Women’s electric scooter. Hiper Slim VX907 review: compact, aluminum, with excellent autonomy

Agree, until recently, at the mention of the word “scooter”, associations arose with an ordinary children’s scooter for the sake of pampering … and scooters that were everywhere in the rental were considered comfortable and nimble urban transport. Now, electric scooters, as a means of getting around the city and walking, are gradually replacing any other maneuverable equipment, especially those with a gasoline engine. And it is already difficult to imagine city streets without these nimble portable devices. The review will focus on light, but at the same time hardy; compact, but with a capacious battery; electric, but with a foot brake; hybrid model of electric scooter HIPER SLIM VX907.


  • Model name HIPER Slim VX907

  • Frame material Steel/aluminum

  • Rated (peak) power 250 W, 36 V

  • Run on one charge up to 35 km

  • Speed ​​up to 24 km/h

  • Maximum load – up to 110 kg

  • Allowable height 130-200 cm

  • Battery type and capacity Li-Ion 7.8 Ah (2 Wh)

  • Charging time about 6 hours

  • Wheel type – inflatable 8″

  • Water resistant IPX4

  • Weight – 11 kg

  • Appearance of the device

    In front of me is an ordinary scooter, you can’t really say that with the motor. It looks like a compact model in a thin body, a massive stand, a foot brake and an invisible battery, by the way, powerful enough to fit in the base size: 49 x 9.5 x 4.5 cm. When unfolded, the dimensions of the device are 114 x 100 x 14 cm.

    The body and other elements are dominated by gray. The frame and stand are made of aluminum, thanks to which the scooter can be attributed to the weight category up to 11 kg. The stand is a solid one-piece consction, 94 cm long, curved upwards, without the possibility of height adjustment.

    The steering wheel is quite impressive in length – 40 cm, while the handles of small diameter have special linings that improve the grip of the palm with the handle. Grey-colored grips, made ofbber with a cogated surface.

    The deck is a platform, 14 cm wide, coated like sandpaper on an adhesive basis. Below is the battery, which is neatly hidden under a plastic cover, screwed with screws. The built-in battery has quite impressive characteristics, 36 V voltage and 7.8 Ah (281 Wh) capacity.

    In front of the lower base, the manufacturer has placed a charging connector, which is hidden under a plastic cap, and a footrest for stable placement of the device in a horizontal position.

    This model is equipped with inflatable wheels, with a diameter of 8 inches. The rear wheel is the leading one, it houses a 250 watt motor. Both wheels have a plastic shield, reflective elements.

    The rear is supplemented with a rear-view lamp, which is activated automatically when the vehicle is moving. The lantern is bright, small in appearance, but at night it is very noticeable from afar. It is worth mentioning another feature of this model – a foot brake. The brake pedal is integrated with a shield in the rear wheel.

    Electric transport is controlled using gas and brake levers located on the steering wheel. The buttons are easy to press, but there are no sharp jerks when accelerating or braking, the actions are accompanied by a smooth ride and good response. The manufacturer has equipped this model with an on-board computer, which acts not only as an informant, but is also responsible for choosing the speed mode.

    In general, the scooter is made soundly, it is protected from moisture, there are practically no wires on the outside, so far no visible defects have been found.

    What’s up?

    Before me is a compact model, weighing 11 kg, with a long stand, which when folded is longer than the base, with a wide handlebar, narrow handles, a compact but at the same time roomy deck even for two passengers. An interesting point is the possibility of using it as a classic scooter, you can use it in electric motor mode. So can all scooters, you will be indignant. I agree, however, the manufacturer focuses attention on this point, and not without reason. After testing, I can say for sure: the scooter rides great, it rides, you don’t have to push it, it’s light, obedient, the wheels spin quickly, it’s easy to maneuver on it.

    The scooter was chosen for trips around the city, mainly on asphalt paths and tiled sidewalks, for short distances, within 10 km per trip, for a spouse weighing up to 60 kg, and a folding design to fit in the nk of a car. The VX907 model is definitely different from those that we are used to seeing in the city: scooters that are rented, with a massive design and very heavy. The model in question really catches the curious glances of passers-by: surprisingly thin, quiet and at the same time fast. Speaking about passers-by, it is worth mentioning traffic safety, and that the scooter will have to be additionally hung with a bell and a front lamp. In order to reduce the cost of the product, the manufacturer abandoned the complete set of accessories.

    The scooter came fully charged, with well-inflated wheels, the only thing is that we screwed the handles on the steering wheel and went for a ride. Powerful motor allows you to accelerate to 24 km / h. With a passenger weighing up to 60 kg, the device accelerates very quickly and climbs uphill easily. With my weight of 115 kg, which the scooter is not designed for, the recommendations indicate the maximum load of 110 kg, the scooter goes a little squat and measured. I am not a supporter of such trips, but for the sake of interest, we checked: joint rides of an adult and a child, above 130 cm, are also possible on it, although undesirable. The deck allows you to accommodate two people with an average foot size. The only thing is that even though the steering wheel is wide enough, it is overloaded: the throttle blade, the brake system, the bell, the computer do not leave room for a comfortable grip on the steering wheel by the second passenger.

    The scooter is designed for trips on asphalt and tiled paths, it absorbs well due to inflatable wheels, you have to go around deep grooves and potholes on the roads, and in general it goes well even along trodden park paths.

    What we liked: the scooter is easy to transport, the assembly mechanism is reliable and very simple, there are no additional clamps, you can carry it when folded by the stand, when unfolded, when lifting and carrying, the base rotates freely, but smoothly, there is no fear that the deck will hit the leg. The scooter is stable when folded/unfolded. Driving a scooter is very simple, no special driving skills are required. By setting the minimum speed, you can enst the control of the child, the only height limit is at least 130 cm. So it will be comfortable for him to view the road, let me remind you, because the rack is not adjustable in height.

    The control is carried out thanks to 2 buttons located on the steering wheel: the left brake pad, the right one is responsible for acceleration. The petals are pressed gently, the reaction is good. The scooter operates in 3 speed modes, which can be changed on the go. Mode control is organized thanks to the on-board computer. And also with it you can monitor the battery charge, instantaneous speed, data on the lastn, full mileage, battery voltage, possible errors.

    About autonomy

    The HIPER Slim VX901 electric scooter has a Li-Ion battery with a voltage of 36 V and a capacity of 7.8 Ah (281 Wh). The manufacturer says that the device is capable of covering a distance of up to 35 km on a single charge. Taking into account the maximum speed of 24 km / h, you can count on a trip for a driver weighing up to 80 kg, lasting 2-2.5 hours. The full charge time is approximately 5-6 hours, only the original 42V/1.0A charger should be used for charging.

    If you like the HIPER SLIM VX907 scooter, you can BUY it here


    Those who are used to seeing mostly rental scooters in the city – aggressive and weighty, this model will definitely surprise you: such a manual scooter – “thin”, stylish, light, maneuverable and fast. Despite its compact dimensions, the manufacturer equipped it with a powerful motor and a fairly powerful battery. This “thin” aluminum body, weighing 11 kg, and 8-inch inflatable wheels are able to withstand a load of 110 kg and go 35 km on a single charge. It is not necessary to lay a route easier, this scooter in the city is well oriented both on an asphalt road and in a pedestrian zone, it folds up in 3 seconds and is easily transported in underground passages, subways, public transport. If your outing involves talking to a fellow traveler while driving, just turn off the engine and enjoy the ride like a regular classic scooter, and be sure that its passing ability will not be impaired.

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