Xiaomi Youpin Miaomiaoce MMC Screen LCD Review

Review of Miaomiaoce Thermometer, Hygrometer & Clock MMC (MHO-C601) 2022: How To Compare It With Other Popular Xiaomi Thermometers? I got my hands on a rather interesting-looking thermometer / hygrometer from Miaomiaoce. I decided to make a review, and at the same time compare its readings with other popular Xiaomi thermometers that live in my house. And yes, looking ahead, the miracle did not happen. All of them show the weather on Mars, and I don’t know who to believe now.

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But everything is in order. I’ll start with the characteristics:

  • Model: MHO-C601
  • Measured temperature range: 0-60 ° С (step 0.1 °)
  • Measured humidity range: 0% RH-99% RH
  • Display: 3.5 “
  • Combined temperature and humidity sensor: DI5BCD
  • Power supply: 3 volts (two 2032 batteries)
  • Display: temperature, humidity, time in 24 format, smiley

I bought this thermometer at one of the sales. The price was too tempting (about 7 bucks). Delivery took a little less than a month. At the post office I received a parcel, inside which there was a thermometer in this box:

The set consists of a thermometer, a stand leg, a button with double-sided tape (for gluing on the wall) and instructions in Chinese.

The fact that the manufacturer has provided several installation options is a plus. You can glue a button on the wall and hang a thermometer. Or you can use a leg and place it on any surface:

The front panel of the thermometer contains everything interesting. This is the temperature, the humidity is lower, and the time is even lower (and to the right of the time there is an emoticon indicating the comfort of the temperature-humidity ratio)

Humidity and temperature are measured through the holes in the upper part of the thermometer:

Also on the back there is a hole for fasteners, three buttons for control and a battery compartment cover.

Under the cover there are two CR2032 batteries (from the factory they have a seal foil so that there is no consumption during storage and transportation)

There are also three buttons on the back, they are needed to set the time and select the type of temperature display: Celsius or Fahrenheit

And yes, there are no smart functions in the thermometer. It does not support smart homes, bluetooth and wifi and other connections.

Thermometer size 8.7 * 7cm:

In general, the thermometer looks good. And it may well take root on any desktop. Moreover, it has a large screen from which information is easily read.
True, as for me, it would be better if the large numbers showed the time, and the small ones showed the temperature and humidity. It would be clearer, more useful and better. Well, I will immediately answer the question if you have one: there is no backlight in the thermometer. Therefore, readability of information is possible only when there is lighting in the room. There are no alarms and no sound either. But they are not needed here.

Well, now it’s time to compare this MHO-C601 with other thermometers I have:

These are thermometers / hygrometers XIAOMI Mijia LYWSD03MMC (two bottom ones in the photo) and Xiaomi MiJia Miaomiaoce E-Ink (the one above)

And it was then that my questions began to arise. All 4 thermometers show different levels of temperature and humidity. I put them in different places of the apartment, and even for the sake of personal interest I put them at the slightly open window for a long time:

The indications are different. Everywhere and always. It certainly amazed me. I even tried putting them above the aquarium:

In any place, different readings, and often very different.

Unfortunately, I did not have an ordinary alcohol thermometer in my apartment in order to compare its readings. And now I don’t even know who to believe. That is, it turns out that all 4 thermometers are lying and show the weather on Mars (figuratively), or one of them shows correctly, while the others have a decent error. But without a reference device for measuring, I cannot figure it out.

It turns out that the buyer pays money, receives the device, but often does not even suspect that the readings may be incorrect. This discouraged me a little. That is why I decided to do this small review in order to warn people.

Of course, for many, plus or minus a couple of degrees, the difference is not critical. And these thermometers work in apartments as usual indicators. I can assume that. But after all, some people use built-in hygrometers for any important purposes (I have seen reviews that some put these thermometers in greenhouses and incubators) and there, incorrect readings can affect the result.


If you don’t find fault with the accuracy of measurements, the MMC Miaomiaoce thermometer can be an interesting desktop decoration. Show time, show approximate temperature and humidity. This will be enough for many. But for taking accurate readings, it is better to use a more suitable device. I personally put this thermometer on the table and use it. Do not throw it out now. He, of course, shows the approximate temperature. Plus or minus a couple of degrees. It suits me. But I probably won’t recommend it for purchase, since the accuracy of this indicator remains a big question.

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