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Xiaomi Oclean X Pro display smart toothbrush: Full review 2022. Oclean X Pro Sonic Electric Toothbrush Whitening Teeth vibrator Wireless Charge 40 days works Smart APP Ultrasonic Check teeth Now!

Hello! Today we will look at the Pro version of a very interesting toothbrush with a Xiaomi Oclean X display, compare both versions of the brushes and decide whether to overpay.


Xiaomi Oclean X Pro specifications

Display — 0.96 inches
Battery capacity — 800 mAh
Number of vibrations — up to 42000 per minute
Protection class — IPX7
Charging time — 2 hours
Weight — 100 grams
Connection interface — Bluetooth 4.0

Before we look at the box, I would like to note that this is not an ultrasonic brush, as the site translates in the name of the product, sound. I think this is an important reference, since many are worried about their seals and are afraid to buy it. Personally, for three years now I have been using exclusively sonic brushes at maximum power and there have not been any problems with fillings yet.

Differences between sonic and ultrasound brushes

For ease of understanding, I will explain “on the fingers”: the operation of the ultrasonic brush is not visible to the human eye. These brushes generate an ultrasonic wave using a piezoceramic transducer built into the body or handpiece. Typically, it vibrates at 1.6 MHz. As for sonic brushes, these are electric brushes, the bristles of which perform amplitude movements.


The device is delivered in a rectangular box with a colorful image of the brush itself with a display on the front. The box of Xiaomi Oclean X Pro has become more flattened compared to the box in which the Xiaomi Oclean X brush was located. At the same time, the equipment for both brushes is the same. But the box with the brush Pro version now began to open like a box.

On the back of the box, in the form of round pictograms, the main specifications and capabilities of the smart toothbrush are taken out.

Of the main features, an increased number of oscillatory movements can be noted, which now amounts to 42,000 per minute, against 40,000 for the regular version. By the way, the simplest smart brush Xiaomi Oclean Air also has a maximum number of vibrations of 42,000. At the moment, this is the maximum value that a mechanical toothbrush produces. Otherwise, all the possibilities remained at the same level. Fast charging that replenishes an 800mAh battery in just 2 hours. The battery life of the brush in practice is about 35–45 days, which is very decent. The ability to adjust the power in the range from 1 to 32. It is not difficult to calculate that each level adds approximately 1312.5 vibrations per minute. But this is an approximate value, since each level changes the power of the motor. IPX7 dust and moisture protection is also in place.

As already mentioned, the box is made like a box or a book. The package includes the brush itself with a cleaning nozzle on it, a flat USB charging cable to microUSB and a magnetic docking station, consisting of two parts, one of which can be glued to the wall with 3M tape.

The docking station can be used as a brush holder in the bathroom. The brush is magnetically attached to it in an upright position. This is very convenient and practical as the docking station can be detached from the magnetic base and taken to the room to charge the brush. By the way, if you go into details, in addition to the color, the docking station in the Pro version is distinguished by the presence of the Oclean logo at the top.

The kit also includes a manual folded into an accordion and a small quick set-up manual.

Brush storage case

In my case, the brush came with a travel case. The case is not included in the basic configuration, this is an additional option, for which you need to pay $ 6. Supplied in a separate bright cardboard box, the entire internal space of which is occupied by a soft polyethylene “tray” with a case placed in it.

The case itself is made of two types of plastic: glossy white outside, matte yellow inside with recesses for the brush and two replaceable nozzles for it.

The lid and body of the case are held together by a wide loop of flexible plastic, and there is a plastic latch in front.

Display and main differences

Now we turn to the brush itself, all the menu items of which, with the exception of one, have not changed in any way. On the display, you can select the power, the mode (normal cleaning, massage and whitening), set the cleaning time (2, 2.5 and 3 minutes), and also turn on or off a reminder that will notify you to change the cleaning zone. As you may have noticed, the dark version has one unpleasant feature, namely, the paste starts to clog around the display frame. This is at least unhygienic, not to mention practicality and how to clean it all from there.

As noted earlier, the dimensions and even the weight of the brush remained the same and completely coincide with the simple version. With the new firmware, it became possible to install the English language on the brush through the application. The font of the English language in some cases is a little small, which makes it difficult to read the words, but personally I am already used to English, and it is much more convenient to rely on images on such a small display. The diagonal of the display is 0.96 inches, however, due to the black frame it looks much larger than that of the regular version. Below you can see the differences in the correctness of the transfer of fonts, their size and translation accuracy.

On the display, it became possible to look at the graph of the quality of teeth cleaning from the inner and outer sides of the upper and lower jaw, right and left. This is made possible by a six-axis gyroscope built into the brush. In the case of the Pro version, it is no longer possible to see the quality of cleaning the teeth of the jaw as a percentage, as in the regular version. It should be noted that the display of this analytics at the end of the cleaning is not fully informative, both in the first and in the second case. But more detailed information can be found in the appendix, which shows not only the zones, but also the time allotted to them. Also, at the end of the cleaning, very often I accidentally touched the display, and all analytics were reset. To watch it, you had to go into the application. Moreover, it is almost impossible not to touch the display when rinsing the brush from the paste.

The plugin in the application has not undergone almost any changes. In the upper left corner, you can move between the existing brushes, of which I already have three. The main page is represented by dies, where we can see the time of the last cleaning, its effectiveness and the calendar history of cleaning.

Changes in the application have affected only one item of setting the individual cleaning program, which can be created in the section “program” — “user program”. Due to the increased power in each step of the user program, you can now select the “high frequency” mode.

We also bring to your attention a video version of the review and comparison of two brushes, which has already gained 40,000 views (just like the number of vibrational movements per minute that Xiaomi Oclean X Pro produces ) and continues to gain popularity, so I highly recommend watching it.


As you can see, the changes are extremely nominal. The increased power is in the cheaper Xiaomi Oclean Air smart brush… Of course, it does not have a display and you cannot view such broad analytics. But still, this is not a unique feature that would allow giving the device a “Pro” prefix. The complexity and inconvenience of viewing the graph on a small display has already been noted earlier. Also, the percentage of cleaning quality on each side has been truncated compared to the conventional version of the brush. The color is also controversial. The paste is hammered into the small slots of the device and forms a frame that can be cleaned with only one more sonic brush. By the way, that’s exactly what I did. However, it is worth noting that this is the only currently most powerful sonic brush with a touch screen, on which you can change quite important brush settings, namely: the type, time and intensity of cleaning, enable and disable reminders to change the cleaning zone, and so on. The touch screen electric toothbrush is an interesting product in the technology market. Having been using it for a year now, I can confidently say that the presence of a display is not just an additional marketing ploy. This is a really functional tool for adjusting settings and viewing additional information (anyway better than a speaker, like in a brush Oclean X Pro Elite Sonic Electric Toothbrush ).

Good luck and good mood to everyone. That’s all, happy shopping! 

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