Starwind SAF1251 floor fan Review

Summer, heat, everyone cools as best they can. For some, this is a split system or a mobile air conditioner, for some, life without a “central climate” is not sweet, and someone just sleeps in the bathroom, covered with a wet sheet. But another simple way to alleviate suffering a little is a fan, which, although it blows the same hot air, still helps to survive the heat. Floor fan STARWIND SAF1251 is one of such assistants.


Type of floor fan
Power 50 W
Number of blades 5 pieces
Number of operating modes 3
Peculiarities Tilt adjustment, automatic rotation, work timer (from 10 minutes to 1 hour)
Control type Mechanical
Power Cord Length 1.7 m
Dimensions 1300*430*430mm

Packaging, appearance and equipment

The device is in a square, but flat box, designed in corporate style.

It has all the necessary information about what the fan can do, characteristics, as well as the appearance of the device. Inside, all the components are in their packages, and the part with the engine is protected by a cardboard insert.

First we are met by the dismantled protective casing of the impeller. These are the classic two bowls made of metal wire rods that will protect the impeller from damage, and vice versa, protect everyone from it, which is important for children. The impeller with a diameter of 34 cm and 5 narrow blades is made of darkened transparent plastic. Fasten the two halves of the casing of lunges with honor onto a plastic clamp, somewhat reminiscent of a similar one for barrels.

The base is extremely heavy, made of plastic, reminiscent of a well hatch. A plastic decorative overlay is put on top of it, as a result of which, the weighty support acquires an attractive appearance.

The stand is made of metal and has a collet lock that holds the inside. If necessary, it can be extended, i.e. telescopic stand. Attaches to the pole with an L-shaped screw with a wide washer. It is much more difficult to tear off than with plastic parts.

The control unit with the engine is typical in appearance. It has a “mushroom” to activate the automatic turn left and right, and also has a tilt in manual mode. Unusual for a fan, there is an operation timer that allows you to work from 10 minutes to an hour, or be constantly on. In addition, there are standard 3 speeds and a zero position.

STARWIND’s insctions are always concise, concise and waterless.


It’s time to cool off. A scattering of parts is good, but it would be necessary to collect all this into a single design. First of all, we will assemble the support and install the rack.

The two halves of the support simply snap into place with each other. We insert the rack with moderate force into the hole and fix it with an L-shaped screw with a washer.

We install the control unit on the rack, after loosening the tightening screw. After successful installation, tighten it. Here, too, metal-metal, which will definitely affect durability.

We install the back of the casing, which we attract with a plastic nut. Then we install the impeller in its place, combining the grooves in it with the prosions on the shaft. It is also attracted by a nut with a left-hand thread, which usually prevents it from being untwisted during operation. And then you should install the second part of the casing and tighten them with a clamp. I advise you to immediately tighten it a little so that it is back to back and fasten it to any half of the protective casing. Then, after the end of which process, we lean the second part and, as if snapping it into a clamp, install it in its place, tightening the screw after that. If you try to dock the two halves and secure with a clamp without this preparation, then if you are alone, most likely you will fail. Components just keep popping out. In any case, “Youth won!” ©.

The fan is ready to work.

The fan is controlled simply – first we turn on the ON position on the block with the timer, and then we turn on the desired speed with the usual buttons. If you need work in the interval up to an hour, set the position not to ON, but to the desired number. In any position, including ON, the timer block emits a slight ticking / crackling, which almost all such timers emit (for example, on an oven).

The fan generates quite a strong airflow even at the first speed, the noise is also high if it is in close proximity. At the third speed, the flow is strong and it is enough for a distance of 5-6 meters. Those. the fan copes with its task – it blows be healthy. Lacks a carrying handle, which is often placed on the motor housing. Now some measurements, let’s start with simple ones.

The photo shows two extreme positions for adjusting the height of the fan. The height from the floor to the edge of the casing varies from 111 cm to 128 cm. Combined with the tilt of the head to both sides, this range is enough.

Noise at a distance of 1 meter is noticeable even at the first speed, not to mention 2 and 3. There is not enough lower speed, i.e. the fan blows too much, but this can be greatly smoothed out by simply moving it away from you. Looks like he has some stock. by flow strength

Consumption at maximum speed is fixed at around 50 W, at minimum 40.2. If you activate the turns, then 0.4 W will be added (last photo).

Let’s take a look at the engine.

I didn’t find any markings.


STARWIND SAF1251 – with its low price and good features, it can be an excellent choice to overcome the period of unbearable heat. Perhaps, for someone, the timer mode will be useful, which can be set to work up to an hour, for example, at the time of falling asleep.

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