Sous vide Inkbird Sous Vide: low temperature cooking is an amazing technique for cooking your favorite dishes!

Sous Vide is a special vacuum cooking technology at a reduced but constant and very precise temperature. This cooking method allows you to get a delicate, unique taste and preserve the juiciness of the product, and at the same time get the maximum benefit from its consumption. Yes, the cooking time in this way increases significantly, but the final result is worth it. Sous-vide is usually used for cooking meat in restaurants at mass events, because it is this method that allows you to get perfectly uniform and necessary roasting for a large number of products. Of course, sous vide can be used for cooking other products, such as: pork, fish, vegetables and seafood – there are a lot of recipes on the net, in fact, as well as reviews of dishes prepared in this way.

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Today we will consider Sous Vide from Inkbird, which is known for its devices for measuring the temperature of anything (air, water, barbecue, food, etc.). And of course, they were not alien to the idea of ​​creating their own Sous Vide, which is based on just cooking at a certain temperature.

Sous vide Inkbird Sous Vide in the official inkbird store

When I received the device, I was a little surprised by its physical dimensions, looking at pictures on the Internet, I imagined it to be more compact. The height of the device is 40 cm, the width is 5 cm. The packaging is solid with high-quality printing, it was slightly wrinkled during shipment, but in general it did not lose its presentable appearance and protected the contents well.

On the reverse side are the main technical characteristics:

  • Power consumption: 1000W
  • Temperature setting range: 25°C – 99°C
  • Temperature step: 0.1°C
  • Time setting range: up to 99 hours 99 minutes
  • Display: LCD with display of temperature, time
  • WiFi: yes
  • Inside is a stronger cardboard box.

    The sous vide is located in a plastic box, where the cable, insctions and warranty card are also laid (manufacturer’s warranty is 1 year).

    In simple terms, sous vide is a device for heating water and maintaining a predetermined temperature for a certain time. The part that is immersed in water is made of stainless steel, the minimum and maximum levels of immersion in water are marked on the case.

    At the bottom there are holes through which water gets inside to the heating element. At the end there is a plastic nozzle, behind which a rotating element is hidden, which ensures circulation and uniform heating of the water. The tip is removable so that the device can be cleaned after use.

    Actually here we can see the blades that rotate during operation.

    The tip also has a special shape for better mixing of water.

    You can also completely remove the metal casing that covers the heating element.

    Ten close up.

    Sous vide is fixed to the container with a clip.

    You can use any suitable container, the main thing is to immerse the sous-vide in water above the min mark.

    In standby mode, the red LED on the case is lit, in cooking mode – green.

    On top is a monochrome LCD screen that displays the current temperature, the temperature at which cooking will be carried out, the cooking time and how much time is left until the end of the process. There are 4 buttons below the screen: settings, control buttons and a start/stop button.

    Using the built-in menu, you can choose one of the preset cooking programs. There are many programs here, you can find absolutely everything, but basic knowledge of English is required, because there is no English. I’ll show you a few examples:

  • In the beef section, choose a tender steak, the degree of readiness is rare, the thickness of the meat is 1.5 cm. It will take 45 minutes to cook at a temperature of 52 degrees.
  • In the eggs section, select medium readiness (boiled protein, semi-liquid yolk). It will take 21 minutes to cook at 78 degrees.
  • In the poultry section, select the chicken, cooking whole. It will take 3 hours to cook at a temperature of 65 degrees.
  • In the vegetables section, choose broccoli, it will take 20 minutes to cook at a temperature of 84 degrees.
  • In the seafood section, choose an octopus, medium cooking. It will take 4 hours to cook at a temperature of 78 degrees.
  • It is not necessary to use pre-installed programs, you can set any desired temperature and cooking time. There are many recipes on the net for cooking this or that product.

    Let’s use the example of cooking a steak, I’ll show you how to cook sous vide. To do this, we take the appropriate meat.

    Because cooking must take place in a vacuum, we need a vacuum cleaner. I have a simple model that can pump air out of a bag and seal it hermetically.

    Actually this is what we do. Inside, you must first put the spices, in the process of cooking they will open and give the meat its aroma and taste.

    Next, select the desired program and lower the bags into the water. Nothing else needs to be done, when ready, the device will start beeping and you will receive a notification on your smartphone. It is noteworthy that it is impossible to “recook” with the help of sous-vide. That is, if you want a steak with a medium level of readiness, then it will take 2 hours. But even after 3 or 4 hours it will still be medium.

    Actually, I set the program: beef, “tender steak”, medium readiness and meat thickness 4 cm. It took 2 hours and 10 minutes to cook at a temperature of 57 degrees.

    Outwardly, the meat does not look quite familiar, so if the aesthetic component is important to you, then you can fry it for 30 seconds on each side on a grill or hot pan, this will give a beautiful lattice and a delicious fried st. But since I cooked for myself, I decided not to bother with the appearance, because the meat is completely ready to eat.

    This is how it looks like cutaway. The taste is divine and very juicy. Much tastier than traditional cooking. And unlike a frying pan, the readiness of the meat is absolutely the same throughout its thickness. If you like more roasting, then you can slightly increase the temperature, but then it will be less juicy.

    What else do I cook with sous vide? Svininina, fish, eggs and burgers. Burgers are a different story, because with the help of a frying pan and lack of experience, you can very easily overcook or dry the cutlets. In sous-vide, this is impossible, you will get a cutlet of the “rare” that you need in any case. Again, for beauty, then it is enough to fry it for 15 seconds on each side in a pan. Sous-vide also helps out a lot when preparing a large number of products, for example, for a birthday, when you need to cook a couple of dozen pork chops well at once. In sous vide, they are soft and juicy and always perfectly cooked.

    Well, a few words about the smartphone application. It is called InkbirdSmart and is available in PlayMarket. After registration, click add device, turn on sous vide, select a network in the 2.4 GHz band, after which the device is linked to the application.

    On the main screen, you can see the current temperature readings, you can manually set the cooking time and cooking temperature, or use preset recipes, where all parameters are set for you, depending on the dish and the desired degree of readiness. Again, everything here is in English, for those who are not friends with him, it will be difficult. During cooking, you can always see the remaining time, and at the end you will receive a notification about the end of cooking (the temperature will continue to be maintained, and the sous-vide itself will emit a sound signal).

    The application has automation, but the only thing that can be applied to sous vide is a delayed start through a timer. All other scripts are useless and applicable to other devices (app is used for different inkbird devices).

    Yes, that’s basically all. It does its job perfectly, and a quick search of local stores shows that the cheapest sous vide in my city cost about 30% more and are less functional. The official site of inkbird can be found here, they also have a contact group.

    Sous vide Inkbird Sous Vide in the official inkbird store

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