Xiaomi Mijia Lite Desk Lamp Review

Review Xiaomi Mijia Lite Desk Lamp Foldable Eyes Protection Reading Dimmable PC Computer USB Screen Display Hanging Light For Monitor with Remote Control 2022.

Today in the review there is a screen lamp or as they are also called a screen bar lamp. Such lamps are gaining more and more popularity as they do not take up space on the desktop, but are installed on a monitor like a webcam and illuminate the space in front of the monitor. At the same time, there is no backlight and glare on the monitor itself, and the glow temperature and brightness can be adjusted in accordance with personal preferences. Such lamps are produced by Baseus, Yeeligth, and today a lamp from Mijia is Xiaomi Mijia.


Product model: MJGJD01YL
Rated input : 5V 1A
Operating temperature: -10 ° C ~ 40 ° C
Lamp body size: diameter 23mm, length 448mm
Remote controller size: diameter 66.5mm, height 34mm

LED quantity: 80 *
0.2W Color temperature: 2700–6500K
Rated power: 5W

Supply voltage and current: 5V 1A

Body material: aluminum


New Xiaomi Mijia Lite Desk Lamp Foldable Student Eyes Protection Reading Writing Learning Desk Lamp Display hanging light

The buyer receives a solid box with illustrations of the lamp, its application, brief specifications and the Mijia logo.

Inside the plastic insert is the lamp and the rest of the kit. The insert suffered a little on the way, but nothing happened to the lamp itself. For additional protection, a foam rubber sheet is glued to the underside of the box lid. In general, everything worked out, no dents, no scratches.

The complete set consists of a lamp, a control panel, a cable, a bracket for mounting on a monitor, batteries for the remote control and instructions in Chinese, which was not needed at all, as everything is intuitively clear without explanation.

Let’s start with the cable. It has a flat section and a length of 1.3 meters. Usually this is enough to connect to a system unit or an outlet at the desktop. One connector is the usual USB-A, the other is now popular and compact Type-C.

The lamp control panel here is made in the form of a cylinder with a diameter of 66.5 and a height of 34 mm. The device looks pretty attractive, and who does not know, be sure to ask what it is. For ease of use, the plastic case has a soft touch coating, and I will lower the anti-slip pad.

The upper part of the housing rotates and is pressed to turn on / off the lamp. By rotating the body, you can adjust the brightness, and by pressing and rotating in the pressed state, you can adjust the glow temperature. There is no stop, limit of rotation, extreme positions of the adjustment scale, i.e. the remote control can be positioned as desired on the table.

The anti-slip pad is embossed with the open and closed icons of the battery compartment cover. Some in the reviews write that they had difficulties opening. I succeeded the first time, it opens without problems.

The remote control is powered by two AAA batteries that were included.

To say that the remote control is large and takes up space on the table is somehow inappropriate. In my opinion, the dimensions are optimal for a simple, convenient and smooth adjustment of the lamp.

Now let’s look at the lamp itself. Its body is made of an aluminum tube 23 mm in diameter and painted with black matte paint, that is, the lamp itself cannot glare under any conditions and makes a good impression of a neat device.

The length of the lamp is 45 cm, and the light filter behind which the LEDs are hidden is 42 cm.

Even without turning on the lamp, you can consider that the LEDs of warm and cold glow colors alternate through one to create the shade the user needs.

The light filter is recessed into the cutout on the body by a couple of millimeters, and even if the lamp on the monitor is at eye level, it will still not shine in the eyes.

The caps have the Mijia logo on the edges.

On the left, on the back side, there are characteristics, and in the center there is a platform with spring-loaded contacts (as in the TWS headphone boxes). The lamp can be removed directly during operation and installed back. There are no batteries in it (maybe in the next version it can be used as a portable lamp), it will go out, but the previous operating mode is remembered and nothing needs to be adjusted again.

The bracket for mounting the lamp on the monitor resembles the number seven and is quite weighty. Its inner and outer surfaces were protected from scratches and abrasions by shipping films.

The lower part of the arm is spring-loaded for a secure fit to the monitor body and extends three centimeters for mounting on monitors of different thicknesses and with different back wall relief.

To prevent the bracket from sliding off the monitor under the influence of the spring, the surface of the “paw” has a rubber pad, and the contact strips can be seen on the upper part. In the same part of the bracket, inside, there is a magnet. So, in fact, the lamp is fixed on the bracket, and the oblong contacts allow you to change the angle of inclination of the lamp by 23 degrees, which is much better than designs with a fixed angle.

The arm clings to the front edge of the monitor with a 7 mm projection. built-in web cameras will not overlap.

The Type-C power connector is on the top.

The assembly looks like this

So it turned out that the “paw” of the bracket practically repeats the relief of the back cover of an old Philips monitor.

And so the lamp was fixed on the convex back wall of the newer monitor.

As you can see, you can cling to almost any monitor, not to mention laptop screens.

Front view.

Indeed, the concept and design of the lamp are very convenient — the lamp does not take up space on the table, does not create glare on the screen, does not shine in the eyes and well illuminates the place in front of the monitor.

The last photo clearly shows that the cut of the light spot falls almost along the edge of the table, which is convenient when someone is sleeping and you are working at the computer.

Now let’s take a look at how the lamp shines at different glow temperatures and extreme brightness levels. As we remember, there are no fixed positions for adjusting the color of the glow, you can smoothly adjust it to your taste.

Warm white (2700 K) first at minimum and maximum. The light meter recorded 293 and 1762 lux, respectively.

I set approximately the average temperature of the glow and here the illumination is already higher — 237 and 2350 Lumens.

And the greatest illumination is obtained at a glow temperature of 6500 K — 294 and 2560 Lux. At the same time, there is no blue shift at all, and the colors of all objects and the image on the screen are perceived naturally, i.e. with the color rendering of the lamp, everything is fine.

The lamp passed the pencil flicker test, as well as the test with the phone’s video camera. There is no flicker and the eyes do not get tired even with prolonged work at the monitor. Otherwise, the opposite would be strange for Mijia.

And at the end of the measurement of power consumption in the sequence: off, minimum and maximum brightness at 2700 K, average glow temperature and 6500 K.

When the lamp is turned off, or rather in standby mode, the consumption is meager 0.12 watts.

Minimum and maximum at 2700 K — 0, 56 and 5.13 W.

White minimum and maximum — 0.54 and 4.8 W

Minimum and maximum at 6500 K — 0.69 and 5.26 W.

Regardless of the glow temperature, the lamp at the minimum brightness may well act as a night light, barely illuminating the space. At maximum brightness, it is absolutely comfortable not only to work at the keyboard, but also to read and write. Those. the lamp does an excellent job of additional lighting on the table in front of the monitor.

Summing up, one cannot but emphasize the excellent workmanship and the idea with a separate control panel that can be placed not only on the table, but also, for example, on the bedside table in the nursery. Undoubtedly, the memory of settings is a big plus even when the working lamp is removed from the bracket. It should definitely be noted the ability to adjust the brightness and especially note the ability to smoothly adjust the temperature of the glow, which is much more convenient than step. Without flickering or taking up space on the table, the lamp pleases the eye and creates additional illumination of the working area in front of the monitor.

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