Wollmer W600: premium round window cleaner with liquid spray

Most washers just roll on the glass and wipe it with a rag, but the Wollmer W600 carries a small tank with it and wets the surface before driving on it. The quality of cleaning with this approach, of course, is noticeably improved. It is especially pleasant that Wollmer is a domestic brand, which means that we are waiting for such bonuses as fast delivery from a warehouse in EU-US and an official guarantee. Sounds interesting already! Let’s take a closer look at this robot and try to understand if it matches its price tag of 31 thousand ***.

Wollmer W600


  • Equipment
  • Appearance
  • Preparation for work
  • Functions
  • window cleaning quality
  • On other surfaces
  • Emergency mode
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Summing up
  • Equipment

    Wollmer W600 – equipment

    The package includes:

  • robot with safety cord;

  • pack with 12 spare wipes;

  • spare rings-holders;

  • power cord, extension cord and adapter;

  • bottle for filling the tank;

  • remote control;

  • documentation in English.

  • The box contains everything you need for long-term use.


    Wollmer W600 – Appearance of the washer

    In general, the design of the robot is classic: an elongated body with rounded ends, and a handle with ventilation slots sticks out from above. Ahead in front of it is the start button and speaker grill, behind it is a socket for the power cable.

    The front panel is held on magnets, and under it there is a filler hole under the plug. The volume of the built-in tank is 50 ml. Water is sprayed onto the floor through a nozzle on the side. The safety cord is fixed in the eye at the end of the case.

    On the sole of the Wollmer W600 we find the main working tools – mops, which are attached to the gratings with plastic rings. Thus, a vacuum is created through the mops, holding the washer on the glass, and due to their alternate rotation, dirt is removed and the robot moves along the surface.

    In general, the Wollmer W600 pleases with a thoughtful design and good build quality.

    Preparation for work

    Wollmer W600 – Getting Started

    It is not difficult to prepare the washer for work: using a bottle with a narrow spout, we fill the built-in tank and install the panel in place; we connect all parts of the power cable and plug it into the outlet; tie a safety cord to the battery. Everything, now it remains only to turn on the robot and press it against the glass.


    Wollmer W600 – remote control

    Management is carried out using the remote control:

  • the joystick allows you to change the direction of movement and start cleaning;

  • the STOP button completes the work, and the button with a triangle and sticks pauses and resumes it;

  • buttons under the joystick change modes: bottom-up, right-left and left-right;

  • buttons at the top enable / disable wet cleaning and allow you to make an extraordinary spray of water.

  • The location of the buttons is convenient, it is easy to understand the controls.

    window cleaning quality

    Wollmer W600 – washer testing

    Thanks to the water supply, the Wollmer W600 cleans moderately soiled surfaces from the very first pass. If stains remain, you need to replace the mops and start cleaning again. On heavily soiled windows, three passes may be required: dry cleaning, wet cleaning and streak removal. But in my case, one working cycle was enough. The result is excellent! Only 1 x 1 cm areas in the corners remain unwashed, where the robot cannot reach due to the round shape of the wipes.

    On other surfaces

    Wollmer W600 – washes different surfaces!

    In addition to windows, Wollmer W600 is also suitable for other surfaces: it can polish the refrigerator door, polish tiles or tidy up mirrors. But it should be borne in mind that frameless surfaces will have to be processed manually, since the robot may fall.

    Emergency mode

    The suction force on the glass reaches 4000 Pa, so do not worry about safety – the robot will not be blown away by the wind. Nevertheless, the manufacturer has provided additional security systems. In case of a sudden power outage, the Wollmer W600 has a built-in 600 mAh battery. She will be able to keep the washer on the glass for another half an hour until you move it to a safe place. But even if you do not have time, it’s okay – just tie the safety cable to a reliable base in advance.

    Advantages and disadvantages



    Premium build

    No smartphone app

    Rich equipment

    Every time you need to remove the front panel

    Dry and wet cleaning

    Frameless surfaces are processed manually

    Convenient management


    Powerful motor

    High quality wash

    Summing up

    Wollmer W600 is a complete premium washer designed for long-term use. This is evidenced by high-quality plastic, durable housing and spare accessories. Despite the lack of an application, the robot is very convenient to control, but most importantly – excellent cleaning quality. Wollmer W600 solves most tasks in one pass. In especially polluted areas, you can additionally moisten the glass, in extreme cases, replace the wipes and repeat the cleaning cycle. At the moment, Wollmer W600 is the TOP-2 washer on the market, its only competitor is HOBOT 388.

    Video review and testing of Wollmer W600!

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