Xiaomi Mi Pro STYTJ06ZHM Mopping Robot Vacuum Cleaner Launched

The development of vacuum cleaner robots does not stand still. Xiaomi has released a vacuum cleaner that can take even more work from its owner. Not only did they increase the suction power, they also endowed the novelty with two rags that press on the floor and spin,bbing the floor surface. After cleaning, the robot will return to the base, where the rag itself will automatically be washed with water, the water will go through several stages of disinfection and then it will be dried with warm air + 40C. This is already beyond all conceivable hopes of the owners of robotic vacuum cleaners.

Benefits of the novelty

● 3000 Pa high suction power.
● New generation LDS laser navigation
● Individual cleaning with “one click” command
● Fully automatic washing, drying and sterilization.
● Equipped with a self-cleaning base, supports automatic cleaning and drying of the mop
● After cleaning, dry the mop with hot air at a constant temperature of 40 °C
● Updated design of clean and waste water tank separation
● Ultraviolet sterilization technology
● Double mop rotates and presses on the floor, powerfully wipes stains

The vacuum cleaner efficiently collects debris even in the corners, thanks to its special shape

Two water containers inside

Unique rag drying technology

Nutrition options

This is definitely a big step towards the development of vacuum cleaner robots.

Completely with all the parameters of the robot can be found on the store page on Aliexpress.

Source: aliexpress

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