Xiaomi Lydsto R1 Review Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Review Xiaomi Lydsto R1 robot vacuum cleaner with a dust collector station 2022. When the first robotic vacuum cleaners appeared “in nature”, I considered it to be nothing more than an ineffective toy that was unable to clean the premises efficiently, and in fact it was so. But as time went on, this whole topic developed seriously: new models received navigation sensors, learned to overcome thresholds, algorithms for building cleaning routes improved … After many friends had such assistants in the house, I could not resist. I got a fairly “fancy” model from the Xiaomi sub-brand – Lydsto R1 with a wet cleaning function and a dust collector station.

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  • Brand: Lydsto
  • Model: R1
  • Cleaning types: dry and wet
  • Number of side brushes: 1
  • Sensors: LDS (lidar)
  • Dust container volume: 200ml
  • Water capacity: 250ml
  • Garbage bag: 3L
  • Control panel: no
  • Smartphone control: yes
  • Battery: Li-on 5200mah
  • Autonomy of work: 150 min
  • Charging time: 300 min
  • Noise: 65dB
  • Dust collector station
  • Size: 350 * 145mm
  • Weight: 8.3kg

Packaging and equipment

A vacuum cleaner came in a fairly large cardboard box, barely stuffed it into the trunk of his sedan. Packing: 43 * 42.7 * 44.6cm, packing weight 11.3kg. Manufacturer: Guangdong Yimu Technology Co. And inside there is another box with a handle: already with a color print and colorful pictures.

Well packed so that the contents will not be damaged in any way during transportation. From the first minutes of our acquaintance with the device, we are greeted by a thick book with instructions on how to control this monster, but of course we will not read it, although we gave it a ride in English.

The set includes:

  • Robot vacuum cleaner Lydsto R1 with trash and water tanks
  • Dust collector station with bag
  • Frame with a cloth for wet cleaning (reusable)
  • 6 trash bags
  • Disposable rags for wet cleaning (30 pcs)
  • Brush for cleaning the filter and other elements
  • User manual


The Xiaomi Lydsto R1 robot vacuum cleaner has a round shape standard for such a device. The body is made of white glossy plastic. Above is a navigation tower with a laser (lidar) and two touch buttons for control. There are three windows on the front and sides of the case, behind which are infrared sensors. Along the perimeter of the bumper, the body is protected by silicone inserts – protection against impact. Also on the sides are ventilation grilles.

A RESET button is hidden under one of the vents. At the back of the vacuum cleaner there are two contacts for charging, it is by this “place” that the gadget is docked with the dust collector station. Between the contact pads there is a hole for fixing the dust container container, and below the hole for cleaning the waste container (closed with a valve for tightness). The valve opens when docked with the base.

The bottom of the vacuum cleaner has three wheels: one guide (rotates 360 degrees) and two leading. Leaders have a tread with hooks for climbing on “difficult” surfaces. The wheels are springy and allow you to adjust the ground clearance within 8-42mm. There is a side brush on the front right side.

The central rotor, rotating around its axis, is snapped off and removed from the body of the vacuum cleaner. The rotor bristles are rigid V-shaped. Silicone inserts are located between the strips of bristles. The frame that fixes the brush has steel plates to protect against winding of objects.

The trash compartment can be easily removed from the body of the vacuum cleaner. It is combined with a water compartment and has: a HEPA filter, a nylon mesh and a foam pad. The water tank makes up almost half the volume of the total compartment. The reservoir for dust and other garbage is, of course, small, but do not forget about the dust collector station to which the vacuum cleaner constantly brings freshly collected garbage.

The volume of the dust collector is 200 ml, the volume of the water tank is 250 ml. Water is poured through a round opening, which is closed with a rubber plug. A special pump is responsible for supplying water in wet cleaning mode. For wet cleaning, you can use a standard reusable cloth or disposable. The rags are attached with Velcro and are moistened with water through three holes in the plastic.

And here is the dust collector station! Quite impressive in size, in appearance it looks more like a trash can with smart functions. The mains cable with euro plug is 120cm long. On the front panel there are contacts for charging and a hole for sucking out debris from the corresponding compartment of the vacuum cleaner. Above the contacts there is a LED signaling that the station is connected to the network and waiting (white light), about the charging process (when blinking) or about an overflow of the garbage bag (yellow light). Garbage bag, 3L, is under the lid. The vacuum cleaner comes with 6 disposable bags and one reusable washable. A bag presence sensor is installed inside; without it, the station will not suck in garbage. On the back there is a special recess for winding the cable.

The latch of the cardboard frame at the neck of the bag completely blocks access to the contents, i.e. there is no human contact with dust. The bag is large enough, enough for at least a month of work.


On the top of the body of the vacuum cleaner there are only two buttons and from their icons it is immediately clear what they are for. One for turning on / off the vacuum cleaner, the second for sending the vacuum cleaner to the base. Well, if you hold down both buttons at the same time, the synchronization mode with the smartphone is activated.

The main control is carried out through the Lydsto app, which can be downloaded from the Play Market. Since this is a sub-brand of Xiaomi, it is possible to work through the Mi Home application, but Lydsto and me were quite satisfied. The app’s rating is not high, but I didn’t have any difficulties in using it. The number of downloads is more than 5000. To get started, you need to create an account, and then choose one of the two models of Lydsto brand vacuum cleaners.

The app requires location access and a Wifi network to work. To synchronize with a smartphone, hold down the two buttons “Home” and “Power on” and hold for 3 seconds.

After the first synchronization of the smartphone with the vacuum cleaner, I was prompted to update the firmware to the latest version 0.5.0. The application on the main page displays a map of the room (it will appear after the first cleaning) with the total area, battery percentage and cleaning time. I recommend that you immediately select English in the settings so that the vacuum cleaner begins to “broadcast” in English in a female voice. The volume of the voice can be adjusted.

To create a map, when you turn it on for the first time, the vacuum cleaner goes around the room around the perimeter, and then continues cleaning with a “snake”. Those. the device travels in an S-shaped path within the perimeter, thus covering the entire area of ​​the room. The cleaning schedule, the frequency of unloading garbage into the base, the suction power and the volume of water consumption during wet cleaning are configured separately.

Having done a complete cleaning, the user is prompted to save the map. The system automatically divides the total area into rooms, highlighting in different colors. Furniture that is recognized as impassable by the lidar remains “white” on the map.

In the process of work, the vacuum cleaner certainly makes a certain noise, but there is no discomfort from it and it does not “play on my nerves.” Although when driving on linoleum, there is an extraneous sound, due to the work of the main silicone brush on this surface. After recognizing the perimeter, the vacuum cleaner rolls around the room like a snake and does not touch anyone, sometimes you even forget that cleaning is in progress.

What can not be said about the noise emitted by the base-dust collector during the “debris suction”, it seems that the aircraft engine starts! The hum is decent, since it is not necessary to do it so often (configurable in the application) and the process takes a little time. The process of contacting the base is very neat, taking your time. All actions are accompanied by female voice acting.

The vacuum cleaner successfully recognizes and avoids difficult obstacles. Impenetrable are only bundles of wires in which the vacuum cleaner can get entangled, and also mocked him once slipped a LAN cable with a connector to the vacuum cleaner. So the connector was eaten by the central brush and stuck there. I had to get it out manually, he himself would not have gotten out of the trap.

I liked the wet cleaning mode: the dust wipes the floor evenly, without puddles and splashing water. The amount of water used can be changed in the application settings, at minimum speed the floor is slightly damp, at maximum speed it is decently wet.


Xiaomi Lydsto R1 vacuum cleaner is my first robot vacuum cleaner and, fortunately, the first experience was successful. Still, it was not in vain that I shunned smart vacuum cleaner construction for a long time and waited for a sensible implementation without dancing with a tambourine. Although the vacuum cleaner itself is not budgetary, so he simply had no right to upset me. Here you have a dust collector station and a lidar navigation with a turret and a wet cleaning function.

Lydsto R1 has a sensible navigation system and copes with almost all the challenges of fate on its way. The maps he drew correspond to reality for various locations (he tested it in the office, showing it to colleagues, in the apartment and in the house). They can be saved and switched at the desired time. The automatic collection of trash in the container base is also a great move, I don’t worry about cleaning at all until I get a notification that the trash bag is full.

Such a method of garbage collection, without any contact with dust, will help allergy sufferers avoid the corresponding symptoms. The garbage bag should be enough for about 3 months, so I’ll hardly go broke with their purchase. Moreover, the set includes 6 disposable and one reusable, which can be washed. The quality and speed of cleaning more than suits me, besides, the vacuum cleaner allows you to do it more often than usual and save a lot of time.

There are enough accessories in the kit with dust, but if something happens, Ali has the opportunity to additionally purchase accessories for the vacuum cleaner, such as filters, replaceable rags and brushes – everything is in stock and you won’t have to puzzle over where to get it.

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