Tapener – a new garden gadget

This device can be found under the names of a plant binder, a garden stapler, but tracing paper from the English tapener has already taken root.

This thing allows you to attach the stem of a climbing plant to a support (peg or rope) in a second.

It turns out here is such a garter made of plastic tape with a paper clip.

It is easy to use the tapener – the tape is put on the stem and support, and the handles are compressed.

The whole process is shown in the video.

The reloading of the tape is very interesting (pay attention to the video how, after the garter, the handles are closed again and the tape is again pulled out of the roll and stretched).

The cheapest tapener now costs about 1300 ***, the tape can be found at a price of about 50 *** for a 30-meter roll. One ribbon and a set of staples are always included, there are also sets with 6 ribbons and 10,000 staples.

Cool thing and I have a feeling that it can be used for more than just tying plants. It remains to figure out what else. 🙂

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