Xiaomi Dimi Portable Electric Compressor BPMI01E

Review of the New product from Xiaomi — Dimi BPMI01E electric compressor 2022.
I have long wanted to buy a compressor without wires, since I often had to pump up the wheels when there is dirt, water, etc. outside. This means that the power cable is smeared, dirt gets on the hands and the box where the compressor lies. And I wanted the device to be wireless, compact and always with a cover, so that everything was neat and beautiful. Quite by accident, I saw the monitored gadget and I liked it, and now I want to share my operating experience with you.


The compressor is delivered in a cardboard box

Inside the box there is a tight case for storing the compressor and accessories. The workmanship is very good.



The compressor has compact dimensions 142x126x58mm. The workmanship is excellent, the plastic is high quality.

The display is located on top, and to the right of it there are 5 control buttons. Left M button toggles swap modes: car / bike / ball / custom mode. The right button (with arrows) toggles the units of measurement: BAR / PSI. ± buttons for setting the pressure. The middle button is start / stop.
The display shows the set pressure (or if the compressor is connected to the wheel, the tire pressure), BAR / PSI units and the battery charge level (4 bars)

Below is a plate with the recommended pressure for a car, bicycle, etc.

There are ventilation grills on the sides of the device

At the back there is a flashlight and a rubber plug under which there is a hose connector, a Type-C port
and a power connector

Inside there are three 18650 batteries, which are enough, according to the manufacturer, for three full inflations of car wheels. In my experience of using it somewhere it is.
The drive is direct, without gears, the photo could not be taken normally, and the manufacturer showed poorly.

To test the compressor’s performance, I completely deflated the 205/55/16 wheel and shot a video for how much it would pump it up. The video at 2.25 bar was cut off, the phone was discharged, but another 30 seconds and the required 2.4 bar was needed. That is, the compressor did it in 5 minutes 30 seconds.

Someone will say that for this money you can take a two-piston compressor and pump it twice as fast, that it will be definitely reliable, etc. My answer is — take it 🙂 It is not convenient for me to pump up the wheel, you need to open the hood, put the wires on the battery, the cable dangles on the ground, etc. I wrote about it at the very beginning. Here I just took the compressor out of the case, pumped it up and put it back, there is no need to wind anything, etc. And once every six months it’s not a problem to charge it, especially since you can charge it in the car from the same charger that I charge the smartphone, you don’t even need to take out the cable.

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