Steam mop Aeno SM1: an overview of the combined device with manual nozzles

Can a steam mop be useful in everyday life? Maybe, especially if it performs several functions at once. The AENO SM1 steam mop is one of the most advanced devices in its class, with a touch screen display and a host of accessory attachments. There is not only protection against overheating – AENO SM1 is equipped with a special pump that supplies steam under pressure with a temperature of 110 degrees. The special design of the clean water tank with float allows operation in any position.

  • Model: AENO SM1
  • Type: Steam Cleaner/Steam Mop
  • Power: 1 kW
  • Steam pressure: up to 3 bar
  • Protection: from overheating, from coup
  • Productivity: 25 g/min
  • Continuous operation time: up to 35 min
  • Water tank volume: 380 ml
  • The AENO SM1 comes in the original eco-carton packaging with a minimalistic design. There is an image of a steam mop and a large inscription of the brand “AENO”.

    A big plus of such steam mops is the cleaning of a room with tiles or similar materials. The wall mount included in the kit allows you to keep such a device literally at hand, for removing dirt and regular cleaning. Distinctive features of the AENO SM1 model are its compact dimensions and relatively low weight, as well as the possibility of using it in several versions.

    The delivery set of AENO SM1 is one of the richest. There are accessories for working as a steam mop, and accessories for working as a steam cleaner for walls and furniture, various nozzles for working in hard-to-reach places, as well as special nozzles.

    The AENO SM1 package includes: main floor mop head, soft floor mount, two cleaning cloths, fine-haired pad nozzle, metal sh nozzle, sponge nozzle, flexible hose extension, extension rod, belt.

    The length of the network cable is 5 meters, which allows you to comfortably work across the entire area of ​​​​the room. For the purpose of winding there is a Velcro organizer for the wire. A slider button is provided to remove the clean water tank. Pure water is filtered through a combined filter (coarse + fine cleaning).

    AENO SM1 can be used both in the “short” version and with extensions. To fix the nozzles, special locks and seals are provided.

    The kit includes both a large mop head with a system for supplying and distributing steam to a napkin, as well as a special pad that provides sliding on soft (carpet) surfaces. Two cleaning wipes are designed for cleaning hard floors and soft floors.

    The mop heats up almost immediately. After about 15 seconds, she is ready to go. The tank holds up to 380 ml of pure water, which is approximately enough for 15 minutes of operation. In total, 30-35 continuous cleanings are declared.

    We use clean water for our work. Filling the tank is carried out through a special silicone valve in the upper part. Adding detergents is not recommended.

    The mop is controlled using a small but bright touch screen. Indication of the mode of giving, heating, and also the current steam temperature is provided. Turns on and off with a short hold of the touch zone.

    I note the high maneuverability of the nozzle – the mop bends perfectly and leans to the sides. Due to the low height profile of the attachment, it is also easy to clean under furniture. Directly in the nozzle there is a reservoir for the fragrance – at the same time as cleaning, you can saturate the room with a pleasant aroma, eliminating unpleasant odors.

    I used the mop for its intended purpose – steamed and wiped off the old stain left after the repair. AENO easily coped with the fact that up to this point they did not take neither solvent nor other cleaning products. After cleaning the bathroom, the napkin turned out to be moderately dirty, the ability to wash the napkins in the washing machine helps out.

    The mass of the mop is about 3 kg, which allows you to carry it with a shoulder strap and a flexible nozzle. For cleaning walls and furniture, you can use both a soft nozzle and a nozzle with a foam sponge.

    For heavy dirt, you can use a special nozzle with a metal sh, but keep in mind that the surfaces must be resistant to both mechanical stress and temperatures over 100 degrees. It wipes perfectly – there are no streaks or stains left, and the tile acquires shine.

    A steam mop allows you to successfully get rid of bacteria, vses, mold on surfaces. Using a steam mop can help you get rid of bad odors. With the help of a special nozzle for cleaning soft surfaces and a thin napkin, I “refreshed” the carpet in the children’s room. This method is also suitable for maintaining cleanliness, for example, carpet or carpet paths.

    Video demonstration of the AENO SM1 mop.

    In general, the combined device AENO SM1 proved to be worthy in home use: cleaning tiles, cleaning walls and furniture, removing complex dirt and old stains. It is quite useful, it will be useful not only for your own use, but it will also be a good gift for a relative or colleague, as well as for housewarming. The product card is available on .Market, where you can also check the current prices. The AENO SM1 steam mop is also available in the OZON store.

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