Xiaomi Mijia Handheld Ironing Machine Steamer Review

Review of Xiaomi Mijia Handheld Garment Steamers 1200W Supercharge 2022.Today we are reviewing an interesting device, it is also Xiaomi Mijia Handheld Ironing Machine (MJGTJ01LF). Steam supply is carried out at a temperature of 130 ℃, tank volume is 160mL, steam supply is 22g / min. According to the manufacturer, this steamer is a good alternative to a regular iron and the Xiaomi Mi Handheld Ironing Machine will perfectly handle 99.9% of creases. Whether this is so, we will find out in the review.

The factory packaging is a laconic box from Mijia.

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On the side faces, a typical situation when using a steamer is vertical ironing of shirts, curtains, etc.

• Power: 1200 W
• Maximum panel temperature: 130 degrees
• Panel material: aluminum
• Heating time: 30 seconds
• Water tank capacity: 150 ml
• Power supply: Mains
• Input parameters: 220V ~ 50 Hz
• Features: Steam 22 g / min, overheating protection
• Body material: Plastic
• Cable length: 2.2 m
• Dimensions: 175 x 92 x 215 mm
• Weight: 780 g.

• steamer
• removable reservoir
• brush attachment
• glove
• instruction


The design of the steamer looks foreign compared to the devices on the market. The body itself is made of ABS matte plastic, the reservoir is removable. For a stable position there is a stand on the leg. The overall dimensions are 175 x 92 x 215 mm without reservoir, while the weight is 780g.

The base does not perform any additional functions. The power cable is connected from the back side, the plug is Chinese. The wire is dense, made of soft rubber, generally standard in Xiaomi devices, the wire length is 2.2m.
On the sole of the stand there are characteristics in Chinese, of the interesting – 1200W power. We’ll check it a little later.

On the handle under the index finger is the only control that turns the steamer on and off. The steamer itself has an aluminum plate with 5 holes, the temperature of the outgoing steam is 130 degrees. The stated heating time is 30 seconds, in fact, the steamer is ready in 15 seconds.

The upper block consists of two parts, one half is a reservoir, the other is a steam generator. The tank has a quick-detachable connection, instructions for correct installation are printed on the tank itself.

The tank is only 160ml, filled through the filler neck. There is a stopper in the right corner for correct installation.

Steamer with tank installed:

After pouring water into the container, start the steamer and wait for heating. We measure the power, let me remind you that the declared 1200W.

Let’s check the metal surface when fully heated:

Moving on to the dough by steaming the shirt. Shirt after washing, as wrinkled as possible. We fill the tank with water to 90% and steam the left half of the shirt. This is done easily and naturally, the opinion of the wife is that steaming clothes is soothing. Isn’t this happiness!

A more visual comparison of the non-crumpled and crumpled sides. The total time on one side is no more than a couple of minutes, while there are no unnecessary body movements, as with working with an iron.

Change the side and visually compare the steamed and non-steamed sides.

Since the steamer is designed to smooth out wrinkles and unevenness in fabric with a powerful jet of steam, it can be used with any fabric. Therefore, the steamer is also excellent for “ironing” curtains / tulle, as you do not have to remove them.

Verdict. A handheld steamer will never replace an iron, but it can perfectly keep him company on the farm. Specifically, there are no special complaints about this steamer, except for its cost and the AU plug. The price tag for similar devices on the market is ± a similar range, and if you search well, you can find it cheaper. Well, for those who still decided to purchase the Xiaomi Mijia Handheld Ironing Machine steamer, you can use the BGMJTSRU coupon, which will make the final cost equal to $ 32.29. Coupon working hours are limited (until March 31). A link for those who are closer to the Aliexpress platform.

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