Xiaomi Dreame V11 Review: Powerful Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Very popular and well-known manufacturer Xiaomi released a new vertical handheld vacuum cleaner Dreame V11 with OLED display. Today the device is the flagship of the series. Its predecessor is the V10 from the same line, which has become very successful and has many real positive reviews. Users note high power, suction power, efficiency, complete set with a choice of nozzles, as well as the possibility of wall placement. The V10 really deserves to be called one of the best upright cordless vacuum cleaners in its price range. At the same time, the new Xiaomi Dreame V11 provides even more opportunities, it has been improved in a number of technical parameters, is more convenient to use and ergonomic. Next, we will make a detailed review of the Xiaomi Dreame V11 and express our own opinion about this handheld vacuum cleaner.

Differences from V10

An overview of the main changes compared to the previous V10 model:

  • the new SPACE 4.0 engine with a large number of revolutions (125 thousand rpm versus 100 thousand rpm);
  • improved suction power (25 kPa versus 22 kPa);
  • increased capacity of the rechargeable battery (3000 mAh versus 2500 mAh);
  • long battery life (now 90 minutes in eco mode, 40 minutes in standard mode, 10 minutes in maximum mode);
  • reduction of noise and vibration levels;
  • economical attitude to filters;
  • fixing the push button.

There is also a price difference. Xiaomi Dreame V11 costs about 350$, while V10 costs about 320$.

At the same time, the vacuum cleaner is a prototype of the V11 model from the no less well-known brand Dyson, only in a significantly cheaper version, which cannot but please customers.

Next, we propose to go to an overview of the delivery kit of the vertical vacuum cleaner.


The presented model was conceived as a premium one. Therefore, the package of Xiaomi Dreame V11 can be considered premium. Upon opening the box, we immediately notice several compartments in which all the components are neatly stacked.

First of all, a wide variety of all kinds of brushes is striking:

  • main wide nozzle (wide soft roller installed) – more suitable for hard floors;
  • nozzle with a bristled mini brush, more suitable for cleaning carpets and furniture;
  • with soft bristles, narrow, used for cleaning household appliances and furniture, cleans surfaces from hair and hair of pets;
  • crevice brush for cleaning in hard-to-reach areas.

In addition, the package includes: an aluminum tube extension, a flexible tube extension, a charger, as well as a wall bracket and mounting screws.


As mentioned earlier, the prototype of the Xiaomi Dreame V11 was a model with the same model name from the manufacturer Dyson. However, since our upright cordless vacuum cleaner is much cheaper, the build quality and workmanship are certainly inferior. The quality of the plastic is slightly worse, but also high, in the best traditions of Xiaomi. It is unlikely that users will be able to strongly repulse this circumstance, because in terms of technical equipment the device is not much inferior, while meeting the main requirement of price-quality ratio.

The tube for attaching a standard brush is not telescopic (retractable), so the height of the vertical vacuum cleaner will always be unchanged. However, the manufacturer has provided for the design of the device in such a way that during operation its weight of 1.6 kilograms is almost imperceptible.

The Xiaomi Dreame V11 pen has a built-in 3000 mAh battery with a charging time of about 240 minutes. The battery life will depend on the selected mode, we will talk about this in more detail in the review below. The battery is not replaceable, this is a minus. There is a charging indicator on the case, however, the percentage of charge will be displayed on the color OLED display that is located on the handle. The display also shows the current cleaning mode and information about the need for maintenance of the device and cleaning the filter.

Of the not very pleasant moments, I would like to note the holder-holder for our cordless handheld vacuum cleaner – it is conceived in such a way that it is attached to the wall using screwed-in screws. Unfortunately, this is not always convenient, but velcro or other more gentle designs are not provided. In contrast to this, in addition to the vacuum cleaner itself, you can also store three brushes on the bracket. The bracket has a charging connector, but no electronics are seen here. These are just conductive terminals.

The new product has a constructive improvement in the form of fixing the push button. Thanks to this feature, you no longer need to hold down the button all the time during cleaning

The dust container is emptied by pressing a button from the bottom, hands do not get dirty with debris when emptying the container.



The main characteristics of Xiaomi Dreame V11, declared by the manufacturer:

  • Battery: non-removable lithium-ion, capacity 3000 mAh.
  • Battery life: 90 minutes (eco-mode), 40 minutes (standard), 10 minutes (maximum).
  • Charging time: 240 minutes.
  • Engine: SPACE 4.0, 125 thousand rpm.
  • Power consumption: 450 watts.
  • Suction power: 25 kPa.
  • Dust container volume: 0.5 l.
  • Weight: 1.6 kg.
  • Noise level: 72-73 dB (at maximum).


Xiaomi Dreame V11 Wireless Handheld Vertical Vacuum Cleaner operates in three modes:

  1. Eco-mode (minimum) with reduced noise level and cleaning duration up to 90 minutes, capable of collecting large debris.
  2. Standard with a working time of up to 40 minutes will allow you to clean surfaces from scattered cereals, dust, dirt from boots after the street, etc.
  3. Maximum for cleaning stubborn dirt on carpets with a battery life of up to 10 minutes.

The device is not friendly with water at all, therefore, in no case should you use it on wet surfaces or to collect water from the floor.

The Xiaomi Dreame V11 wireless handheld vertical vacuum cleaner has twelve organized cyclonic flows, which allows you to better sift out debris and fine dust with less filter pollution. Provided uniform suction and savings on consumable wear. There is a five-stage filtration system and an optional HEPA air filter that prevents the smallest particles of dust and pollen up to 0.3 microns from entering the ambient air along with the outgoing air stream. All filters are washable.

Separately, you should pay attention to the OLED display, which displays the battery status, operating mode and other useful information. It is very comfortable.

Summing up

At the end of the review, before evaluating the Xiaomi Dreame V11 vacuum cleaner, we note that its cost is around 350$. This puts the model in the middle price segment. And now let’s evaluate the device according to the main criteria.

Ergonomics: 8 out of 10. The handle has a color OLED display showing the battery charge level, current operating mode and information about the need for device maintenance and filter cleaning. The design of the vertical vacuum cleaner provides for fixing the push button. Good quality plastic, comfortable handle, light weight, maneuverable brush. Not the most convenient way to empty the dust container and switch modes. In addition, you cannot quickly change the battery if necessary. And so the vacuum cleaner is very good in terms of ergonomics.

Quality of cleaning: 8 out of 10. The device quite well and effectively copes with the main task – cleaning surfaces. The dust collector is quickly filled with dust and needs to be cleaned, while the installed filters can be washed under water. Power is high, it is quite enough for cleaning carpets. I only disliked that the battery life was short in maximum mode and that there was no replaceable bristly-petal brush for the main nozzle. It is better to clean carpets with it.

Reliability: 8 out of 10. In practice, it will be possible to check the reliability of this model only after a long time. Now it is not possible to do this objectively, since Xiaomi Dreame V11 is a novelty for the summer of 2020. In general, if we take into account those Xiaomi vacuum cleaners that we have already tested and take into account the quality of the plastic / assembly, then this option is quite good for the money. Time and customer reviews will tell if we’re wrong or not.

Total: 24 points out of 30.

The model is much above average in terms of price, quality of cleaning and functionality.

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