Xiaomi Mijia Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser Review

Review of Xiaomi Automatic Soap Dispenser USB Rechargeable 320ml Liquid 2022. Hand washing is an effective hygiene procedure that prevents the spread of any viruses. From dirty hands you can pick up hepatitis, cholera, typhoid fever, or the usual dysentery, which is popularly called “the disease of dirty hands.”

It’s about the Xiaomi Mijia Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser. I will try to tell everything about this device.

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A type dispenser
Material plastic
Volume 320 ml
Height width depth 19 / 7.3 / 9.8 cm
Weight 0.54 kg
Water resistance IPX4
Voltage 6V
Complete set

In the box, along with the dispenser, there is a bottle of soap and instructions (all in Chinese). On the back of the box are the specifications, also in Chinese. In addition to the text, the instructions contain pictures for installation, so there were no problems. The soap bottle will initially have a cork that will need to be pulled out.


Externally, the dispenser is white, like many other products from Xiaomi, this product has a minimalist style. Fits perfectly in my bathroom. It is made of glossy plastic, the dimensions of which are 10×7.2 cm. And the container for soap is transparent, cylindrical in shape.

More about the soap dish

There is a touch button on the top of the dispenser. Flashes white when switched on and during operation. And when turned off – orange. An IR sensor and a hole through which the foam comes out is installed under the spout. It works (gives out) foam pretty quickly. One portion of foam is enough for hand washing.

To operate the dispenser, you need 4 AA batteries. Installation takes place from below. To do this, unscrew the lid to the side (there are auxiliary icons). Below you can see 4 slots for batteries. One batch of batteries should last for at least a month.

How does the dispenser work?

Pretty simple. They brought up a pen and received a portion of white foam. The soap is pleasant to smell and perfectly removes dirt and odor. It happened that I washed my hand after cleaning the fish, and the smell was gone. The set really comes with a working (good) soap. But, unfortunately, the original soap is not cheap, so many will have to pour their own soap. I would like to clarify that the original soap is consumed much more slowly than your own.

  • Appearance
  • Quality
  • Includes soap
  • Low consumption
  • Good foam
  • The problem is in the degree of protection against moisture, moisture can get inside, so be careful
  • With your own soap the consumption is higher
  • Cost of original replacement containers

The Xiaomi Mijia Automatic Foam Soap dispenser left a good impression, it is indeed very convenient, beautiful, practical and, in my opinion, stylish. Probably many may be confused by the cost, but cheap options are not a fact that they will be better.

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