Xiaomi killer: the most powerful budget wireless vacuum cleaner Redkey F10

Inexpensive vacuum cleaners, as ale, do not differ in thoughtful design, innovative design and high power. And at first glance, the Redkey F10 is trying to break that pattern: a kink bar, a removable battery, a telescopic crevice tool, 23,000Pa suction, and all this at a price tag of around 15,000 ***. Sounds impressive! But manufacturers often draw improbable characteristics on the box. Is the REDKEY F10 really that powerful and does a good job of cleaning, or is it not RARE, but the most ordinary middle-class vacuum cleaner? Let’s try to figure it out!

REDKEY F10 – appearance


  • Equipment
  • Appearance
  • Characteristics
  • Performance
  • Noise level
  • Suction power
  • Dry cleaning
  • Other nozzles
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Conclusion
  • Equipment

    REDKEY F10 – equipment

    The package includes:

  • “carcass” of the vacuum cleaner;

  • battery block;

  • spare HEPA filter;

  • extension rod;

  • main nozzle;

  • nozzle 2 in 1 and crevice;

  • docking station and fasteners for it;

  • adapter;

  • insction.

  • Despite the modest price tag, a full-fledged docking station and a spare filter were put in the box.

    Where could I buy?!


    14 thousand ***


    15 thousand ***


    12.6 thousand ***


    Engineers have chosen for their vacuum cleaner a design with perfect balance – above the pistol grip is the motor, and below is the battery pack. The location of the dust collector can also be considered optimal – it is installed vertically, so that heavy debris does not clog the mesh and remains under the “skirt”, and you can empty the container without removing it from the vacuum cleaner. The volume of the flask is 600 ml.

    REDKEY F10 – flask

    Another interesting point is the filtration system with two fine filters. There is only a mesh in the dust collector, which can be washed and quickly dried along with the flask. The first HEPA filter is inserted into a separate compartment above the dust collector, and the second – at the end of the motor block.

    REDKEY F10 – battery and handle

    For control, you will have to use the second hand, because. the hand that holds the vacuum cleaner can only turn on / off the motor using the key. There are three more buttons on top of the motor unit: increase, decrease speed and AUTO mode, in which the Redkey F10 does this on its own, depending on the amount of dirt being sucked in.

    REDKEY F10 – main attachment

    The main nozzle has three features:

  • universal sh that is suitable for carpets and smooth floors;

  • large wheels at the base – provide good patency on carpets;

  • illumination in front of the nozzle – it is convenient to vacuum under furniture.

  • REDKEY F10 – nozzles

    The other two nozzles also have their own specifics: the crevice one moves apart so that you can get dust from under the sideboard, and the 2 in 1 nozzle has a fabric lining that collects dust from a smooth surface.

    REDKEY F10 – boom

    It is convenient to use small nozzles, sticking directly into the vacuum cleaner, and for the main one, a modern bendable rod is designed. Its advantage is that it is possible, without bending over, to collect garbage under the furniture.

    REDKEY F10 – docking station

    The vacuum cleaner, along with all the nozzles, can be stored in the docking station, but first you have to drill the wall in three places and screw the station with self-tapping screws.


    Rated power

    400 W

    Suction power

    23000 Pa (140AW)

    Dust capacity

    600 ml

    Battery capacity

    2500 mAh

    Battery life

    up to 60 min


    369×125×227 mm

    Motor block weight:

    1.85 kg


    At maximum speed, a 2500 mAh battery lasts only 7 minutes, at minimum Redkey F10 will work for an hour, and in automatic mode – something in between, depending on the level of pollution. Most importantly, the battery is removable. For large houses, you can buy an additional battery and not worry about autonomy.

    Noise level

    REDKEY F10 – noise level

    The declared suction power is 140 AW or 23,000 Pa. The noise produced by the vacuum cleaner corresponds to this indicator – in the range of 71-84 dB.

    Suction power

    Suction power

    For its 140 AW Redkey F10 shows very high efficiency and spins the anemometer up to 41.8 m/s. For analogues with a power of up to 170 AW, this figure does not exceed 30 m / s.

    Dry cleaning

    Rubbish on the laminate

    Thanks to its high suction power, Redkey F10 cleans the laminate from large and small debris from the very first pass. Additionally, you have to guide the nozzle along the walls, because during normal movements, the bumper and “headlights” interfere with collecting debris.

    Thin carpet

    AUTO mode works correctly – the vacuum cleaner instantly increases speed when the nozzlens into piles of debris.

    Carpets Redkey F10 cleans no less qualitatively, while the cleaning time does not change – most of the specks fly into the flask from the first pass. The universal sh not only combs out the motes, but also picks up the wool. Moreover, almost all the hair goes into the dust collector, and only a small part of them is wound on the rotor.

    Medium carpet

    Other nozzles

    The 2 in 1 nozzle is useful for cleaning in a closet or in a car, its fabric pad cleans dust from furniture well. The crevice nozzle, thanks to its telescopic tube, helps to get dust in hard-to-reach places.

    Nozzle 2 in 1 crevice tool

    Advantages and disadvantages



    dock station;

    average quality of plastic;

    quality assembly;

    no furniture sh;

    double fine filtration;

    switching modes with a free hand.

    AUTO mode;

    removable battery;

    high suction power;

    removes any kind of coatings;

    bendable bar;

    illumination of the main nozzle.


    In terms of cost and equipment, the Redkey F10 does not go beyond the middle class, while in terms of power it surpasses most of the more expensive competitors. If you do not plan to impress your friends with the exquisite design of your purchase or its belonging to a popular brand, and you will use the vacuum cleaner exclusively for its main purpose – for cleaning the floor, then you simply cannot find a better option for this money! Redkey F10 is a really rare representative of inexpensive vacuum cleaners with deep carpet cleaning.

    Where could I buy?!


    14 thousand ***


    15 thousand ***


    12.6 thousand ***

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