Womow W20 Review Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Review Cordless upright vacuum cleaner Womow W20 (400 W, 25 kPa).  Today’s review will focus on the upright cordless vacuum cleaner from the young brand Womow. The W20 model has in its arsenal a 400W brushless electric motor, a suction power of 25 kPa and an operating time of up to 35 minutes on a single charge. The vacuum cleaner comes with replaceable attachments, a motorized turbo brush and a convenient wall mount.

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Factory packaging with a picture of the vacuum cleaner:

The internal layout is made soundly, each element is in a special mold.


  • cordless vacuum cleaner
  • motorized brush
  • narrow nozzle
  • carpet cleaner
  • extension tube
  • brush cleaning tool
  • add. filter
  • wall mount
  • power unit

Vacuum cleaner characteristics:

  • Model: Womow W20
  • Technology: cyclonic
  • Motor: 400 W brushless
  • Suction power: 9 kPa (9000 Pa) in “standard” mode / 25 kPa (25000 Pa) in “maximum” mode
  • Dust box capacity: 0.6L
  • Working sound level: 68dB
  • Battery capacity: 2500 mAh (7 cells at 3.6V, total voltage 25.2V)
  • Battery life: up to 35 minutes in “Standard” mode / up to 10 minutes in “Max” mode.
  • Charging time: 3 hours
  • HEPA filter: included
  • Power adapter: 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Weight: 2.4kg (including handset and motorized floor nozzle)

The appearance of the assembled device is not much different from its counterparts in the shop, so we have before us a typical representative of an upright vacuum cleaner. The color scheme of the case includes 3 colors: light gray, dark gray and orange. As for the vacuum cleaner itself, it consists of several parts: a main body with a handle, a removable battery and a cyclone filter with a dust collector.

The vacuum cleaner is turned on using a single button at the end of the block with a battery. The change of operating modes occurs by pressing once, while in the upper part of the vacuum cleaner the remaining charge is displayed in the form of 5 segments. This is certainly not as convenient as a digital screen, but it would have to pay extra for it. There is no familiar trigger for starting the vacuum cleaner.

A special connector is provided for charging the battery. And the possibility of a removable battery will allow you to perform “hot” replacement with a spare one or upgrade the elements to more capacious ones, it is worth a big gratitude. When working in weak / strong mode, the vacuum cleaner allows you to squeeze out of the battery up to 35/10 minutes of work. The maximum charging time is almost 3 hours. What is inconvenient is the absence of an intermediate mode, which is in the same Trouver Solo10.

There is a groove at the base of the handle for vertical storage of the vacuum cleaner. At the same time, charging does not interfere with the attachment. Attached to the wall with dowel screws.

The Womow W20 is a vacuum cleaner with a cyclonic filtration system that separates the intake air into fine debris and purified air. During operation, debris settles on the walls of the tank, thereby not interfering with the air flow.

To disassemble and clean the filter element, just press the corresponding element at the bottom of the tank, after which the latter will open and the debris will spill out. If it is necessary to perform a complete cleaning with rinsing of filters, then we take out the “insides” on ourselves and rinse under the pressure of water.

Putting the vacuum cleaner together and moving on to the accessories. The vacuum cleaner is able to work in the standard version of the vacuum cleaner and in a shorter version with complete accessories. Therefore, first, let’s get acquainted with the extension tube. It is made of aluminum alloy and ABS plastic. Length -, on both sides there are contacts for the operation of a backlit turbo brush.

The brush itself has a motorized drive, as well as a backlight for easy cleaning and debris detection (more expensive models of vertical vacuum cleaners have brushes with additional UV radiation). The upper part of the housing has a transparent cover for better control over the condition of the roller. The roller itself is plastic and has a diameter of 49mm, along which there is a special nap.

Now, briefly about the rest of the accessories. Included with the vacuum cleaner are a narrow nozzle and a carpet cleaner. These are standard tips and are self-explanatory.

A completely ready-to-use vacuum cleaner looks like this (while the weight of 2.4 kg does not cause much inconvenience, but there are options that are lighter):

Shorter options:

Now let’s move on to testing. Since the robot vacuum cleaner acts as my main vacuum cleaner, the purpose of the vertical vacuum cleaner is local garbage collection around the apartment. Therefore, we test on small debris and woolen carpet. Small debris makes it clear about the suction power, since if it is insufficient and the power is turned off, debris remains on the surface.



Long pile carpet:

The tank after a long cleaning of the entire apartment:

At the same time, the standard garbage collection around the apartment is not a hassle, and the Womow W20 copes with everything with a bang. Backlight operation at night on laminate flooring:

My Dibea D18 upright vacuum cleaner helps a lot when cleaning an apartment, but it has an electric motor power of only 120W and a suction power of 12 kPa, so the transition to a more efficient device was a matter of time. In the meantime, I had a chance to operate the Trouver Solo10 vacuum cleaner with 300W / 18kPa, and although the final result pleased me, I wanted even more. Therefore, Womow W20 with its 400W / 25 kPa is a huge step in the operation of electric vacuum cleaners by me personally. It is clear that the real numbers differ from the stated ones, but in fact the differences are visible to the naked eye. But if you start from the price / quality ratio, then the Womow vacuum cleaner turned out to be the most profitable purchase (it cost about $ 88 at the time of purchase).

The final impressions of the Womow W20 cordless vacuum cleaner are generally positive: it is well assembled, allows you to quickly replace the battery pack (suitable for those who do not like to wait for a long charge), has a convenient wall mount with additional storage. brushes (previous electric vacuum cleaners had to store accessories somewhere separately) and excellent performance.

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