Two flexible lamps – good and bad

These lamps are attached to the table with a clothespin and have two flexible holders – with a lamp and a smartphone mount. Often referred to as selfie lights or ring lights, they can be used for product photography as well as table lamps. Although these lamps cost almost the same, they differ significantly.

Such lamps are sold under many brands, but in fact there are only two models – with a luminous circle of 95 mm or a ring of 90 mm.

Flexible mounts have a length of 55 cm and 35 cm. The maximum height of the lamp above the table is 50 cm.

The first lamps often come in boxes labeled JBH SL-09.

The second in boxes labeled “Professional Live Stream”.

The lamps are powered by USB, they have a remote control on the wire (there is a blue backlight LED in the white remote control).

When power is applied, the lamps do not light up. You need to press the power button, after which the round lamp will turn on a neutral light, and the ring lamp will turn on cold. The button with arrows in a circle switches three modes – cold, warm, neutral. The “+” and “-” buttons change the brightness.

I measured the consumption of lamps, the illumination on the table surface, the luminous flux, color parameters.

Everything about the ring lamp is sad – it uses poor LEDs with low efficiency and poor color rendering (such a “selfie lamp” is not at all suitable for selfies – the skin color will be grayish, and all colors will be pale). In the “neutral” mode, this lamp shines almost twice as brightly (the power of the LEDs is always the same and when both “warm” and “cold” LEDs work at the same time, the brightness is higher).

In a round lamp in neutral mode, the brightness is only 15% higher – the power of the LEDs varies depending on the mode. The color rendering index in neutral mode reaches 85, which is not bad for a cheap lamp. The lamp gives 210-250 lm (this is not much like a 25-watt incandescent lamp, but enough for topical use).

This is how the spectra of the SL-09 round lamp look like.

And so – the spectra of the ring lamp. Note the dips in turquoise after the blue peak.

I bought all the lamps in Ozone, but they are also on Aliexpress. I already have two round lamps, I bought the second for 775 ***.

A round lamp can be used as a photo light, and for selfies, and as a table lamp.

It is better not to use a ring lamp at all.

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