Xiaomi Oclean Flow Electric Toothbrush Review

Review of Xiaomi Oclean Flow Electric Toothbrush. Today we are going to take a look at the new Oclean Flow electric toothbrush 2022.



The kit includes a multilingual instruction, including one in literate English.


The brush is produced in three color variations:

The body and detachable part of the brush are made of soft-touch plastic and are waterproof to the IPX7 level (you can wet it and immerse it in water).

There is a small gap between the removable head and the main body of the body. The head fits well, it is not difficult to remove and put on it, but certain efforts are needed, that is, the option that it does not hold well and may fall off by itself is excluded. If necessary, you can buy and replace it.

Unfortunately, there is no anti-slip insert on the bottom. In addition, given its thin shape, the brush is rather unstable, so most likely you will have to either put it in a glass or on its side (the upper part does not touch the surface on which it lies).

There is a Type-C charging connector under the flap.

The brush has five modes: morning, night, cleaning, whitening and soft. The features of each mode are described in detail in the instructions.


The brush is controlled with a single button. Switching on and switching modes is done by single pressing.

The outline of the button and the selected mode are highlighted in a pleasant white color.

The modes are switched in turn, after switching the last mode, the brush turns off.

You can switch modes within 5 seconds after turning on (while the selected mode is blinking), then when you press the button, the brush turns off (or turns off automatically after 2 minutes of operation).

That is, you can turn off the brush either by reaching the last mode and pressing the button again, or by waiting 5 seconds in any mode and pressing the button, or by waiting for the end of the selected mode.

After switching on, the last used mode will be.

The noise during operation ranges from 55-60 dB (you can listen to how it makes noise in the video review, starting at 1:35).

As for the sensations from the process of brushing your teeth, if you have never used an electric toothbrush before, it may be unusual and ticklish at first, but you quickly get used to it. In general, the process is easier, because you make significantly fewer movements and make less effort (you just need to drive the brush over your teeth, practically without pressing). At the same time, teeth cleaning is better due to the constant rapid movements of the bristles. The bristles of the brush feel medium to hard.

You can watch the “power” of the brush using the example of a glass of water in the video review, starting at 1:47.


The toothbrush is equipped with a 2500mAh battery.

A single battery charge lasts approximately 360 sessions of 2 minutes (or 180 days if used twice a day) in the morning mode.

When the charge level is below 10% – the circular indicator of the button will flash red. The disadvantages include the absence of a more detailed indicator of the battery charge level.

The button backlight blinks white during charging and goes out when finished.

It is not possible to use the brush while charging.


• nice design;
• five modes of operation;
• remembering the last mode;
• auto shutdown after 2 minutes of work;
• great autonomy;

! the brush is prone to falling in an upright position;
! there is no detailed battery level indicator.

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