Review Xiaomi Oclean X Pro Elite Smart Sonic Toothbrush

Review of Xiaomi Oclean X Pro Elite Smart Sonic Toothbrush with Display: Full Review and Comparison with Oclean X Pro, Air and Air 2 2022

Hello everyone. Today we will look at a very interesting new smart sonic toothbrush with a display Xiaomi Oclean X Pro Elite and compare it with the previous models Oclean X, Oclean X Pro, as well as Air and Air 2. Full reviews of all these brushes can be found in my profile and in the text of this material. What are the features and differences of each of them? Let’s figure it out!

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The hero of our review is delivered in a gray cardboard box with colorful printing. On the front of the box is an image of the brush itself with a display. On the display you can see the word “Hi”, which the manufacturer emphasizes the friendliness of the device. This will also manifest itself during the operation of the device, when the brush will congratulate you on your birthday and other holidays. The box is slightly shorter than that of the Oclean X Pro and has a pleasant-to-touch textured texture. By the way, you can read a review of the Oclean X Pro toothbrush. And a complete overview of the very first display toothbrush Oclean X .

On the reverse side of the box, the main specifications are taken out, of which a low noise level during operation can be noted – less than 45 dB. The brush really became very quiet and in terms of noise it can be fully compared with the Oclean Air 2, which by the way is not smart and has a lower frequency of vibrations per minute. Also from the specifications of the Oclean X Pro Elite, a high number of oscillatory movements (42,000 vibrations per minute) can be distinguished with a low noise level. It is indeed many times quieter than all its predecessors. Well, the most important change was wireless charging, which charges the device at almost the same speed (2.5 – 3.5 hours versus 2-2.5 hours over the wire).


Oclean X Pro Elite brush box now opens by sliding the top of it, while the Oclean X Pro brush opens like a box, which was a little more convenient. But, once again, I would like to note that it is a pleasure to unpack Oclean products. Everything is pictogrammed and very nicely organized. This suggests that Chinese products will soon surpass Apple, both in quality and design.

Inside, in separate trays, you can see the brush itself with a cleaning attachment already put on it, a long instruction with translation into English, a wireless charging module with a silicone contour-shape for holding the brush and a flat round magnetic pad for holding the brush on the wall.

Wireless charging is solid and has a glossy rim. Due to its shape and design, it is somewhat reminiscent of a saucer. There is a rubberized ring at the bottom. The silicone spacer has two cutouts. One for a small white LED indicator of operation. The second is for the cable outlet. The cable itself is of average quality with a USB connector and a length of 800 mm.


The design of the brush itself is no different from its predecessors – “X” versions. Oclean X Pro Elite brushes have only a gray color, which, in my opinion, is a plus. Unlike Oclean X Pro, there is no need to look for and select a nozzle in an exotic color. The brush is powder coated, which makes it pleasantly rough. The people have already nicknamed this effect from the tactile sensation “eggshell”.

The display bezel has also received minor changes. There is now a silver edging around the button and the sensor itself. Now there is no paste between the display and the brush body. It is immediately clear that they took into account the operating experience and complaints of bloggers on this issue at Oclean X Pro.

Complete brush head made of soft nylon bristles, made using DuPont technology. Previously, it was not used in Oclean brushes, and at first I was a little unaccustomed to brushing my teeth with such bristles, since it seemed somehow unnatural to me. Brushes made according to this technology are more durable and fluff less, however, at first there may be unpleasant sensations from cleaning with them. On the back of the bristles there is a silicone insert for cleaning the cheeks and tongue, which was also with the Oclean Air 2 brush.

Another small external difference is the pretentious Elite lettering at the bottom next to the Ocelean logo. And of course, wireless charging has become the most important external and part-time functional difference. Now there are no contacts at the bottom of the brush and it is represented by a flat area. By the way, you can charge the brush from any wireless charging module.

Display and Oclean OC

At first glance, the display of the Oclean X Pro Elite seems to be brighter and more traced, however, this is due only to the enlargement of the text and icons on it. The brush has the latest version of Oclean OS. Also worth noting are the changes to the home screen. Now it shows the cleaning mode, the level of the vibration intensity and the battery charge level without percent. Whereas the predecessors displayed information about the time, time of day, date and month of the year. Which information is more important, decide for yourself.

Important a change in interaction with the device, which almost no one said about, is the ability, without stopping the operation of the brush, to view a graph with the quality of cleaning and its assessment. To do this, by pressing the button once, we start the brush, after which, by holding the button for a long time, we switch to the mode of viewing information about the quality of cleaning, while the brush itself continues to work.

The interaction with the display has also changed; now, to select a particular position in the menu, you just need to press the main button. Let me remind you that the predecessors did this by swiping to the left on the screen itself. Scrolling through the menu items is still done using the sensor. By the way, it also reacts to the movement of your finger along the case at the edge of the display, which allows you to interact with it even when there is water on it. A small addition has received a menu item in which you can select modes. Now you can choose gentle cleaning for sensitive teeth straight from the brush. On the other hand, we “sawed out” the point of turning on and off the reminder to change the cleaning area. Now this function is only possible through the Oclean app.

Oclean app

By the way about the application. It has practically not changed in any way, but there are some differences depending on the version of the brush connected to it. I already have 5 of them, not counting the smart irrigator. So, the main difference is the ability to set delicate cleaning in each of the 6 steps of setting up your own cleaning program. There are also several new cleaning programs with the ability to view detailed instructions with recommendations for achieving the highest quality score. For example, I liked the Sweet Afternoon Drinks program. Otherwise, everything remained in the same places.


Summing up, I can say that the Oclean company makes really cool smart brushes, the functionality of which, together with the application, is really useful for the user, and not screwed on for show. At least personally, over the years of use, I gradually began to use almost all the capabilities of the application and the display. I hope you found this review helpful. If so, share this review with your friends. Good luck and good mood to everyone. Till.

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