Xiaomi Dr. Bei GF3 Review: An Affordable Compact Wireless Oral Irrigator

It has long been proven that an oral irrigator is a very effective tool for the prevention of dental diseases, and in this review we will talk about one of the representatives of the compact version of such devices — review DR.BEI GF3 2022, designed for cleaning hard-to-reach places such as bridges, crowns, braces -system, as well as for people with weak and often bleeding gums.

DR.BEI GF3 operates in a pulsed mode with a frequency of 1600 pulses per minute and produces a jet of water only 0.6 mm thick. The reservoir has a capacity of 180 ml, and a full charge of the built-in battery lasts about 15 days of daily two use of the device.

Xiaomi Water Flosser Professional Cordless Dental Oral Irrigator Portable and Rechargeable Waterproof 3 Modes Teeth Cleaner

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  • Model name: DR.BEI GF3;
  • Irrigator type: impulse;
  • Tank volume: 180 ml .;
  • Operating modes: deep cleaning, delicate cleaning, SPA mode;
  • Waterjet filament: 0.6mm;
  • Stream: 1600 pulses per minute;
  • Waterproof: IPX7;
  • Power supply: battery;
  • Charging time: 4 h;
  • Battery life: up to 15 days with two daily use;
  • Charging connector type: Micro USB;
  • Weight: 258 gr;
  • Dimensions (HxWxL): 16.15×7.05×4 cm.

Packaging and equipment

The irrigator is delivered in a beautiful cardboard box made of thick cardboard. On the back of the box there is information in English about the characteristics, manufacturer and importer of the device.

Inside the box is the irrigator itself, a spray nozzle, a microUSB charging cable, as well as a branded bag for storing the irrigator and an instruction manual.

The manual is written in several languages, including English. The translation is quite high-quality, of course, there were some small mistakes, but in general everything is described in sufficient detail and understandable, there will not be any problems to understand.

Appearance and features

The irrigator itself consists of the main body of the device, and a water tank. When folded (stowed), the body is lowered into a container, which in this state plays the role of a kind of protective case. The containers are marked with risks to determine the amount of water poured: 60, 120 and 180 ml.

On one of the narrow sides of the irrigator there is a connector for connecting the power cable. The charger itself is not included in the kit, so you will have to use some suitable USB charger with a voltage of 5v 1A for charging.

On the other side there is a button for locking the spray nozzle, a button for controlling the irrigator, as well as four indication LEDs: one for each of the operating modes and a battery indicator. Apparently to protect against accidental activation, when folded, all these controls are hidden under the transparent body of the water tank.

The container slides and slides in with little effort, at the extreme points there is a reliable fixation with the help of small protrusions on the plastic body of the irrigator. There is also a special mark on the body itself, warning that the container has already been extended to the maximum distance.

There is a soft silicone tube in a metal spring for water intake. The spring does not allow the tube to bend when bent.

If necessary, the container can be easily removed for cleaning or drying.

At the top there is a connector for connecting a spray, a small hole for air circulation, and a massive silver cap that closes the hole for water filling.

This hole is also used as a storage compartment for the spray gun.

The sprayer has a special sealed mount with a locking mechanism, so some effort is needed to connect it to the irrigator connector. The installed atomizer can be freely rotated 360 degrees.

Removal of the nozzle must be done with the lock button pressed.


When folded, the dimensions of DR.BEI GF3 are 16.15×7.05×4 cm. This can be roughly compared to a large power bank, so the device can be put in a bag or suitcase and taken with you on a trip or business trip.

In the unfolded state, the length of the irrigator increases almost twice, but it is quite convenient to hold it in one hand — the ribbed surface of the water tank affects.

The case is symmetrical, therefore it is equally suitable for both right and left hands, on / off and control of modes is designed for the thumb.

Use in work

DR.BEI GF3 has three operating modes: deep cleaning, delicate cleaning and SPA mode; a separate white LED is designed to indicate each of the modes.

You can switch between modes by pressing the control button once within 10 seconds after turning on the irrigator. After this time, the irrigator will remember the selected mode, and a single press will turn off the device, the saved mode will automatically be used as the main one the next time it is turned on.

As for the operation of the irrigator itself, after turning on the pump starts to work and the water with a noticeable pulsation immediately begins to beat from the tube, you always need to monitor where it is directed.

The first mode, as one would expect, is the strongest, in it the water jet is supplied with maximum power, in the second mode the power is slightly reduced.

The third mode is called SPA and is designed to massage the gums. In this mode, the power of the water supply changes in waves, thereby creating a kind of massage effect and stimulating blood circulation.

The operation of the irrigator is accompanied by a low itching sound. There is no protection against switching on in the absence of water in the tank, the irrigator in this case will turn on and will work “driving air”. This will not lead to instant breakdown, however, it is still not worth abusing it.

Despite the absence of a plug on the charging connector, the case is IPX7 waterproof, so you can fill the container with water even with a small stream from the tap. The maximum possible volume of water in 180 ml DR.BEI GF3 produces in about 50–60 seconds, depending on the selected mode.


I have never used classical, stationary irrigators, so I cannot compare their power with the portable DR.BEI GF3, however, at maximum power, the 0.6 mm water jet released by it does not create any painful or unpleasant sensations, here they can be compared with a toothpick or a toothpick. floss with the only difference that water cannot damage the tooth enamel or accidentally scratch the gum. I can also confirm that although it takes some time to get used to using an irrigator, it really can serve as an excellent addition to a toothbrush and allows you to get to those places in the mouth where the bristles simply cannot reach (it is important for people with “problem” teeth, but also using braces and other dental devices).

In terms of autonomy, the manufacturer claims up to 15 days of use with double use every day at the rate of 1 minute per appointment. I didn’t measure it on purpose, but the irrigator worked for more than a week on one charge, so I think if the manufacturer is exaggerating, then quite a bit.

Of the minuses here, we can note the relatively small volume of the water tank given for the sake of compactness, as well as the absence of replaceable nozzles in the kit, if necessary, you will need to buy them separately.

That’s all for me. If you have any questions, ask them in the comments below the article. Happy shopping everyone!

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