SkeyiN Travel Foil Razor For Men Review

SkeyiN Travel Foil Razor For Men Review: Keeping a Civilized Look in Any Situation 2022. Sometimes on the way you have to be delayed or you need to urgently run away to work. Well, or overslept). In the first case, the conditions are not suitable, in the second, they are not at all. How not to scare the conductor, traffic police inspector, colleagues at work with atavisms? Let’s use the SkeyiN compact rechargeable foil shaver.

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CkeyiN Mini Reciprocating Electric Shaver For Men Foil Travel USB Rechargeable Beard Razor Cutter Trimmer Hair Shaving Machine

Brand / SKU: SkeyiN RC316HQ
Rated power: 3W
Charging: DC5V micro USB
Battery: Li-ion 1000 mAh
Charging time: 8 hours
Usage time: 1 hour
Protection: IPX4
Dimensions / weight: 9.6 * 5.7 * 2.6 cm / 169 grams

Commercial packaging is austere and made from regular cardboard. From the inscriptions only the name of the brand.

The kit, in addition to a razor, a charging cable, instructions and a brush, includes a case and another box. It contained a spare lid with a mesh. In mesh razors, the mesh is a consumable and it’s not bad at all that they put another one in addition.

The razor does not differ in sophistication of design, here the main thing is functionality and minimal dimensions. The razor is about the size of a pack of cigarettes. The case is made of plastic with a shiny insert and the brand name on it. Some of the decorative elements are the texture on the front of the case.

The net is covered with a plastic cap during storage. There is no trimmer in the shaver, it is used only for shaving.

The rounded body has a knurled back for a better grip. It is on this side that three or four fingers of the hand lie, and the knurling does not allow the razor to slip out. There is an index finger rest at the top.

The power button is used simple and reliable – slider type. It is located on the right. The shaver has only one speed and the switch is just a switch.

The instructions indicate that you cannot use the shaver while charging. It then turns on, but due to the desire to make the shaver as small as possible, a microUSB connector is used here. Not the most reliable connector, but for the sake of miniaturization, more hardy engineers had to be abandoned. The socket is at the bottom and covered with a silicone plug. The declared protection IPX4 and if you do not throw the razor into the water, then it will withstand short-term rinsing without problems.

The razor mesh is neatly made, there are no burrs or other artifacts. For cleaning and rinsing, the lid with the net just needs to be pulled up and access to the knife cassettes will open.

The standard mesh is golden, the spare is steel. They are functionally identical.

Apparently, the dimensions were chosen optimally and the razor lies confidently in the hand. The knife block has a slight forward tilt for better ergonomics. Shave is comfortable.

The results of use are quite satisfactory. The razor coped with two days of stubble without causing discomfort. It cannot be compared with a machine tool, but on the road, on a business trip, in conditions of lack of time, it will allow you to look like a person.

Recently, I started to like foil shavers more than rotary shavers. They make a little louder noise, but shave faster. SkeyiN RC316HQ is designed for both dry and wet shaving. The battery lasts for a week in daily use. True, it takes a long time to charge – about eight hours, although there is a lithium battery inside. The razor did not make a splash, but it also disappointed her. It copes with its tasks, and due to its compact size and results normal for electric shavers, it may well be considered as a road option.

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