Review Xiaomi Hutt DDC55 Robot Window Cleaner

In this review, we will look at the features of the interesting Hutt DDC55 window cleaning robot from the most popular Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi. The machine is not only suitable for cleaning windows, but is also capable of cleaning mirrors, glass doors, tiles, kitchen aprons, countertops and other smooth surfaces. The window cleaner, thanks to the frequency inversion function, can change the suction power. It is also equipped with an ARM-module (chip) that allows the wiper to plan its route, which significantly improves the overall quality of cleaning surfaces. We will tell the readers of website about these and other features of the device further.

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The Xiaomi Hutt DDC55 package contains:

  1. Robot for cleaning windows.
  2. AC power adapter.
  3. Remote control.
  4. Safety rope.
  5. Sprayer for water.
  6. A set of cleaning cloths for cleaning windows.
  7. Instruction manual in Chinese.

The batteries for the remote control are AAA type. However, they are not included in the accessories of the Xiaomi window cleaner, and you need to buy them separately.


The window cleaning robot is made of ABS plastic and comes in classic white color. The overall dimensions of the device are as follows: 375x315x85 mm. The device is very compact, but its shape is more remarkable: it is not square, but elongated rectangular with rounded corners, reminiscent of the “eight” shape.

Thanks to its thin and light body, the window washer is very easy to transfer from one place to another and install on an outside window, glass in a bathroom, or a mirror in a hallway.

When reviewing the Xiaomi Hutt DDC55 from the front, we see two main control buttons: one button is responsible for powering the device, and the second for starting / pause.

View from above

View from above

The robot for cleaning windows uses two rotating discs, which are equipped with gray microfiber cleaning wipes. They are installed on the bottom of the device and allow effective cleaning of glass and other surfaces. Note that the napkins extend beyond the edges of the robot. Thus, engineers have achieved a more thorough cleaning of the surface around the perimeter and in the corners.

Bottom view

Bottom view

Also on the case of the window washer there is a battery status indicator, a window for receiving a signal from the remote control and a loop for securing an 8 meter long safety cord.


Let’s move on to an overview of the main technical characteristics of the Xiaomi Hutt DDC55 window cleaning robot:

Cleaning type Dry and wet
Battery capacity 650 mAh
Battery life 20 minutes.
Charging time 150 minutes
Rated voltage 24 V
Rated power 120 watts
Suction power From 2600 to 3400 Pa
Cleaning speed 1 m 2 in 3 min.
Brush rotation speed 80 rpm
Safety cord length 8 m
Dimensions of the window cleaning robot 375x315x85 mm
Weight 1.14 kg
Noise level 65 dBA

The window cleaning robot is supplied with an 8m safety rope (lifting capacity up to 180 kilograms) for extra protection.

Also Xiaomi Hutt DDC55 is equipped with a frequency inversion function. Therefore, it is able to change the suction power from 2600 Pa to 3400 Pa in automatic mode, depending on the degree of surface contamination. The increase in power is most likely necessary for a stronger pressure to the surface.


The Xiaomi Hutt DDC55 window cleaning robot is equipped with an ARM module and uses intelligent SLAM algorithms for cleaning. In other words, according to the manufacturer’s idea, the wiper can plan the route of movement and should not miss a single contaminated area. In addition, the device is independently capable of detecting the level of glass contamination and, accordingly, increasing the suction power if necessary.

Algorithm of movement

Algorithm of movement

Also, this model of window washer boasts the presence of AI functionality that allows you to detect any obstacles, including window frames, so that the wiper has the opportunity to turn around in time and not fall.

Moving around the window

Moving around the window

It is important to talk about how the Xiaomi Hutt DDC55 cleans the surface. This model of window cleaning robot is designed in such a way that a powerful motor rotates two discs on which microfiber cloths are fixed.

The window cleaning robot is controlled in two ways – from the buttons on the case, or from the remote control included in the delivery set. Control from the remote control provides advanced settings.

Preparation for work

Preparation for work

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of the Xiaomi Hutt DDC55 window cleaner:

  1. Good equipment.
  2. Long safety cord.
  3. ARM module, SLAM navigation.
  4. Automatic recognition of the degree of soiling.
  5. Detection of frames and obstacles.
  6. The wipes protrude from the edges of the case for a more thorough cleaning of the surface.

As for the shortcomings, no special ones were found, given the cost of about 300 dollars in 2022. The only thing you can find fault with is the lack of control through a mobile application.

Otherwise, the robot cleans up in speed like most of its counterparts and is notable only for the fact that it recognizes dirt on the surface and presses harder for more thorough cleaning.

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