Soocas W3 Portable Oral Irrigator Review

Review of Soocas W3 Oral Irrigator 2022. Portable Oral irrigator is a useful helper for dental care. One of the popular devices of this type is the Soocas W3 model. It will be discussed in our review. I will try to tell everything about this gadget.

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Soocas W3 Portable Oral Irrigator USB Rechargeable Dental Water Flosser Stable Water Flow IPX7 Waterproof Bathroom Teeth Cleaner

Container capacity 230 ml
Minimum pressure 20 kPa
Maximum pressure 140 kPa
Type of food Own battery
Battery capacity 2200 mAh
Charging time 4-6 h
Shipping weight 0.5KG
Device weight 0.294 kg
Complete set

The packaging has long been thrown away, so I’ll tell you everything from memory. Soocas W3 is in a cardboard box. On the front side you can see the gadget itself, and on the back side there are the main characteristics of this device. Also in the corner of the package there is a QR code, thanks to which you can verify the originality of Soocas W3.

Together with the irrigator in the box you can find:

  • Instructions (completely in Chinese);
  • Power cable;
  • Irrigation nozzle;

Honestly, the need for instructions is no, everything is clear. The cable is 100 centimeters long.


The upper white part is made of ABS plastic, and the liquid container is made of food-grade plastic (bluish tint). Water level indicators are not needed here all because of the transparent container. On the front side there is a special plastic stopper for pouring liquid into a non-removable container. You can see the marks on one side.

The height with the attachment is 28.5 centimeters, the length is 7.4 and the width is 4.7 centimeters. The exact weight of the irrigator is 0.294 kilograms.

On the front side of the block there are buttons:

  • on / off device;
  • operating mode;

To change the mode, you need to press the button once, and the LED indicator will indicate the selection of the required mode. I am glad that the device does not slip in the hand, all because of its non-slip coating. To be honest, the buttons are well placed, as it is convenient to press blindly.

Cleaning the oral cavity becomes convenient because of the curved shape of the nozzle. The hole is very thin, so the liquid is delivered in a very thin stream and under strong pressure. The nozzle itself sits very tightly, in order to pull it out, you need to press a button. If you press the “dispense” button while the irrigator is operating, then be prepared for the nozzle to be on the floor.

Modes of operation

To clarify, Soocas W3 removes plaque and food debris only thanks to the liquid. The device has several modes of operation. Many people recommend going through the third mode, and then finishing with the standard one. Of course, if you have dental problems, then you should not start with the third. Irrigator modes:

  • Soft… The jet comes out under low pressure, good for sensitive teeth and gums;
  • Standard… The most common mode. Suitable for those who do not have dental problems. The jet is delivered at a high frequency.
  • Impulsive… Feed impulse: 1300 / min. One of my favorite modes.

During operation in each mode, the liquid is supplied in portions. The modes differ among themselves, as you could understand that there are different time intervals and in pressure.

The volume of the container is 230 milliliters. You can use any liquid, even the one that flows from the tap (if it is not black). Select the optimum temperature for yourself before use. You can also refill the device with special oral fluids. The ones that can freshen your breath and reduce the likelihood of plaque.


The gadget is charged via the microUSB connector and for a full “tank” the device is charged in about six hours. The capacity of the battery itself is 2200 mAh. One full charge lasts up to 30 days, if you use the gadget every day for two to three minutes.


Perfect for those who have dental problems, as the device can really effectively clean the mouth of food debris. You can feel all the usefulness and advantages of the gadget after eating any meat, such as a kebab. And together with picking with a toothpick, this irrigator will take 5 seconds to get rid of the leftover meat. I also want to note that the device can be used after every meal.

  • Appearance;
  • Build quality;
  • Autonomy;
  • The convenience of use;
  • Several modes;
  • Moisture protection level;
  • One nozzle, but the European version comes with 4 nozzles;
  • I saw that many people write in reviews that it breaks down quickly, but everything is still in order with my device;
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