Review Xiaomi MIjia YEELOCK Smart Drawer Cabinet Lock Keyless

In this review, I will talk about another interesting handicraft included in the Xiaomi ecosystem. We are talking about the YEELOCK Bluetooth-controlled furniture lock. Smart Furniture Lock Xiaomi Yeelock 2022.

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Xiaomi MIjia YEELOCK Smart Drawer Cabinet Lock Keyless Bluetooth APP Unlock Anti-Theft Child Safety File Security

The lock is delivered in a small, dense cardboard box:

Lock model: ZNGS02YS8. The device supports Bluetooth 5.1 and is powered by one AA battery.

The package includes the lock itself, a counterpart for the latch, an additional metal mount for mounting on opening doors, a couple of small screws, a special sticker for marking, two pieces of round double-sided tape for positioning, a tube of glue and instructions (also available in English):

The lock itself is an oblong bar with rounded edges:

On the side there is an asymmetric hole for a latch-tongue:

There are no fasteners on the case:


The tongue is metal spring, after the first opening, in the future, the spring always keeps it pushed out:

Latch dimensions and location:

The device is opened by sliding the panel with the logo:

It gives access to the battery compartment:

After installing the battery, the device is immediately ready to connect to the smartphone. Download the YEELOCK app, register via a phone number and enter the code that came in the SMS, then scan the QR code of the lock with instructions and add it to the app. The lock is (hopefully for now) incompatible with the Xiaomi Mi Home app.

The lock is controlled by one single button in the application. All stages of work are shown on the display: search, connection, opening, battery charge:

The whole process, from the moment you press the button on the display, takes 2-3 seconds. After the lock is open, there are 2 seconds to take advantage of its open state, otherwise it will then automatically lift the latch up again. In addition, the smartphone displays the total number of openings. Additional menus contain very little information and functions: you can find out the serial number, add or remove a device, transfer control to another account, and also add device control to a voice assistant, for example, to Apple Siri. You can also rename the lock, disable automatic closing and set the option so that the lock is transferred to the unlocked state if the battery is too low. The time when it is in the open state (more than 2 seconds) after triggering cannot be changed:

In the application, you can watch the installation video using the included marking sticker, but it is quite possible to do without it and measure everything when installing with a ruler.

I installed a lock on one of the wooden boxes:

Despite the fact that the gap between the top cover and the front wall of the box is large enough (about 5mm), the lock can be installed without any problems:

The sticker has marks and inscriptions on how to measure the distance for installing the lock and its counterpart:

You can fix the counterpart on a pair of self-tapping screws included in the kit, but the lock itself is provided for fixing only on the complete glue, which needs 48 hours to dry completely:

I didn’t use it, but pasted the lock onto strong double-sided tape. If you stick it correctly, then it holds no worse than glue:

I marked and installed everything:

The height of the side of the counterpart for the lock latch is enough to cover a large enough gap:

The lock works clearly, without delay. In general, the device is interesting, but, of course, there is no question that the lock will provide any serious protection. The device is suitable, for example, for an office bedside table, to show that it is not worth climbing into one or another drawer and will provide a minimum level of access restriction, or you can put it on a locker with sweets 🙂 Interestingly, the very fact of controlling the lock from a smartphone, the range of stable reception is up to 10 meters.

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