Review Vintage LED Bulb Night Light Retro Rechargeable

Review Vintage Night Light In the Form of a Light Bulb 2022. Hello everyone! Got caught here in the vastness of AliExpress, an inexpensive, but funny rechargeable lamp, made in the form of a paw. Feeling some weakness for all luminous things and conquered by its vintage simplicity – I decided to buy. What he is like – I’ll tell you in this review.

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The packaging is not to say that it is very durable, but it withstood all the hardships of travel:

The package includes the lamp itself and the charging cable:

The design is captivatingly simple, on a golden platform (also available in black) made of plastic, there is a transparent glass bulb:

The bulb is indeed glass, but much thicker than that of a regular light bulb and has a golden coating. There is a plastic cylinder under the bulb through which the light from the LED passes:

There is only one control body – the “On-off” switch, but as you wanted – “retro” after all 🙂

On the opposite side there is a charging connector … a non-standard “pin”, so only the supplied cable is suitable for charging:

Below on the platform you can see the characteristics:

Luminaire dimensions:

Cable length 101cm:

Weight 86 grams:

Let’s turn on:

The night light shines dimly and gives a yellow diffused light, does not heat up. In the dark, it looks like this:

When walking with him in the dark, for the entourage, all that is missing is the creak of the old parquet floor and the howling of the Baskervilles dog outside the window 🙂

The lamp does not have any protection for the battery, which, apparently, is not Li-Ion at all, so it is discharged to the very end and the “light bulb” burns dimmer and dimmer. Although, the night light shines on a full charge for a very long time – about 12 hours:

When the cable is connected, there is no charge indicator, we just wait about 2 hours:

Or connect the tester and watch when charging is no longer in progress. The device is charged with a current of about 0.3A for a little over an hour, the battery capacity is about 350mAh (although 500mAh is stated on the product page):

I decided to look inside. The flask is fixed with hot melt glue, after removing the plastic cylinder we see a single COB LED:

In the lower platform, under the sticker with the parameters, there are two self-tapping screws, which can be unscrewed to remove the cover. Although, there is nothing interesting there 🙂

Except, perhaps, an unusual battery in a closed case without marking.

All in all, a simple cute night light with a retro design and a retro battery, it shines dimly, but for a long time. I bought here

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