Xiaomi Dreame XR Review: A Versatile Assistant

Xiaomi Dreame XR Best Vacuum Cleaners Review 2022: a versatile assistant. How to involve a technologist in cleaning? Put the Xiaomi Dreame cordless Vacuum Cleaner in his hands! Testing an updated model with a carpet brush

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Conventional vacuum cleaners have long been out of fashion, they have been replaced by wireless options, more convenient and compact. For the development of a new category, Xiaomi has taken the Dreame brand under its wing. Today, under the brand, there is a whole line of cordless vacuum cleaners. Let’s get acquainted with the new representative — Xiaomi Dreame XR .

Contents of delivery

The vacuum cleaner and related accessories are packed tightly in a large box with a carrying handle. There are five different types of brushes: two large motorized brushes for carpet and smooth floors, a small motorized brush for furniture and two crevice nozzles. Included accessories include a long pipe and flexible adapter. Didn’t forget about the wall mount and the power supply.


The futuristic design of the novelty is completely inherited from the Dreame V9P , but in a different, more interesting color. The same comfortable trigger grip, the same cyclone filters and a half-liter waste container.

There are a minimum of functional elements. Only a 3-mode power shift lever and charge LEDs on either side of the handle. These minimalistic bulbs give out the brainchild of Xiaomi in the vacuum cleaner, remember, the company’s portable batteries or the first generation Mi Band.

A set of attachments and accessories

All accessories have a standardized fastening with a locking button, which allows you to combine adapters and attachments.

A metal tube is provided for the main brushes. The simplest is not telescopic, so people of average height will be most comfortable to handle the Dreame XR.

The brush with a soft roller is intended for smooth surfaces: parquet, laminate, tiles, linoleum and others. During cleaning, the roller rotates, collecting dust and erasing excess streaks. The roller is able to absorb a small amount of water, but a meeting with a puddle can be fatal — the vacuum cleaner is not intended for wet cleaning.

The second large brush is designed for carpets. The principle is the same, only soft velor is replaced with long bristles to effectively remove all excess from the pile.

If the rollers become dirty, they can be removed and cleaned. To do this, turn the side lock counterclockwise, for example with a coin. It is most convenient to rinse the soft roller in warm water and dry it.

The rest of the attachments are designed for use without an extension. This primarily applies to the small motorized brush for upholstered furniture. The principle is already familiar, the rotating bristly roller effectively collects not only dust, but also threads, loose hair, animal hair and other small debris.

The roller is removed by analogy with large brushes, it is enough to turn the lock with a coin.

The two remaining nozzles are slotted and are designed for cleaning in hard-to-reach places: at the joints of sofas and armchairs, around skirting boards and large furniture. Also, these brushes will appeal to motorists who are not averse to cleaning up the cabin on their own. Now is the time to tidy up the cars after winter.

To get into the most secluded corners, the kit includes a short flexible adapter.

The wide range of attachments makes the Dreame XR a versatile tool for cleaning up not only at home, but also in the car. The vacuum cleaner is suitable for all surfaces, including smooth floors, carpets, upholstered furniture.

Experience of use and autonomy

Impressions from the quality of workmanship of the main unit and absolutely all accessories are excellent. The main white plastic is pleasant to the touch and is not easily soiled. Gloss, for example on the cyclone filter casing, can be considered an ornament. Noticeable scratches and marks did not appear during the test, I think it’s a matter of time. The vacuum cleaner creates a pleasant impression of a quality item that will last for many years.

The handle is wide enough and fits comfortably in the hand: the index finger clearly hits the trigger, and the stop above the middle finger helps to hold the 1.5 kg body. The shape is completely symmetrical and works equally well for right-handers and left-handers. The weight distribution is correct, the main weight is concentrated above and below the handle, where the motor and battery compartment are hidden, respectively.

To clean the parquet, insert a pipe with a wide brush for a smooth floor into the vacuum cleaner. You can operate the vacuum cleaner with one hand: the brush easily rolls back and forth, to turn it is enough to rotate the brush. An interesting observation: the brush leaves no gaps under it, collecting dust exactly along the outer line. If we speak in the language of modern trends, we have a frameless vacuum cleaner. This is due to the soft material glued along the border of the brush.

There was no carpet in the apartment, so it was not possible to check the corresponding brush in practice. But from experience, these turbo rotary roller brushes do the job just fine. If the house has carpets, it is definitely worth paying extra for a complete set with such a nozzle.

Finally, I started cleaning the sofa using a compact motorized brush. It’s nice that for these purposes there is a separate nozzle, and you don’t have to move a large brush from the floor around the furniture.

The vacuum cleaner only sucks when holding the trigger. The decision is reasonable and quite convenient, since the hand is always on the handle anyway. But I would not refuse some kind of retainer, even a simple mechanical one. At medium power, all visible debris can be collected. The maximum mode has to be turned on only for completely neglected hard-to-reach places.

The built-in battery is enough to clean two rooms in medium mode, that is, for 30 minutes of operation, although 28 is declared. The maximum mode discharges the battery in 10 minutes. And in economical, autonomy can be extended for as much as 60 minutes. A full charge takes about 3 hours: if you don’t have time to clean up in one go, you will have to wait a long time. The battery pack is non-removable, inside there are seven standard 18650 cells connected in series to increase the operating voltage. In the future, it will be possible to find a replacement without any problems.

Dreame XR dust does not fly during operation thanks to the exhaust air filtration system. The company claims 99.99% retention of particles over 0.3 microns. The noise from work is quite tolerable, certainly quieter than my old bagless vacuum cleaner.

Dreame XR Care

To empty the dust container, you must press the red button, after which the spring-loaded bottom cover will open, and all the contents of the container will be in the garbage bag.

The second maintenance step is cleaning the cyclone separator. To remove it, you need to take one of the small attachments, snap it into the filter and turn it counterclockwise. After that, the separator must be carefully rinsed under running water and dried thoroughly before re-installation.

Charging and storage

The set includes a storage system and all the necessary screws for fixing it to the wall. It is more convenient to hook the vacuum cleaner to the bracket with an extension pipe and one main brush. There is also storage space for all three small attachments and a flexible adapter. Only the second main brush remains out of work, for carpets or smooth surfaces — at your discretion.

In the photo Dreame V9P, the storage system of Dreame XR is completely similar

The complete power supply unit can be connected directly to the vacuum cleaner or through the bracket. In the second case, the vacuum cleaner will be charged during storage.

Power supply for 30 volts and 0.8 amperes non-standard with a round plug. In the event of a breakdown, you will have to look for a replacement from the manufacturer.

Recall after two weeks of using Dreame XR

Before summing up, I suggest that you familiarize yourself with the technical characteristics of the hero:

  • Cleaning type: dry;
  • Dust collector: flask with cyclonic filters, 500 ml;
  • Power consumption: 450 W;
  • Suction power 140 Aut;
  • Motor unit weight: 1.5 kg;
  • Filter type: HEPA;
  • Battery capacity: 2,500 mAh @ 25.2 V (63 Wh);

According to my impressions, now is the time to switch to a cordless vacuum cleaner, these are really quite powerful, autonomous and convenient devices. With its help, it is much more pleasant to put things in order, there is no unpleasant feeling of a dusty unit from a closet, as is the case with conventional wired options. The main advantage is unprecedented versatility. Firstly, the full range of attachments is suitable for all types of surfaces. Secondly, the built-in battery allows you to take the Dreame XR out into the yard and easily clean the car.

In Xiaomi Dreame XR attracts the ratio of features and adequate value. Compared to previous versions, the novelty has become a little more powerful, has got a more capacious battery and a new color scheme. The most notable innovation is the large nap brush. This is a godsend for the owners of carpets, it is definitely worth paying extra for. On the other hand, previous models from the same line were much more affordable.


  • high suction power;
  • ease of use without wires;
  • a large number of attachments for all occasions;
  • three motorized brushes for effective cleaning;
  • flexible adapter for crevice nozzles;
  • good materials and reliable assembly;
  • sufficient autonomy.

May not like:

  • pipe without telescopic mechanism;
  • inability to fix all complete attachments on the bracket;
  • much more expensive than its predecessors.

Final grade: 9 out of 10.

That’s all, happy shopping! 

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