We peel apples quickly and pleasantly

I was skeptical about this purchase. The plastic spinner seemed flimsy, the knife probably blunt, and the idea itself, even if it was good, was most likely spoiled by the implementation. But still, I bought this machine to cut the peel of apples for a small child. Anyone who has made applesauce for small children has encountered this problem – a troublesome task and clearly needed automation.

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The child has grown up, now he cracks apples with a peel. And I keep cleaning for myself. First of all, it tastes so good. Especially if the apples are some variety like Granny Smith, where the peel is like a hippopotamus. And yet, they say, apples are covered with something like paraffin, so that they are stored longer. In short, it is better to peel off the peel.

So what was delivered to me:

Apples – I added it myself, of course.

We plant the apple on 4 sharp spikes.

We spin:

The skin is cut thin, about a millimeter.

Much more economical than doing it by hand.

Well, the quality of cleaning, of course, is better.

Optionally, it can be cut into slices in one motion. But I didn’t really like this concept: firstly, a fairly large part goes to waste. Secondly, the cutting force is quite large, the knives here are not as sharp as on a typewriter.

The machine works confidently, since the beginning of summer it has cleared more than a dozen kilograms. There are no complaints.

Other similar its can probably also be peeled, but I have not tried it. The only thing is that it is unlikely to peel pears, because the surface of the it should be convex everywhere.

Link to machine

Worth the money, especially if the family has old or yearlings. And the rest too – an apple without a peel is tastier. So to speak, “serving suite”.

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