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Upright Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Trouver Power 11 With Multicyclone And Turbo Brush (Xiaomi Youpin ecosystem) 2022. Greetings! Review of the fresh model of the upright POWER 11 vacuum cleaner with a removable battery, multicyclone and turbo brush. The vacuum cleaner is designed as part of the Xiaomi Youpin ecosystem and compares with other similar models. One of the advantages of this model: small assembly weight (1.45 kg), which makes it possible to use it for cleaning, for example, dust in the upper corners of the room, on cabinets, on curtains, as well as high power (400 W, 20 kPa). The highlight of this model is the new high-speed engine AERO 4.0, which is even more powerful, even lighter, as well as a large bright display for selecting operating modes.

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So, our friends from the Middle Kingdom are not standing still and present a new model of a cordless vacuum cleaner, with bug fixes and improvements. This is the TROUVER SOLO 11 upright vacuum cleaner, the twin brother of the popular Dreame V11 vacuum cleaner, which has a similar layout and display for control.


Model: POWER 11 (VPL4)
Type: Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Motor power: 400 W (100’000 rpm)
Suction power: 20,000 Pa
Brush type: electric
Filter type: multicyclone, HEPA
Battery voltage: 25.2V (2500mAh 7S1P)
Working time: up to 60 minutes (350 km. M.)
Assembled weight: 1.45 kg
Features: screen, three operating modes (60 minutes on economy mode, 25 minutes on average and 10 minutes in turbo mode)

The set includes: a vacuum cleaner module with a battery and a waste container, an extension pipe, a large electric brush, a small electric brush for upholstered furniture and carpets, a narrow brush attachment, a power supply, and a user’s manual. In my configuration, there was an additional mount for installing the complete vacuum cleaner itself on the wall, as well as for storing accessories.

The vacuum cleaner comes in a large box. The set includes two packages at once – directly with a vacuum cleaner, and with a wall mount.

The mount is massive, heavy, reliable, made of thick sheet steel.

The components of the vacuum cleaner are packed in a protective bag, laid out in separate places in the box.

There is a detailed instruction in English, with a description of the main methods of use and care.

The assembly and materials used are of high quality. A powerful 400 W brushless motor is used, there is a cooling system. The multistage filtration system is quite sophisticated, based on a multicyclone, with the ability to clean and flush. In terms of its characteristics, the vacuum cleaner approaches that of a similar Dyson model.

There are also contacts for connecting driven electric brushes.

The outsole houses a removable battery. This is a quality advantage over Dyson’s fixed models.

It is enough to snap off the latch and pull the battery block along the slide. You can charge separately from the whole structure – it’s more convenient.

This model uses the high-speed AERO 4.0 motor. The engine is located longitudinally, blown by the intake air, which allows efficient heat dissipation, including in the maximum mode (400 W). Air outlets are located on both sides of the housing.

The trash bin is made of transparent acrylic with rubber seals. The side button allows you to empty the container in one move.

Filtration system – multicyclone. Turbine air flow, rubber seals, additional particle filters are implemented.

A self-cleaning six-cone pattern is provided. Only 5 degrees of debris retention, from large to smallest particles. Filter mesh material – metal. A HEPA filter is installed at the outlet.

The highlight of the Trouver POWER 11 model is a color display with an indication of the operating mode and charge level. There is a possibility of fixing the mode (button-lock).

The display is bright and visible from any angle.

When the capacity is overflowed or the charge level decreases, a red indication appears.

There is a work indicator on the sole.

A large electric brush and an extension pipe are sufficient for standard vacuum cleaner applications.

By the way, the pipe marking reads as “Power II” and not as “Power 11”.

The appearance of a large electric brush. The layout is standard – wide and soft roller, suitable for cleaning most types of flooring. The hinge has several degrees of freedom at once, allowing you to tilt and rotate the brush when cleaning.

The brush is disassembled, the roller can be removed for cleaning.

The small electric brush is suitable for cleaning carpets, upholstered furniture, pillows, mattresses, etc. It is very convenient and useful – less fine dust remains.

A small brush is installed in a short version – without an extension pipe.

This way of caring for upholstered furniture is extremely convenient and useful if there are allergy sufferers in the family.

Another useful attachment is the narrow brush for hard-to-reach areas.

2-in-1 brush: can pull out a narrow spout.

Convenient to clean in corners, under and above cabinets, on mezzanines. In the short version, it is suitable for cleaning in a car.

Complete charger 30 Volt, with a round jack. Connects to the battery. You can charge the removed battery separately from the vacuum cleaner.

The vacuum cleaner is lightweight, easy to clean, manoeuvrable. The motorized brush handles fine as well as large debris.

Here is the “catch” after the garbage collection test (cereals – scattered especially for the test).

A short video demonstrating how it works.

The battery charge is enough for the whole house / apartment. In economy mode it works for about an hour, in turbo mode for about 10 minutes. The most optimal mode is medium power, sufficient for thorough cleaning of both hard and carpets over the entire area of ​​the room.

Above, I mentioned the difference with the Xiaomi Roidmi F8 vacuum cleaner. I will dwell on the comparison in a little more detail. The TROUVER vacuum cleaner is quite a budget option, which is not inferior to either the Xiaomi Roidmi F8 or the old Dyson V6 / V7 models. But noticeably winning in cost with comparable characteristics. By the way, the TROUVER brand also has a range of robots. An overview of the modern Xiaomi Trouver LDS Finder robot vacuum cleaner with dry and wet cleaning, room mapping, water dosing and local cleaning can be found here.

So, the Trouver POWER 11 cordless vacuum cleaner with a multicyclone, a display and a turbo brush is a good choice for your money. The vacuum cleaner has shown itself from the best side – convenient, maneuverable, lightweight. Really powerful. As well as its brother Dreame V11. There are hermetic seals when joining parts. They not only eliminate the emission of fine dust, but also minimize operating noise. With the help of such a vacuum cleaner, you can put things in order both at home and in the car. An additional narrow nozzle from the kit will help you get to hard-to-reach places. Operating time on a single charge – up to 60 minutes (enough for daily cleaning, for removing crumbs and small debris), up to 25 minutes in normal mode and up to 10 minutes in turbo mode (for carpets). The charging time is about 4 hours. It can be safely recommended as a home vacuum cleaner for daily cleaning, including for girls / mothers / grandmothers and sisters. The vacuum cleaner is now in stock and is delivered from a warehouse in the US/EU in a couple of days.

Thank you for your attention!

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