Washing robot vacuum cleaner Liectroux ZK901: review and test of an affordable novelty with laser navigation

The modern ZK901 robot vacuum cleaner from the German-Chinese brand Liectroux, at an excellent price and equipped with laser navigation, control via the application and the function of dry and wet cleaning. This is exactly the same option when the robot helps in daily cleaning while you are busy. Laser lidar provides correct navigation around the room, including the control of allowed places, as well as zoning and virtual barriers, and special sensors located along the contour of the vacuum cleaner body avoid falling from stairs or hitting obstacles.

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  • Characteristics
  • Complete set and appearance of the robot
  • Laser lidar for navigation
  • Features of the design of the robot
  • Appearance of the charging station
  • Robot Control Application
  • Robot testing
  • Video review
  • Conclusion and Conclusions
  • Characteristics

  • Brand: Liectroux
  • Model: ZK901
  • Type: wet and dry vacuum cleaner
  • Availability of a self-cleaning station: No
  • Cleaning function: dry / wet
  • Waste tank volume: 450 ml
  • Water tank volume: 450 ml
  • Battery capacity: 5000 mAh
  • Operating time: up to 150 minutes per charge
  • Suction force: 6500 Pa
  • Navigation: laser lidar, 3D room scanning, SLAM LDS
  • App control: Yes, Laser Robot app
  • Noise level: 65 dB
  • Dimensions: 346 x 340 x 99 mm
  • Complete set and appearance of the robot

    The robot is delivered in a compact double carton box. The first box retains its presentation, the second box directly stores the entire robot kit, arranged in cells.

    The delivery kit of the Liectroux ZK901 robot includes everything you need to install and operate out of the box, including a charging station and power supply, a water tank, an additional module for wet cleaning, as well as replaceable wipes and filters. The robot comes with a V-shaped turbo sh for collecting hair and animal hair, but there is also a direct suction module.

    Bold plus to the manufacturer – the robot comes with detailed insctions in English. Key points on use and care are provided, as well as a description and links to the smartphone application.

    The robot vacuum cleaner Liectroux ZK901 comes already assembled and ready to go. Both side shes are installed, spares are included (pair). Bumpers are equipped with protective transport buffers, they should be removed before work (simply pull them). An information insert is hidden under the cover.

    The robot vacuum cleaner Liectroux ZK901 is built according to the classical scheme – two side shes, a tower superscture with lidar, contact and non-contact sensors, including fall sensors. Sensitive object sensors are located in the front and sides, which allows you to successfully avoid collisions with obstacles, children and toys, furniture legs, etc.

    Laser lidar for navigation

    The robot is equipped with an advanced navigation system, in particular, in the upper part of the body there is an add-on – a lidar “turret”. The laser scanner is constantly in motion, estimating the distance to objects, including moving ones. Information is transmitted to the robot’s control system, ensuring the functioning of the SLAM algorithm. Based on the data, a map is built in the application.

    Features of the design of the robot

    I pay attention to features. The robot differs from the usual models, such as Roborock, in the location of the main elements. The lidar turret has been moved to the back, while the buttons and opening lid have been moved to the front of the case.

    The buttons are covered with abber pad that protects against dust and water splashes. There are two buttons: home and on / off. Between the buttons is an indication of operation (LED).

    The trash container is located inside under the lid, the container can be changed to a water tank for wet cleaning, and a plate with a napkin is attached to the bottom of the vacuum cleaner body.

    The waste container has a place to store a special tool used to cut hair and clean the sh. HEPA filter with replacement element included.

    The robot wheels are sng and have decent suspension travel. Small obstacles up to 2 cm, carpets, soft paths, interior thresholds – the robot overcomes all this without problems. The photo shows the robot with the turbo sh removed and the direct suction module installed.

    On the bottom of the case there is an information sticker about the manufacturer, robot model, as well as basic power specifications.

    Appearance of the charging station

    For recharging while parking, use the compact charging station. It is an L-shaped module with contacts and an optical “beacon” for searching by a robot. The power supply is removable, with the usual round “jack”. Supply voltage – 24V.

    The robot independently finds the station in automatic mode or on command from a button / remote control. When parking, the charging status is announced.

    Robot Control Application

    To control the robot, download and install the Laser Robot application. Just add the model following the insctions. The application allows you to work with voice assistants from Google and Amazon, but it was not possible to connect to Alice (there is no necessary plug-in).

    Please note that to create an account in the Laser Robot application, you must initially enter not a phone number, but a mail account, directly in the input field for the phone. This “update” appeared in the fresh December version of the program. We receive the code by email, we continue the registration regularly. If necessary, the robot can be reset using two buttons (power / home).

    Automatic cleaning, zone cleaning, placement of virtual walls and barriers, manual joystick control are provided. In automatic mode, the robot first performs contour cleaning along the baseboards and the edge of the room, and then zigzag cleaning over the entire area. There is a function of voice voiceover of work statuses.

    Robot testing

    After connecting the robot to the application, it is desirable to carry out a full charge cycle. Firstly, it may be necessary to update the firmware of the robot, and this procedure should be performed on a charged robot (~ 70% and above), and secondly, it is also desirable to use a fully charged robot for testing.

    In order to start a wet cleaning cycle after dry cleaning, simply replace the waste container with a water tank and install the washing plate with a napkin on the bottom of the vacuum cleaner body. Do not forget to fill the tank with clean water (you can warm water, but not hot). It is allowed to add detergent with low foaming (“detergent for robot vacuum cleaners”).

    During wet cleaning, the floor surface remains slightly damp, which is acceptable for the natural drying of the coating. After the cleaning cycle, it is recommended to remove the wash plate and dry/wash the cloth.

    From one charge, the robot can “ride” up to 2 hours (150 minutes is declared), the specific time depends on the mode of use of the robot (route complexity, set suction force, etc.). The equivalent cleaning area at a similar time is about 200 sq.m. So the robot cleans an ordinary apartment in 2-3 rooms from one charge, which is very good.

    Click to expand the photo of the cleaning result

    This is the amount of garbage collected by the robot during the test dry cleaning. High suction power allows you to successfully collect small debris, including from soft carpets. Where the robot finds it, I don’t understand, because I constantly clean the room with Dyson.

    Video review

    A demonstration of cleaning with the Liectroux ZK901 robot vacuum cleaner can be viewed in the attached video.

    Conclusion and Conclusions

    Robot vacuum cleaner Liectroux ZK901 is a very affordable model with laser navigation and wet cleaning mode. I note a significant operating time from one charge and also a high value of suction power. You can get a discount using the promo code WOWSJAN2000. Also, do not forget to purchase filters and consumables for the robot in advance.

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