Xiaomi Mijia Lint Remover

Any thing, even good and high-quality ones, has such a problem as the appearance of spools on the parts of clothing in contact. I used to think that it was easier to buy disposable machines and remove unwanted formations on the fabric, but recently it turned out that the blade damaged the fabric and therefore decided not to be greedy and buy a Xiaomi Mijia Lint Remover machine for removing pellets. In this review, I will show how it looks, its main characteristics and what it is capable of in general.


  • Main characteristics
  • Package
  • Kit overview
  • Appearance
  • work experience
  • pros
  • Minuses
  • Video with the operation of the device
  • Conclusion
  • Main characteristics

    Brand Mijia
    Product Model MQXJQ01KL
    Net weight 213 g
    Product size 145x62x65mm
    Product color white
    Input parameters 5V=1A
    Rated voltage DC 3.7V
    Rated power 2 W


    This device is delivered in a white tight box with the image of the machine itself on the front side. On the left and right sides, images of the device in operation and its main characteristics (unfortunately, in Chinese). The back side is also all in Chinese characters, so I did not photograph it.

    Kit Overview

    Xiaomi Mijiia Lint Remover Kit includes:

  • Machine to remove the pellets
  • micro usb charging cable
  • Cleaning sh
  • Insction
  • Appearance

    Let’s start with the most important thing in the package. The front of the device is made of matte white plastic. Below is a container for collecting pellets with a small transparent window to monitor the fullness of the container.

    At the top of the device is a curved steel mesh 0.35 millimeters thick, which makes it easy to shave off the pellets. Under the mesh is a cutting head with five steel blades.

    The back of the case is made of white glossy plastic, which is easily scratched. On top is the on / off button of the device, and at the bottom is the company logo

    On the bottom of the device are air holes and a micro usb connector.

    A small white sh (11 centimeters long) with black bristles.

    The charging cable is short, about 38 centimeters long.

    The insction is again in a foreign language, but with a large set of understandable illustrations.

    work experience

    The machine is small and light. Comfortably lies in the hand. Immediately I want to note the double protection system. When you remove the mesh cover or the pellet box, the device will automatically turn off, preventing damage and injury. In the photo I will show both sensors that prevent the inclusion. They are made in the form of small gray buttons.

    Having removed the lid with the grid, we see a cutting head with five blades, which is attached to the impeller, which creates a rather powerful air flow that directs the pellets into a container for collecting rolled pile.

    When the machine is turned on, it doesn’t make much noise. Further on the photographs I will demonstrate how she removes the spools. The first photo is before removal, the second is after using the machine.

    The device, thanks to the USB port, can be easily charged from a wall outlet, any convenient charger, external battery or computer. When connected to power, a white indicator under the emblem lights up. The machine takes about two hours to charge, and the charge itself is enough for an hour and a half of work. After the first experience, I used the device for more than 45 minutes, and it never ran out of battery. The machine does not turn on while charging.

    The device is disassembled very easily, but cleaning is problematic. The pile gets stuck in the blades and it is not always possible to sweep it out with a sh, so you have to carefully remove it with your fingers, which in turn is not very safe (I almost cut myself). Also, the villi are hard to sweep away with a sh, you have to spend time on this. I want to advise right away that it is better to spend an extra 5-10 minutes on cleaning and not postpone it for later, so that the machine lasts much longer.

    The blades become dull over time, but can be easily replaced. e, the price of consumables costs as much as half of the whole machine. In the application from China, you can find options for the machine with three additional blades at once, it seems to me that this is the best and most economical option.


  • Nice appearance
  • Compact, fits comfortably in the hand
  • Long working time
  • Quick removal of pellets, which is the most important thing in a typewriter
  • Acceptable price
  • Dual automatic shutdown system
  • Minuses

    I found very few cons, mostly upset only by the difficulty of cleaning the device and the lack of a cover for transportation, because without it the machine scratches quickly.

    Video with the operation of the device


    The Xiaomi Mijiia Lint Remover left only pleasant impressions from use.

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