
Noise level 53-62 dB
Dust collector 430 ml
Storage tank 240 ml
Fluid control There is
Appendix There is
Real-time map building There is
Virtual boundaries and zones, mop-free zones There is
Overcoming the thresholds 20 mm
Navigation sensor Camera
Voice acting There is a English voice package
Dimensions (edit) 345х345х77
Buy on Ali 21 thousand dollars

With the help of the Yeedi 2 hybrid camera, it reads the outlines of the ceilings, so it understands the layout of the apartment better than a conventional robot with a gyroscope. The vacuum cleaner from the very beginning goes through the room in zigzags, then drives along the baseboards and goes to the next room. Yeedi 2 hybrid does not get confused in the legs of the chair, it slows down in front of obstacles. Therefore, you do not need to worry about floor vases and the safety of cat food.

The disadvantages include the incorrect operation of the fall sensors, which may prevent the robot from entering the black carpet. On one battery charge (5200 mAh), the vacuum cleaner manages to process 70-130 sq.m. and the same amount after intermediate recharging. At the same time, only one card is stored in the memory of the Yeedi 2 hybrid, so it is not suitable for multi-level rooms.


The main function of the application is an interactive map that is activated after several cleaning cycles. On the map, you can change the boundaries of rooms, give them names, indicate target and restricted areas.

Additional application options:

  • selection of the suction mode and the abundance of wetting the napkin;
  • the inclusion of cleaning with a repeated pass through the treated areas;
  • programming a work schedule with the sequence of cleaning different rooms;
  • history and statistics;
  • condition of accessories;
  • do not disturb mode.
  • selection of a voice package (English is available in the list).

Dry cleaning

The dry cleaning algorithm is classic: the robot sweeps away debris under the bottom, throws it into the air duct and sucks it into the dust collector. In turbo mode, the suction power of the Yeedi 2 hybrid reaches 2500 Pa.

The Yeedi 2 hybrid handles smooth surfaces flawlessly – it collects 96% of debris even when tested at medium power.

But it is advisable to start up the carpets of the robot with maximum suction power, then it will demonstrate results at the premium level: 91% on a thin pile and 70% on an average.

The frame of the Yeedi 2 hybrid turbo brush is designed in such a way that most of the hair and wool is directed directly into the duct, and only a small part of it is wound around the axis of the brush. This greatly facilitates maintenance.

Wet cleaning

Wet cleaning for this model is an auxiliary function: the robot vacuums the apartment and simultaneously removes the dust lying on the surface with a cloth. The main thing is not to forget to circle the carpets with restricted areas, otherwise the Yeedi 2 hybrid will carry on them with a wet napkin. If you choose a double-pass cleaning, the robot will be able to efficiently (but not perfectly) wipe dog tracks and ketchup stains. In this case, it is advisable to unscrew the wetting intensity to the maximum.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • interactive navigation;
  • low profile body;
  • complex cleaning;
  • two end panicles;
  • easy maintenance;
  • modern turbo brush design;
  • works up to 2.5 hours on a single charge.
  • saves only one card;
  • afraid of black carpets;
  • minimum equipment;
  • does not recognize carpets.


Yeedi 2 hybrid suitable for large apartments with complex layouts and any flooring. The robot perfectly navigates the terrain, vacuums the selected room, comb out carpets with medium pile and does preventive wet cleaning. The turbo brush practically does not wrap hair, so  Yeedi 2 hybrid will become a convenient companion for owners of long-haired dogs and cats.

Even if Yeedi 2 hybrid cost 380 dollars more, it would be quite justified taking into account its navigation, functionality and characteristics. for such a robot vacuum cleaner – it’s just some kind of charity! Anyone who wanted a high-quality middle-class robot can safely go to Aliexpress!

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