Review Xiaomi Mijia S500 Electric Razor

Review Xiaomi Mijia S500 electric razor 2022: a worthy replacement for the classic razor. Shaving is an integral ritual of every man, and choosing a high-quality and comfortable machine is extremely important for everyone. I have used hand-held razors my entire life, and I found electric razors an inconvenient and poor quality shaving solution. But once a Xiaomi electric shaver fell into my hands and I radically changed my mind. Now I want to share with you my experience of using an electric shaver using the example of Xiaomi Mijia S500.

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Brief technical characteristics

  • Model: Xiaomi Mijia S500
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • Working time from one charge: 60 min
  • Number of blades: 3
  • Floating heads: there is 360 °
  • LED display: yes
  • Charging: Type-C cable
  • Moisture protection class: IPX7

Packaging and equipment

The razor is supplied in a branded packaging made of thick cardboard, in such packaging it is not a shame to present the razor as a gift. The package includes the shaver itself, a Type-C charging cable and instructions, in my case in English. In some variations, the instructions are in Chinese. In general, everything is packed like an expensive device.

Appearance and device

The body of the shaver is made with waterproof protection, it is protected according to the IPX7 standard, which completely excludes the ingress of moisture into the interior of the device when it is fully immersed in water. This means that it can be washed without any problems under running water, which is very convenient. The body is made of a kind of soft-touch plastic, which is very pleasant to the touch. Conventionally on the front side of the shaver there is a power button and a digital display showing the remaining battery charge. There is also an indicator light showing high and low rpm.

On the back there is a characteristic protrusion for the head mechanisms and a USB Type-C port for charging is located under a dense plug.

In fact, nothing is placed on the side faces of the razor, they are simply a continuation of the device’s body.

On the top of the shave, the most important thing is placed, namely three hardened steel blades, which are mounted on floating heads.

Additionally, the kit includes a special protective cover for the blades, it is designed to hide the blades from dust after using and cleaning the razor. Also, the lid will help maintain hygiene if you take the shaver with you on the road, or just put it in your bag.

In general, I would like to emphasize the stylish and modern appearance of the razor. Like many products from the Xiaomi Mijia brand, the device is made in a minimalistic and practical design, which did not affect the functionality of the device for the worse.


The razor does a good job on stiff stubble and shaves really smoothly, but there are a few things to talk about. Before this razor, I used a regular razor, and when switching to an electric shaver, there was a slight irritation for a while. However, as indicated in the instructions, this is normal and is associated with a new principle of shaving for the face. After about two weeks, the irritation stopped appearing. It is also worth noting that the razor can be used both dry and with the use of special products. I usually have enough to steam my face before use, usually I shave after taking a bath. If you use the razor dry, it does not affect the final result in any way, but when shaving you feel slight twitching. Below I will attach a few photos before and after use.

For such stubble as in the photo above, one charge of the device is enough for about 8 times of use, which is quite good. If you are on the road or on vacation with no mains power, the shaver can be charged using an external battery. But, in fact, I never had to do that.

After use, the shaver is easy to clean under running water, sometimes you can use the special cleaning brush that comes with the kit. Below, for clarity, I will give a photo before and after cleaning.


Summing up, I will say that I am very pleased with the purchase. A razor can easily replace a classic machine, and ultimately save money. The manufacturer recommends changing the blades every two years, which is quite a good resource. If desired, the blades can always be purchased separately at a very reasonable price. The shaving quality is really great, which I honestly did not expect. The only relative disadvantage is the shaving time, it will take a little more than using a conventional manual machine. That’s all, thanks for reading the publication to the end.

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