We cut and shave. Overview of the Braun BT3242 trimmer with attachments for different hair lengths

It may take more than one attempt to choose from a variety of shaving and haircutting devices that are suitable. For men who keep their beard and hair neat on their own, a trimmer is a device that combines, in fact, the functions of an electric razor and a clipper. A good trimmer with a set of attachments for any length of hair will allow you to cope even without special skills. For myself, I found the best option – the Braun BT3242 trimmer. Let’s talk about it in more detail.


The trimmer from the BT line has a convenient length adjustment in 0.5 mm increments and basic nozzles with lengths from 1 to 10 mm and from 11 to 20 mm. Also included is a cleaning sh, Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor with cassette, charger and insctions.

Separately, it is worth noting the SmartPlug charger, which allows you to use networks from 100 to 240 V without harming the battery, so the trimmer can be charged even on a train, even in countries with other network standards without any consequences.


The entire body of the trimmer is made of plastic, and the on / off button is covered with abber insert that is pleasant to the touch. The trimmer in the hand lies very comfortably, the body is curved, so the trimmer cannot slip out of a wet hand.

Pros, cons and evaluation characteristics


  • Great length coverage for cutting/trimming/shaving. The trimmer provides a shave from 0.5 mm without attachments to 20 mm with attachments
  • Great look
  • Good autonomy. 80 minutes of work is enough for a couple of months if you are not going to spend half an hour shaving every 3-4 days
  • Doesn’t pull out hair, doesn’t bite skin
  • For such a versatile product, the value for money is excellent.
  • Nice razor included
  • The ability to use the trimmer both on battery power and while charging
  • In principle, you can also use the trimmer in the shower, however, in the insctions, the manufacturer recommends refraining from getting water into the charging socket and the vibration motor. Removable head with cutting elements can be safely rinsed undernning water
  • The optimal ratio of weight and dimensions of the device: the hand does not get tired of holding it during a haircut with complex contours, and the dimensions allow you to easily shorten the length of the hair at any angle on any part of the face or body.
  • Minuses

  • Due to the nature of the nickel-metal hydride battery, the trimmer will have to be charged for 8 hours. I personally just leave it overnight, but you need to keep an eye on charging the trimmer in case of force majeure: it will not work quickly to trim your beard before going to an important meeting
  • The kit could also add oil for the care of cutting blades
  • No attachments for trimming ear and nose hair
  • You can turn the trimmer on and off, in principle, with one hand, but there may be problems with adjusting the length. The fact is that the adjustment wheel sits quite tightly in the case and does not stick out of it as much as we would like, so it is better to set the required length before use.
  • I have been using the trimmer from Braun for almost a year, there are absolutely no complaints. Before that, I used a trimmer from Rowenta, which left a bad residue – the vibration motor began to die already 10 months after purchase, which is why the shaving process began with the buildup of this motor so that it finally set the cutting elements in motion.

    But in the BT3242 trimmer, I have not noticed such a problem yet. The device still works after almost a year, as stated by the manufacturer.


    My attitude to trimmers is very, very good – of course, I’m not a stylist, but it’s getting easier to practice bringing some interesting images to life for combining hairstyles and beards with a trimmer. Now in my arsenal of equipment for caring for my appearance has become less for a hair clipper, an electric razor and a razor. This trimmer and its complete nozzles provide me with everything I need, and the hairdresser, of course – who else will correct the mistakes made during the experiments.

    If you also want to get rid of unnecessary appliances, free up some space in the bathroom cabinet and charge one device instead of several, this option will definitely suit you.

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