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Only the lazy one has not yet written a review about MiBand 4, but still I cannot stand aside – after all, I have been familiar with the line of miband and amazfit gadgets that are supported by the mifit application since Feary 2016, and since then I have been in my statistics there is not a single missed day.

I started with the very first, screenless version of miband 1s, then there were miband 2, amazfit Arc, amazfit Cor, miband 3. Now I use amazfit Bip and am very satisfied. Nevertheless, I could not get past miband 4.

Where can I buy ?

All links I searched for the global version of the gadget

  • Gearbest – price at time of publication $29.99
  • Banggood – price at the time of publication $33.99
  • Aliexpress – price at the time of publication ~ $ 25-30
  • JD – price at the time of publication $26.99
  • Xiaomi.UA – price at the time of publication 799 UAH
  • Rosette – price at the time of publication 799 UAH
  • Rumikom – price at the time of publication 1990 ***
  • Ultratrade – price at the time of publication 1950 ***
  • Options

  • Screen: AMOLED, 0.95 inches, 120×240 pixels, color
  • RAM: 512K
  • Flash: 16 MB
  • Interface: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, heart rate sensor
  • Protection: IP68 5ATM
  • Battery: 135 mAh
  • Claimed battery life: 20 days
  • Weight – 40g
  • Supply

    The manufacturer has gone from the square boxes of previous versions and added colors to the design. Most of the surface is occupied by a color photograph of the bracelet, at the bottom there is a large number 4. On the back of the box, the main parameters are indicated, I chose the global version of the device, and therefore the list of parameters is in several languages.

    Inside the box is divided into two parts, at the top, just in the photo on the box, there is a fitness bracelet in a translucent bag. Under it is another compartment – with charging and insctions. Here is everything that is included in the package. Minimalist but fully sufficient to use the device.

    Unlike previous versions of bracelets, where charging was connected to one of the narrow sides, in version 4, charging is connected to the bottom of the capsule with a pair of clamping contacts. The insctions for the global version of the bracelet are written in 9 languages, but there is no English among them, although there is English.


    Externally, Mi Band 4 is very reminiscent of version 3, although the surface of the capsule is not so licked. The active area of ​​the 0.95-inch AMOLED screen is clearly visible in the light.

    Like its predecessor, the mi band 4 module prodes above the strap, but the transition at the end is not smooth, but with a step. The charger contacts have moved to the underside of the bracelet, this has changed and in my opinion improved the way it is attached to the charging dock

    In the middle of the bottom side of the capsule is an optical heart rate sensor that operates in the 525 nm band – green. The fastening principle was adopted from the third version, the capsule has a groove in the middle of the case, and the strap has a ledge.

    Thus, a reliable and high-quality fastening to the strap is ensured. You need to remove the capsule when charging or when replacing the strap.

    In charging, the bracelet sits tightly – spring-loaded contacts rest against it at the bottom, two latches hold it from the sides. I liked this design more than the previous versions


    The key external difference of version 4 of the bracelets is a bright, clear and contrasting AMOLED screen. With a resolution of 120 * 240 on such a diagonal, the pixels are not visible at all.

    I have a collection of all released miband – which makes it possible to compare them visually. The greatest similarity is naturally with the third version, but the trio is more rounded and has a button recess in the case.

    On the arm with mi band 1s, mi band 2, miband 3

    Of course, it is not entirely correct to compare a bracelet and a watch, but still. The Amazfit Bip I use has a much larger screen, but the picture quality is of course worse. I hope that when the second version of Bip comes out, it will get the same cool screen.

    mifit app

    I did not disconnect the Amazfit Bip watch from mifit – now you can have several devices connected. But only one thing will be active – that is, if you wish, you can change gadgets tied to one account without having to disconnect and connect them

    The start screen shows some of the bracelet’s functions – the ability to block by pin code, physical activity modes, music player control.

    The application accumulates data on various events – and the number of steps taken and sleep time, energy burned. All data is also available in the form of historical charts

    Similarly for physical activities – walking,nning, cycling and others available for activation from the application and the device itself.

    And of course, very useful features – call and SMS notifications. If desired, you can enable them for the desired applications. For example, I have been keeping my smartphone on silent mode for several years. I like the alarm clock – it’s ordinary here, not smart, but it doesn’t matter to me, the important thing is that it is guaranteed to wake me up only. I will not talk more about mifit – I have already done this more than once. The application is convenient and stable

    Screens and functions

    Thanks to the resolution and support for 24-bit color, the new screen is much more functional than its predecessors. Excellent contrast and color reproduction. In bright light, readability drops and here it loses to the Amazfit Bip screen

    In addition to the standard skins in the mifit application, there is the ability to install third-party designs that are easily found in the Play Market.

    For some time now, mifit has made it much easier to change skins by adding separate tabs for standard and downloaded ones. Everyone will be able to find a suitable skin to their liking

    Scrolling up – down – you can scroll through the menu of the bracelet. Status tab – contains information about daily activity. Heart rate menu — turns on the online heart rate monitoring mode.

    The screen for selecting physical activities, you can choose 6 options from the bracelet -nning on the street and on the track, walking, cycling, strength exercises and swimming pool. There is no GPS like in Bip, so the data is taken from the phone.

    After the data is received, the training tracking mode is turned on, which shows real-time data on time, distance, steps. You can turn on the heart rate alert.

    In the weather menu – you can get information for today and a forecast for 4 days ahead. Location settings and the actual forecast itself – taken from the mifit application

    In the notification menu – you can view received messages and SMS from those messengers that are enabled in the mifit settings. An icon is shown at the top left of the screen – a messenger or SMS, Cyrillic is supported perfectly, there are no problems with fonts in the global version.

    In addition, there are 9 options in the menu – do not disturb mode, alarm clock, music control, stopwatch and timer, find device and silent mode, display and settings

    In addition to the forced do not disturb mode, there is an automatic one, when the bracelet will track when the owner falls asleep. Music control mode – now in normal mode, very convenient, I’ll tell you more later. In the settings, you can, among other things, adjust the brightness of the screen – 5 gradations are available.

    For those who constantly lose the phone, the search function will be useful. When making calls, the screen displays either the caller’s number or his name recorded in the phone’s contact list. The screen responds well to touch, the menu scrolls quickly, the interface is convenient – it’s easy to get used to it. Swipe up – down, this is the main menu, right – left – the music control menu is called

    All these operations can be viewed live in the video version of the review, link at the end of the text


    I really liked the player control mode. To do this, any music player must benning on the smartphone, while the smartphone itself can be locked. The bracelet thinks a little and detects anning player, after which you can switch tracks, pause and turn on playback, and adjust the volume. Everything works correctly, quickly and very conveniently. Demonstration – in the video version.

    Protection and autonomy

    Like previous versions, with the four you can swim, swim and dive. The bracelet has IP68 protection. e, the touch screen can respond to water as if it were a finger tap.

    Screenshot from Video Review – Crane Test

    As for autonomy, you can count on about three weeks. It all depends on the intensity of use and the brightness of the screen. The brighter the screen, the more notifications, alarms, workout modes, timers, and more, the faster the battery will drain. Therefore, this parameter is very subjective. But in any case, autonomy is calculated in weeks.

    Video version of the review


    If, after the release of the third version, many owners of the super popular miband 2 were in no hurry to update the gadget, then there was no doubt about the fourth version. The coolest color screen, the functionality is no less, and in some ways – I mean music – more than the Bip. Excellent autonomy and the same familiar size and weight.

    In my opinion – Mi Band 4 – turned out to be very successful and at the same time not at all expensive. By the way, I recommend buying the global version.

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