Xiaomi Oclean S1 Review Smart UVC Toothbrush Sterilizer

Xiaomi Oclean S1 Smart Ultraviolet toothbrush sterilizer: Review & Facts. Today we will take a look at the “smart” ultraviolet toothbrush sterilizer from the Xiaomi Oclean S1 sub-brand and summarize the information received in several interesting facts about it. What are its “smart” capabilities? Let’s figure it out.

Where can I buy?

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Unpacking and packaging

The device is delivered in a cardboard shipping box, opening which you can see a plastic blister where the device itself is located. The main specifications and characteristics of the device are printed on the back and sides of the box.

The box contains the ultraviolet sterilizer itself, a cardboard backing with a short installation guide, a small instruction, a base for mounting the sterilizer on a wall with a large layer of 3M adhesive tape, and a USB to USB Type-C charging cable.


The sterilizer has a semi-oval plastic body. Despite the manufacturer’s emphasis on retro design, the sterilizer looks modern. There are six tabs at the bottom that can accommodate up to five brushes at a time. In this case, only three brushes will be sterilized, the places for which are located in the middle. The two outer spaces are for easy storage of the brushes.

Thanks to the corrugated structure of the back wall of the sterilizer and the back of the platform, which is attached to the wall, the device is kept as tightly as possible on a vertical surface. The mount can support the weight of an appliance with multiple brushes, including even heavy motorized sonic brushes. This explains why such a large layer of 3M adhesive tape is used on the basis for fastening.

On the right is a small indicator that reflects the status of the device. Blinking blue means the device is charged and ready to use. Red blinking – requires charging. Blinking white – the device is charging.

Under the indicator at the bottom there is a USB Type-C connector for charging. Still to the right is a string, by pulling on which you can activate sterilization. The blue LED located under the sterilizer dome will light up. Remarkably, the LED performs a nominal function that reflects the workflow. The photons themselves, disinfecting the brush, are not visible to the eye. At the same time, with automatic switching on, you can still notice short-term flashes, in which the sterilization of the brushes takes place.

Now let’s move on to the “smart” functions of the sterilizer. And this, fortunately or unfortunately, is not the ability to connect to a smartphone and transmit analytics for the destruction of bacteria. The fact is that the sterilizer will turn on only when it is on an adhesive base. Apparently a light sensor is installed in the hole for mounting the device. Since the sterilizer is programmed to turn on automatically every 6 hours for 2 minutes, installing this kind of sensor is justified to save battery power. Due to the constant switching on of the sterilizer, the autonomous operation time from one battery charge is only 20 days.

Some interesting facts

I will summarize all of the above as a few interesting facts that you might not know about this sterilizer:

  • Ultraviolet photons are not visible to the human eye, and the blue light when the sterilizer is turned on is just a backlight.
  • The sterilizer will not turn on if it is detached from the base that is attached to the wall.
  • The device automatically turns on every six hours for two minutes to sterilize the brushes in it.
  • The sterilizer and its wall mount are specially designed to withstand the maximum load, even from the brushes with vibration motors placed in it.


Summing up, we can say that this is a very interesting device, however, I did not notice any features after sterilization of toothbrushes in it. And this is the main problem of this kind of technology. It seems to be there, but your life practically does not change in any way. In a simple household environment, it is difficult to check whether the sterilizer kills bacteria or is just a brush holder. Therefore, I recommend purchasing devices from trusted firms such as Oclean and not taking sterilizers from dubious crowdfunding sites. Also, one cannot fail to note the compactness and quality of the sterilizer, which is simply at the highest level in comparison with other devices, even of some famous brands. That’s all. Good luck and good mood to everyone.

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