Xiaomi HuoHou Automatic Mill: Full Review

Review Xiaomi Youpin HuoHou Automatic Mill 2022. Hello everyone!  Today we will take a look at a relatively new device in the ecosystem of Xiaomi HuoHou sub-brands. It is an automatic grinder for allspice, lumps of salt and other condiments. Is it worth the money and is it needed in a modern kitchen? Let’s figure it out.

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The mill is delivered in a white cardboard box with colorful printing. On different sides of the box, there is an image of the device itself in two color variations. I deliberately took a white mill, so that through the transparent plastic there was a video of the seasoning itself.

On one of the side faces, the main specifications are applied, indicating the dimensions of the device. The company logo is located on the top of the box.

The box contains a small guide on disassembling the device for installing batteries in it and changing the size of the chopping season.

The Xiaomi HuoHou automatic mill is made of dense and high-quality ABS plastic, which will not wear off over time. The teeth are even made of it, which will grind the seasoning. The mill is a tube. Thanks to the large areas at the top and bottom, it is convenient to place it on the table in any position. The device itself is relatively small, 150 millimeters high and 51 millimeters in diameter. The weight of the device without batteries is 244 grams.

On the front there is a button that activates the device. Under the button is the HuoHou brand logo. The button is plastic and not rubberized inside, therefore it is not recommended to wash the mill with water.

On the back of the mill there is a sticker with the main specifications and markings for the opening / closing of the condiment container. The mill opens with a “dense” movement to the side.

The condiment container is made of durable tritan glass, which does not break and does not retain odors. The container can hold about 20 grams of seasoning.

At the bottom there is a backlight represented by an incandescent light bulb, which turns on when you press a button. It nicely illuminates both the area you are seasoning and the inside with the seasoning that has not yet been chopped.

The lower part of the grinder provides the ability to adjust the size of the chopping season. To do this, you need to turn the “twist” and change the distance between the teeth. You can adjust the size of grinding in four ranges. There is also a lid that covers the bottom of the spice from spilling and moisture getting into the container. By the way, the teeth themselves are made of ceramics, which allows you to efficiently grind both small peppercorns and large grains of seasoning. If you want the pepper or salt to grind as finely as possible, you need to combine the two protrusions on the grind adjuster, thereby reducing the distance between the teeth and vice versa.

Opening the mill, you can see a metal shaft and two contacts for illumination. The motor driving the shaft is mounted at the top. There you can also see two more spring-loaded contacts for powering the backlight. The engine compartment is removed by pushing back the two black side latches. You can’t learn to do this with your fingers, so you have to turn to a screwdriver.

The motor with batteries looks like this. Yes, unfortunately the mill is battery operated. This upset me a lot, because for that kind of money they could integrate the battery and make a USB connector for charging. According to operating experience, the batteries are enough for about six months or 40 grams of the seasoning to be ground. The engine has a power of 25 watts. It needs 9 Volts to work, which can provide 6 AAA batteries.

For greater clarity and an idea of ​​ u200b u200bthe operation of the device, below you can look at the different fractions of grinding performed in each of the four modes. From smallest to largest counterclockwise.

Finally, I want to invite you to watch my video review of the Xiaomi HuoHou automatic mill on my channel and see the device in operation.

Summing up, I can say that the device is made at a very high level inherent in HuoHou sub-brands. The quality of the plastic and the workmanship of all components really pleases, however, paying almost 2,000 (now already 1,100) dollars for an electric mill, which does not even have a built-in battery, is, in my opinion, too much. Also, during the operation of the device, as usual, you can go broke on batteries. But, despite these disadvantages, a mill of this kind is now an indispensable attribute in modern kitchen. It is able to quickly provide freshly ground, aromatic seasoning for food that has already been prepared or is still being prepared. As for the price, at the time of purchase it cost almost twice as much. Now the cost of 24 dollars, taking into account delivery to the house, I think is more than acceptable. What do you think about such a device? Is it needed in a modern kitchen or is it nothing more than self-indulgence? Write your opinion in the comments. Good luck and good mood to everyone. Bye.

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