Review Yeedi 2 Hybrid Robot Vacuum Cleaner: Home Assistant

Probably many people thought about buying a robot vacuum cleaner, and even with wet cleaning 2022. But many are stopped by the price and how it will work. Today I propose to consider a new product from YEEDI, namely the Hybrid 2 model.

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The Yeedi 2 Hybrid Home Assistant comes in a cardboard box with minimal information about the contents. On the edges there is the manufacturer’s logo and only on the side edge is the model and brief technical characteristics indicated.


  • Power (W): 40W
  • Voltage (V): 100-240V
  • Size (mm): 350 * 350 * 77
  • Filter Type: HEPA
  • Model Number: yeedi 2 hybrid
  • Working time up to: 200 minutes
  • Battery: 5200 mAh Li-ion
  • Waste container capacity (ml): 430mL
  • Water container capacity: 240ml

Contents of delivery

  • vacuum cleaner Yeedi 2 Hybrid
  • charging dock
  • charge station wire
  • cleaning brush
  • disposable wet wipes
  • pad for wet cleaning + napkin
  • 2 side brushes

The entire set is packed in individual bags and securely fixed in a cardboard base. Additionally, the vacuum cleaner is placed in a fabric cover.

The instructions and the warranty card are completely in English, but thanks to the pictures, everyone can understand it.

The charge station is no different from other similar models, but there are several points worth paying attention to. Namely. The power supply is located inside the station, and just a wire is connected to the outlet. The L-shaped wire is conveniently connected from the back side and it is possible to wind it to the desired length on special holders. On the bottom there is an adhesive base thanks to which the station is more securely fixed to the floor.

On the plug of the wire, the characteristics are 2.5 A and 250 V. That corresponds to the parameters of the station.

Replaceable disposable wipes are made of white synthetic material, the same size as a reusable wipe, but have a different structure. Although stated as disposable, they can be used multiple times.

Plastic pad for wet cleaning with a reusable cloth installed. On one of the mounts, you can see a plug under which a magnet is installed to automatically turn on wet cleaning, but more on that below. To remove and replace the napkin, you just need to pull the edge, most of it is held on hooks similar to the velcro tape. The front is worn on a flexible bar.

The 2 side brushes are directional and highlighted in color, so we must install them in their places. Even if the brushes are slightly bent during delivery, they can be briefly immersed in hot water and they will straighten.


The vacuum cleaner itself, like its other brothers, is made in the form of a large washer. Some of the sensors are located on the bottom surface, and the break sensors occupy almost the entire circumference, so you shouldn’t worry about accidental drops.

The tread of the wheel is also made in an unusual shape, there is not only an “evil” pattern, but also a soft core, which means that during travel the wheel will flow around the surface and increase the grip patch. Indeed, the vacuum cleaner does not notice obstacles of 20 mm and calmly overcomes them.

The central turbo brush has a floating guide and has two working surfaces: rubber blades and synthetic bristles. This makes it easier to deal with different types of dirt and different surfaces such as carpets, laminate or tiles. On the turbo brush, guides are additionally installed to protect against excessive winding of long hair. Another advantage is the convenient mount, because it can be removed with one hand without spending a lot of time. After removing the mount, you can clean the brush.

The turbo brush has a bearing on one side and a square guide on the other.

The plastic platform is installed in the water container with latches; it will be possible to remove it only after removing the water container.

The water container is installed from the rear in the direction of travel. The container is only 240 ml, but this will be quite enough for cleaning in a two-room apartment at an average level of water consumption. And since when starting to work, you can choose where wet cleaning will be performed, and where it is just dry, this volume should be enough for a more spacious room. The container is installed in the housing along special guides and locked. On the body there is a valve for filling water, as well as a valve with an inner tube for supplying water to the vacuum cleaner.

There is a valve with a rubber seal inside the vacuum cleaner.

On the sides of the body of the vacuum cleaner there are ventilation grilles for removing purified air, and the front semicircle is occupied by a movable bumper. The bumper has protective rubber bands protruding from the body by 2 mm.

On the upper part there is a button for turning on automatic cleaning, a camera and a massive cover under which there is a container for garbage, a cleaning brush, a QR code for installing software, a power switch and a physical button for pairing with a WiFi network.

Right under the cover you can see paper instructions on how to prepare the vacuum cleaner for the first time, as well as connecting to a mobile device.

After successfully connecting to the smartphone, the white LED indicator will light up.

The cleaning brush is conveniently located under the top cover, it will always be at hand when you need to clean the container. There is a brush on one side and a hair cutter on the other.

The container has a clamping mechanism, does not slump during installation and operation and is maximally attracted to the body. To remove it, pull the handle and it will smoothly pop out. On the top you can see a brief instruction on how to clean the container. After removal, excess debris will not fall out of it, since there is a valve on the intake port. On the opposite side are coarse and fine filters.


Since the set does not include a control panel, the start-up is carried out either by a button on the body of the vacuum cleaner or through the YEEDI software installed on a smartphone. First, you need to synchronize the vacuum cleaner with your smartphone and it won’t take long. Everything is shown on paper instructions.

After connecting, an update arrived. Whether or not everyone’s business is established, one can refuse or accept. But the update is recommended to be carried out with a charge level of at least 50% and with installation on a docking station.

After synchronization, more advanced settings of the vacuum cleaner will become available, and after building a map, it will be possible to edit the cleaning place or prohibitions. Also indicate in what sequence the cleaning should take place and in which rooms or zones wet cleaning will be carried out.

After installing the wet wipe, the corresponding menu item will be available.

For a more accurate construction of the map, it is recommended to carry out from 3 to 5 complete cleanings in the apartment. Although you can use the card after the first run. As mentioned above, you can set spot cleaning on it, set virtual zones, cleaning procedure and much more.


The vacuum cleaner attracts not only with good parameters, such as a capacious battery, long operating time, wet cleaning and much more, but also with its simply beautiful appearance. Functional software will allow you to adjust the gadget to your needs and only from time to time to clean the container and add water.

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