Xiaowei W1 Foam Dispenser Review

300ml capacity, wide mouth so no need to use a watering can, the display shows the ambient temperature, the degree of duration of foaming and the remaining charge level of the built-in battery with a capacity of 2000mAh

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The packaging was slightly kicked during delivery, you can see the characteristics on the back

Inside there was a dispenser, a Type-C cable for charging it, a wall holder and insctions. The body of the device is glossy, black with a “golden” ring around the perimeter of the front. At the bottom there is an optical sensor window and a foam supply nozzle, the power button and operating mode selection button are placed on the right, it is possible that less moisture gets inside through it

On the right, under the plug, you can find a Type-C connector for charging, and at the top there is a massive filler cap. A good solution, you can pour soap even from a mug and not spill a drop

There are fasteners and a sticker with brief characteristics on the back. The bracket is made of transparent plastic, the base is flexible and covered with an adhesive layer.

So for fixing it is enough to remove the protective film, stick it on a flat, clean surface and just put the dispenser on the square. It has been holding since November, no air bubbles appeared, so it will sag for a long time

To turn the device on or off, you need to hold the button a little, each time the sensor is triggered, the display will show the ambient temperature and the level of foam supply. A short press allows you to check the charge level and adjust the dosage, limiting the pump time to 0.6, 1 or 1.5 seconds. Click on preview to play animation

At the first stage, 0.5g of foam is squeezed out, at the second 0.8g, and at the third 1.22g

In the photo, the body seems massive, but it is smaller than the model from the previous review, which is also quite alive.


This is my second wall-mounted dispenser and they are more practical than the previous models that stood on the sink. Less splashes get on the case during hand washing, so sometimes it is enough to wipe with a cloth when streaks appear, they probably won’t be visible on white. And the sink itself remains cleaner and frees up space for other accessories.

I hung the subject in the kitchen, with a standard concentration of 1 to 10 for soap, it is felt that the alkalinity is greatly lost and you have to apply it more often to the sponge. So I raised the ratio to 1 to 4, the foam became more “slippery”, the washing properties improved, but at the same time it washes off better with water than dishwashing gel, which is what I was trying to achieve.

The battery is capacious, for two weeks of use the drawdown was 10%, so a full charge should be enough for about six months of use, after which it can be charged with any power bank right on the wall, or remove the case by pulling it up.

Well, I was pleased with the wide opening for pouring, so you can add soapy water using a regular bottle and not be afraid to spill it or overfill it. The only thing missing is a transparent window to check the level during use, so sometimes the soapns out at the wrong moment.

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