Usmile Sonic P1001 Electric Toothbrush (Recommended by Honor)

Today’s review will focus on a new model of an electric toothbrush called Usmile Sonic P1001 2022. This brush is notable for the fact that it is sold under the wing of the Honor brand. Whether it is a sub-brand or from Honor’s recommendation is unclear. In general, we understand.

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After long detective investigations, we managed to find out that toothbrushes from Usmile have been produced for a long time and have about a dozen different models. Moreover, there are toothbrushes in several color options (this is not just a white or black brush, but for example, a full-fledged skin tone for a national holiday in China). But I did not find information about the P1001 model on the website, and perhaps this is a special order from Honor, because there is information in English on the packaging itself and a separate section in the instructions. Who cares, the Usmile brand started in 2016 and has won numerous awards in local markets.

Now we understand that this toothbrush has a slogan in the upper left corner for a reason. According to the characteristics, everything is simple:

  • Revolutions / movements per minute: 32000-38000 times / min
  • Number of modes: 3
  • Dimensions / weight: 252×27.5×27.5mm / 141g
  • Charging port: TypeC
  • Waterproof: IPX7
  • Charging time: ≤ 5 hours
  • Battery: 2500mAh
  • Number of attachments included: 2

We open the box. Inside there are slots for individual elements of the toothbrush. Looks presentable.


  • Toothbrush
  • 2 attachments
  • TypeC charging cable
  • Instructions

The first thing that is felt from the body of the toothbrush is its solidity and high quality plastic production. Most of the handle has a leather-like texture. This is done for the sake of a good grip when you take the brush with wet hands.
The control is carried out using an oblong rubberized button, which successively changes 3 different modes of operation. The mode indicators are located just above the button and are highlighted in white.

Speaking of modes, there are 3 modes in total:
Whitening mode – alternating vibration followed by constant vibration;
Cleaning mode (cleaning) – standard cleaning at maximum power;
Soft mode (soft care) – similar to standard, but with reduced power.

The bottom of the toothbrush is flat and quite suitable for vertical storage, while the moisture protection is made according to the IPX7 standard and you can not be afraid to ruin the device. The center insert is made of rubber and serves as a cover for the TypeC connector. It is kept inside very tightly and the first time it was hard to remove.

The capacity of the built-in battery is 2500mAh, which should be enough for half a year of continuous operation (according to the manufacturer). My main Lenovo Lemei brush has a slightly smaller battery (2000mAh), but I charge it about once for 4 months.

To charge the toothbrush, only a TypeC-USB cable is provided; you need to use a third-party power supply for charging. What is remarkable about the cable is its structure and elongated lines. The rest is an ordinary cheap cable.

The upper part of the brush has a plastic base and a metal blade (shaft). There is also no gap between the housing and the shaft sleeve.
When using the nozzle, the gap between the body and the nozzle is 1.5mm, which is prescribed in the instructions.

In total, the set includes 2 attachments: Soft Sensetive and Whitening Clean, differing in shape and structure. At the same time, the degree of hardness is the same and I would describe it as medium-soft.
Also, according to the manufacturer, the bristles of the nozzles are rounded to reduce pressure on the gums and their further bleeding.

Consider nozzles under high magnification:

Separate boxes are provided for storage of attachments. Here again, I am reminded of “Recommended by Honor”.

To get started, just install the attachment and go to direct use. Since I have been using an electric toothbrush for many years, I will not be able to experience the “wow effect”. Although the whitening mode is different from that in Lenovo Lemei and it is felt right away. But the standard vibration mention of the passage of a 30 second interval (to change the brushing zone in the Usmile toothbrush) is also present.

In general, the Usmile Sonic P1001 toothbrush does not stand out with any special features and is designed to fulfill its direct duties. For example, the same Dr. Bei S7 has a greater number of operating modes, and also knows how to regulate the power of each of them (but the cost also exceeds the monitored one).
The main question for new models of toothbrushes is not their durability, but the availability of replaceable attachments. And alas, to Usmile Sonic P1001, they are not yet available, but the manufacturer promised to fix this problem in the near future.
That’s all for me, thank you all for watching!

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