Xiaomi Dr. Bei S7 Sonic Toothbrush Review: What Design Awards Are Given

In this review 2022, we will get acquainted with the DR.BEI S7(analogue – DR.BEI Sonic Electric Toothbrush GY3) sonic toothbrush, which belongs to the premium segment by the manufacturer, has 5 cleaning modes with separate power adjustment, automatically responds to pressing force, and the built-in battery allows you to use the device for up to 60 days on a single charge with daily use.

In addition, the company was so concerned about creating a unique appearance of the device that DR.BEI Sonic Electric Toothbrush GY3 was able to become the winner of the most prestigious international design award “Red Dot Award 2021” in the “Product Design” nomination.

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Features Xiaomi DR.BEI Sonic Electric Toothbrush GY3:

  • Type: sound;
  • Nozzles included: 2;
  • Types of nozzles: standard, delicate;
  • Number of operating modes: 5;
  • Pressure sensor: yes;
  • Operating modes: standard, whitening, massage, delicate, soft;
  • Maximum speed: 40,000 pulsations per minute;
  • Power supply: battery;
  • Power consumption: 4.2 W;
  • Charging type: induction;
  • Battery capacity: 2000 mAh;
  • Charging time: 4 h;
  • Battery life: 60 days;
  • Indication: operating mode, power, charging, pressure;
  • Timer: yes;
  • Moisture protection: IPX7;
  • Complete set: charging station, power cable, 2x brush heads, instructions, travel case.

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Packaging and equipment

The brush is delivered in a beautiful, decent-sized box made of solid, solid cardboard, decorated in the general style of the DR.BEI S7 model.

Upon opening the box, the owner immediately sees the leather travel case included in the package, which, by the way, contains the toothbrush itself.

In addition, the kit comes with two brush attachments, an induction charger, a microUSB power cable and a rather plump detailed instruction.

In addition to English, the instructions contain a section in full, which describes both the design of the brush itself and the procedure for its use. It won’t be difficult to figure it out.

The brush attachments are packed in blisters.

Each of them has its own markings:

  • 4D GYM , with gray bristles from the Japanese manufacturer TORAY, is designed for cleaning sensitive teeth and gums;
  • 4D CLEAN , with blue bristles, is standard and combines two types of bristles, both softer from TORAY and harder from the German manufacturer PEDEX, allowing for more effective removal of plaque and calculus.

The head itself is made of rubber, which allows it to bend slightly during cleaning. On the back there is a protruding rough scraper pattern for cleaning the tongue.

The charging station is IPX7 waterproof. The device resembles a donut in shape and at the same time can be used as a stand for storing a sonic brush. The principle of operation is electromagnetic induction, therefore, to charge the brush, you just need to install it in the hole of the station.

To use the station, the manufacturer suggests the buyer to independently acquire a 5-volt USB charger with a capacity of at least 1A. The station is connected to it via a microUSB cable.

The travel cover is made of thick light gray velvety leather.

The flap of the cover is held in place by a magnetic fastener.

The dimensions of the cover do not allow storing the sonic brush in the assembled form, therefore, a separate Velcro attachment is provided for the brush attachment.

Appearance and features

And now, finally, on to the sonic brush itself.

DR.BEI S7 has a symmetrical cylindrical shape with rounded edges at both ends, the length of the device is 19 cm. The case is made of solid durable plastic with a marble texture, which even got its own name — “Bionic Luxury”.

The front operating panel is made of four layers of glass with a coating that is resistant to fingerprints.

In the off state, the panel visually contains only the manufacturer’s logo and a small multifunctional button, with which all the capabilities of the brush are controlled. However, in addition to this, there is also a status indicator under the glass panel, but this will be discussed below.

On the upper end there is a metal attachment of the brush attachment.

On the bottom, under a semi-transparent marble-stylized cover, there is a special indicator that signals if the user presses on the brush too hard.

To install the brush nozzle, you will have to make some effort, rubberized elements are used in the mount inside the nozzle, so the contact is very tight.

The DR.BEI S7 is 25 cm long when ready for use.

Use in work

The brush is turned on by short pressing the button. After that, by default, the brush switches to the first mode. Let me remind you that the maximum frequency here is 40,000 vibrations per minute.

Despite the fact that when you first turn it on at the stock settings, the maximum power is activated, it turned out that the brush works surprisingly quietly.

The current operating mode is displayed on the same indicator hidden under the glass panel, which was already mentioned above. Unfortunately, the photo is not able to convey all its beauty, but after seeing the work of the indicator live, you begin to understand that the victory in the nomination for the best design went to DR.BEI S7 quite deservedly.

Externally, the indicator panel looks like a line with five thickenings that can smoothly flow between different colors. The main color indicates the current level of battery charge, in addition, the active mode of the brush is highlighted in red, of which there are five respectively:

  • standard;
  • tender;
  • for sensitive teeth;
  • whitening;
  • SPA mode.

The first two modes operate in constant vibration mode, while the remaining modes use frequency changes to produce various wave-like effects.

Switching between modes is carried out by short pressing the button, but only within 5 seconds after switching on, after this time, a short press will turn off the brush. The device remembers the last used mode and activates it the next time it is turned on.

On the indicator, the numbering of modes goes in the direction from the button.

Another useful feature of DR.BEI S7 is the possibility of the so-called stepless power change, available for the first four modes. Those. the owner is given the opportunity to independently adjust the appropriate power, and not to sort out between those offered in advance.

To adjust the power, you need to hold down and do not release the button, and the indicator will switch to the color scale mode and first display the current power in color (from turquoise, the weakest mode, to red — the most intense), and then it will smoothly flow between colors. At the required power, you just need to release the button. The device will remember the selected value and will use it automatically after turning on for the first four modes.

The indicator also displays the charging mode very effectively and thoughtfully. Those. this is not a banal scale that works like an icon on a smartphone screen, but a kind of fascinating mini-show.

While charging is in progress, the scale is in constant motion, as if raindrops are smoothly flowing, but not down, but up. The color of these drops corresponds to the current battery level: up to 10% — red, orange 10–20%, and green from 20 to 100%. When a full charge is reached, the indicator stops moving and it turns green.

On one full charge, taking into account everyday use, the device can work up to 60 days. Those. almost 2 months without recharging — sounds a little fantastic, but why not. A full charge will take 4 hours.

Also, as mentioned earlier, the DR.BEI S7 is equipped with a brush pressure sensor. If you really brush your teeth very actively and at the same time press on the device, then upon detecting this, it will automatically reset the engine frequency and the red indicator at the lower end of the brush will light up. To return to normal mode, you just need to stop pressing.

After switching on, the brush controls the session time and automatically turns off after 2 minutes, which by itself teaches you to a certain discipline. This is more than enough to brush your teeth. In fact, to do this with an ordinary brush, it took me half the time before, but of course, there is no need to talk about quality here.


The DR.BEI S7 sound brush turned out to be really high-quality and well-thought-out, devoid of such, in my opinion, unnecessary things as the ability to connect to a smartphone or other smart chips, but at the same time it has excellent assembly and materials in its functionality, as well as a rich set of modes and separate power adjustment.

Well, how can you not note here the excellent design in general and the most beautiful indicator of work separately. In addition, I think for everyone who spends a lot of time on the road, great autonomy, as well as a convenient and stylish travel cover will come in handy more than ever.

That’s all for me. If you have any questions, ask them in the comments below the article. Happy shopping everyone!

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