What to do with a broken LCD TV?

Nothing is eternal. This also applies to modern LCD TVs. The picture on the big screen looks great, but the screen is the weak point of such a TV. Inaccurate movement, falling or getting a foreign object into the screen, most often disables the TV matrix. What to do with a faulty TV? – Let’s find out…

My cat forced me to write this article. Yes, yes – pets and children are the most common culprits of the unplanned death of the TV matrix. My cat (mature, 7 kg in weight) knocked over a 32 “TV from the table in the bedroom – the result is shown in the title photo of the topic. The matrix spread with liquid crystals and became covered with cracks, but the cat escaped with a slight fright.

Immediately useful advice: if the TV just stands on legs or a stand on a plane, protect it from possible tipping. An excellent solution is swivel brackets in the vesa mount on the back wall or a safety tie to the wall or furniture.

What to do with a faulty TV next?

1. The first thought that arises: Is repair possible? Indeed, in the same smartphones, the screens are often changed. Yes, it is possible, but it is worth considering the expediency.

You can buy and change the matrix yourself, or contact the service center. Replacement work will cost approximately from 2 to 8 thousand ***, depending on the diagonal, region and brand of the TV, plus the matrix itself costs about half the cost of the TV (the percentage will differ for different models and sizes). We specify the cost of the service in the service, take a calculator, remember how much the TV cost and consider whether the repair is justified.

2. Hand over the faulty TV for recycling (disposal). This is a logical decision if you have come to terms with the loss, but simply do not want to throw away the TV.

Plastic and electronic components are harmful to the environment (law 89-FZ classifies televisions as a class 3 hazardous waste). There are electronics disposal services in many large cities, somewhere you will be paid compensation for equipment, somewhere you will have to pay for disposal.

3. And the last creative / DIY option. I did just that, dismantled the TV – the plastic went into separate waste, and the electronics went into business.

An aquarium, like from a kinescope TV, cannot be made from an LCD, but some parts may come in handy.

Inside modern TVs, there is most often one motherboard, if the TV was working, you can sell it to a service or Avito, thereby helping someone repair the same model. Or disassemble into electronic components for your projects, if you are friends with a soldering iron.

You can make a small portable or desktop speaker out of TV speakers. TV speakers reproduce speech well.

Next, an important part of the design of a modern LCD TV is the screen backlight. In my model, it was implemented in the form of two aluminum strips with six LEDs. From these LEDs you can make an interesting DIY lamp or lamp. The main thing is to deal with the driver and the power of the LEDs.

Behind the matrix are films and light filters, they can be used as a diffuser / lampshade for a homemade llama (shape with a hot air gun). They can also be used to create a homemade lightbox for high-quality product photography (using the same LED backlight).

If you have imagination, you can go even further. But I have listed the most logical options. Here is such a sad story with a broken TV, which will continue its life in the form of a backlight.

Thank you for your attention.

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