Xiaomi MMC E-Ink INK Screen Digital Moisture Meter Review

Review of Thermohygrometer Xiaomi with a screen on E-Ink 2022. Today I want to tell you about the Xiaomi MiJia Miaomiaoce E-Ink thermo-hygrometer, which is designed to determine the temperature and humidity in the house. Measurements take place every second, so the data can be monitored in real time. The device has compact dimensions, good autonomy, e-ink contrast display and several mounting options. It can be hung on a wall or placed on a table in a complete stand.

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Model: MHO-C201
Screen size: 1.78 inch
Temperature range: 0 ° C ~ 60 ° C
Humidity range: 0 ~ 99.9%
Weight: 36 g
The size: 64.5 × 64.5 × 9.7 mm

Packaging and equipment

The device is delivered in a miniature package, which is a sturdy cardboard box with a special perforated lock. On the box you can find a picture of the device, model name, specifications, manufacturer’s barcode.

So, opening the box, we will see that everything is folded very neatly. There are compartments for all accessories, and the device and its stand are packed in an antistatic bag.


Contents of delivery:

  • thermohygrometer;
  • stand;
  • battery CR 2032, 3V;
  • Velcro;
  • magnetic plate;
  • instructions for correct operation.

Instructions in Chinese.

Device appearance

The design of the device is minimalistic and simple. The body is made of light matte plastic and has rounded edges. The central part is occupied by a display with good viewing angles, the picture looks juicy and contrasting, easy to read from anywhere in the room.

The back cover has markings for easy attachment of Velcro or magnetic plastic. There is a small groove at the bottom for easy battery replacement.

On the side there are five openings for “outside air intake”.

The CR2032 battery is located under the back cover. To turn on the device, simply remove the plastic tab that insulates the battery. As soon as the energy goes from the battery, the screen will work immediately. One battery will last for a whole year. When the battery is discharged, the display turns white and a crossed out battery symbol appears in the corner.


The display is made using electronic ink technology. It does not require a lot of energy, since it consumes energy only at the moment of changing the image. Has good viewing angles. The image is clear, it can be clearly seen from almost anywhere in the room. The display reflects the incident light well, does not need additional illumination.

The display shows two parameters at once: temperature and humidity. If necessary, you can switch between displaying the temperature in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit, for this there is a small button on the back of the device. The current humidity in the room is displayed not only as a percentage, there is also an additional indicator – a pretty face. The muzzle interactive ib, depending on the measured parameters, changes its “mood”. The muzzle smiles when the humidity and temperature standards are observed in the room. This is 40-60% humidity and 18-22 degrees of air.

According to the passport data, the temperature range is 0 ° C-60 ° C, which implies installation in warm rooms. The sensor accurately determines the air temperature and humidity level in the room. The data is updated every second, so the data can be monitored in real time.

Mounting options

The device has compact dimensions (64.5 × 64.5 × 9.7 mm) and three types of fastening: a special stand, a magnetic plate and a special Velcro. I liked the version with a special stand more, because the thermo-hygrometer can be conveniently placed, for example, on a table or shelf.

But if you plan to attach the device to a refrigerator or other metal surface, then you can use a special magnetic plate. The thermo-hygrometer is very light (36 g), so there is no reason to doubt that the mount will hold it securely.


To disassemble the device, you need to snap off the back cover, which is held on by latches. Under the cover there is a battery compartment with a CR2032 battery, a warranty seal on one of the four screws of the case, and a small gray button to switch the temperature display mode in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

By carefully unscrewing the four screws, you can look inside. Here we can see the control board with the DI5BCD sensor. The board is secured to the case with four clips that easily release it when needed.

A little testing

Unfortunately, I do not have instruments for accurate testing of the device. However, judging by the feedback from users, the sensor has a high measurement accuracy with a minimum error. The data changes quickly under any external influences, for example, when you pick it up, the humidity and temperature rises sharply. Also, the device will not respond informally if you breathe into the holes for the “outside air intake”, which are located on the side.

If we put the thermo-hygrometer in the refrigerator for a couple of minutes, then we will get such readings of temperature and humidity.

After this experiment, I returned it to its place. In just a few seconds, he returned to normal and began to show the current temperature and humidity in the room.


Summing up, I would like to note that the device is really good. I really liked the look. Everything seems simple, but they look really cool and easily fit into any interior. For little money, you can get a good thermo-hygrometer with a contrast e-ink display and excellent autonomy. I did not notice any critical shortcomings during the use of the device. The only thing is that the thermo-hygrometer works by itself and does not transmit information to the phone. But this is not a significant minus, but a feature of a budget device. In any case, this is a good thermo-hygrometer for an apartment, which copes with its main task 100%.

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