Xiaowei Dual Mode Foam Dispenser with Battery Review

Review of Xiaowei Automatic Soap Dispenser 320ml USB ReChargeable Infrared Induction Foam Dispenser 2022. Dispensers of various kinds are firmly entrenched in modern life. A dispenser of liquid soap allows you to get rid of soap dishes with soggy soap, and a foam dispenser prepares a portion of soap foam from liquid soap and delivers it directly to the user’s hand. Today in the review is the Xiaowei XQ-988A dispenser, which operates in two modes and from a built-in battery.

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Brand / Model: Xiaowei XQ-988A

ABS + HDPE material

Tank volume: 320 ml (300)

Power supply: Li-ion battery (1200 mAh)

Rated power: 3W

Protection level: IPX4

Number of modes: 2

Reaction time: 0.25 s.

Product size 98x72x190 mm

The coupon is valid until April 15th.

The dispenser’s commercial packaging is devoid of the manufacturer’s name, but informs potential buyers in detail about the properties of the product.

In the heat of the moment, we can say that this is a no-name, but it is very likely that this is an OEM. For now, we will adhere to the name Xiaowei, especially since if you ask a question to Google, it will give out many options for dispensers under this name, and at the end of the review I will show why I think that this is still an OEM product.

The complete set is minimal and completely sufficient – a dispenser, a short cord for charging and instructions.

Having studied the instructions, I noticed that the volume of the container indicated in it is slightly different from that indicated on the product page. In the instructions there are 300 ml, on the product page 320, although this is not particularly important. In addition, the battery capacity is not indicated anywhere and in the characteristics indicated conditionally 1200 mAh. Why will become more or less clear later.

The dispenser body is made of ABS plastic, the liquid soap reservoir is made of polyethylene. The design does not have cracks, traces of careless manufacturing, foreign smell and other indecencies. Above there is a single button and it is not touch-sensitive, but has a clear but soft click. And this, in my opinion, is simpler, more convenient and more reliable than any sensory frills.

Not all dispensers can operate in two modes. Xiaowei XQ-988A can. The first mode is more suitable for children with their small palms, the second is for adults. In the first, the dispenser dispenses a portion of foam in 0.5 seconds, and in the second an increased portion in 0.8 seconds.

To set the first or child mode, you need to press the button once – the dispenser wakes up, the green LED of the button illumination will light up.

Press again and the blue LED indicates that the dispenser will dispense foam in an adult way.

And by clicking the third time, we will see the red illumination of the button – the dispenser has turned off.

As you can see, everything is extremely simple, without any double, triple, etc. blinks in different colors.

The sensor window is located in the very corner under the ledge, and just above it, at an angle towards the user, there is a short nozzle for the foam outlet. The sensor is triggered at a distance of 5 cm and activates the dispenser in 0.25 seconds, i.e. almost instantly.

On the opposite side of the case there is a microUSB connector covered with a silicone cap. During charging, the button is highlighted with a red LED, at the end of the process, green. The dispenser came to me with a certain level of charge, and I did not charge it, but it has been working for two weeks without any hint of energy hunger. In general, the thing is not troublesome and can work for several months on a single charge.

We unscrew the flask, see its wide neck, silicone flexible tube, silicone seal at its base and the absence of any screws, slots, etc. in the dispenser body. Extremely simple and practical.

The container is made of dense matte polyethylene, it is unlikely to be afraid of falls, and for the convenience of users it has measuring marks from 50 to 250 ml. It will be 300 to the top, I didn’t catch 20 ml, because it’s not the point.

In the lower part, the tank narrows, but this does not greatly affect stability. Like there is no vibration from a quiet motor at all.

The overall dimensions of the dispenser are practically equal to those stated, only the body diameter turned out to be 6 mm larger – 190 * 78 * 92.

The spout with the outlet is a couple of centimeters away from the body.

I diluted liquid soap with water in a ratio of 1 to 3 and in the first mode the dispenser dispenses a small portion of dense foam.

In the second, the portion is already larger and it is enough to wash your hands and face well for an adult.

The dispenser does not keep you waiting, responds immediately, false alarms occur only when you accidentally move your hand very close, but this is normal for PIR sensors. He gives out a second portion only when you take your hand twenty centimeters, and then bring it back to the dispenser.

Compared Xiaowei XQ-988A with previously reviewed Baseus ACXSJ-01. The first difference: Xiaowei is battery powered, Baseus is powered by 4 AA batteries, which have not been changed since November last year. The second difference is in the duration of the operating modes: for the XQ-988A it is 0.5 and 0.8 seconds, for the ACXSJ-01 it is 0.6 and 1 second. And the third, the main difference is the price in favor of Xiaowei XQ-988A.

Since the duration of the session for gadgets is different, then Baseusa has a little more foam, and everything is at the same time, but the price, battery and tact button instead of a sensor still make Xiaowei XQ-988A more attractive.

Why does it seem to me that this is an OEM production? (but does not mean that this is bad).

The fact is that Xiaowei XQ-988A has almost twins, but more expensive.

For example, here’s this model, which only runs on batteries, which is less practical.

Or this identical model with a battery and two modes of operation.

The choice, of course, is always up to the buyer, and on my own, summing up, I will add the following:

– I would like unambiguous information about the capacity of the battery, although not in principle;

– built-in battery (and long autonomy, as a result), two modes of operation, a normal tact button for switching modes, a quiet engine, correct operation of the sensor, an acceptable price for excellent quality make the Xiaowei XQ-988A dispenser an acceptable and reasonable choice.

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