Ultimate Liquid Soap Dispenser Review: Impressions After 5 Months Ownership

I have long appreciated how convenient it is to use a liquid soap dispenser in everyday life. About 6 different options have already been tried. I have 3 dispensers in constant use. For soap and dish soap in the kitchen and soap in the bathroom. Until recently, these were different modifications from Xiaomi. But everyone has no, no, and some problems or shortcomings will come to light. In general, in terms of quality, they have only one defect, many dispenser options are poorly thought out in terms of water protection, and moisture, getting on the control boards, does its evil deed. There are also problems in adding soap to the tank, then you need to bend, then drill. Another problem is the replacement of batteries, although not often, but still. And finally, I found an option that is completely devoid of all these problems. It is wall-mounted and has minimal contact with water. It operates on a battery, and it is very convenient to charge it, while you can both remove and carry away as quickly as possible, and charge directly on the spot. It is most convenient to add soap to it, because for this it is enough just to get the silicone lid from above. In general, he took root so much that another one was bought. In addition to the fact that it is already devoid of the named drawbacks, it also displays the ambient temperature and the percentage of the battery charge. I was in no hurry with the review, I decided to check it for the durability of work, so that there were no empty recommendations.

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New Automatic Induction Foaming Hand Washer LED Display Screen Washing Machine Infrared Sensor Soap Dispenser For Bathroom Wall


Battery capacity: 1200mAh

Weight: 360 g

Liquid capacity: 280ml

Rated power: 3W

Input current: 0.6A

Product size: 160mm × 120mm × 62.5mm

Packaging and equipment

The dispenser comes in a dense glossy white box

The dispenser is drawn on the front side and the name is written

the benefits are printed on the side of the box. We will, of course, check everything stated.On the reverse side it is drawn that the dispenser can also be in blackThe kit includes instructions, a TypeC charging cable and the device itself.


The cable is ordinary, nothing interesting. Manual in 2 languages, English and Chinese


The dispenser is made of solid white glossy plastic

The front area, on which the display is located, is made of black plastic covered with a film

A simple but very convenient wall mount was invented at the back, which is attached to the tape

On the left side there is a TypeC connector for charging the batterySoap is removed from such a spout.The sensor is located on the front of the case, under the nose and under it there is a power buttonThere is a hole at the top for adding soap, covered with a plugWe take out the plugAnd here’s a topping hole

In general, this is where the description of the outside world can end and proceed to the tests, but the innate curiosity does not lag behind and requires you to disassemble and see how it is inside.


Disassembly is trivial, right behind the cover there is a view of the motor, sensor board, control board and 18650 battery

unscrew the back coverLoosen the soap tubebattery not signedthere is no indication on the motorThe motor is not signed and from the second edgeFront sensor


To begin with, the installation of the dispenser is as convenient and easy as possible. And the wall mount has 2 huge advantages: no contact with water, and it saves space as much as possible. A stationary dispenser would get in the way and constantly fall. (Child tested)

We install the dispenser in the bathroom for his permanent residence

We check how the dispenser works. Firstly, I want to clarify right away that the location of the sensor and the fact that it is surrounded by foam rubber specifically affects the fact that it works less sensitively. That is, this means that there will be no false positives, you just need to specifically bring your palm to the same place.

It delivers a little more foam than the options from Xiaomi, but this is not a plus or a minus, this is a feature. The foam is dense, and the proportions of soap dilution are extremely economical. I breed 1/5.

On the display, you can select which degrees will be displayed C or F.

Well, by clicking on the button, we select the option to view the battery charge.

The dispenser displays the air temperature every time after the foam is dispensed, for about 4-5 seconds.

The dispenser has been working stably for 5 months. I changed the soap 5 times, the battery was charged 2 times.

While charging, I decided to measure the battery capacity

During charging, 1200 mAh was poured into the battery, which corresponds to the declared

I definitely recommend this dispenser. For its value, it is beautiful. Well, the fact that he is without a brand does not scare me, considering that when I bought it, he called himself 3life. The vaunted brands are also mowing, I have examples of both Xiaomi and Baseus, which did not live long, and this one does not yet cause thoughts of his imminent death.

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