ROIDMI EVE Plus Review Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Review Roidmi EVE Plus 2022 Robot Vacuum Cleaner With Self-Cleaning For 470 dollars. Roidmi EVE Plus is a self-cleaning model from the Xiaomi family. After completing its duties, Roidmi EVE Plus pumps the collected waste into a large disposable bag, so maintenance is minimized: you need to check the brushes and filters once a week, and change the bag at the station once a month. For dry cleaning, Roidmi EVE Plus is equipped with a 2700 Pa motor, three brushes and a 5200 mAh battery. In addition, the robot can wash floors. For a set with a self-cleaning station on Aliexpress, they ask 500 dollars. To what extent this is an adequate price and what this robot is capable of, in principle, we will figure it out further in the review.

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Complete set

The Roidmi EVE Plus kit consists of two boxes. One box contains a self-cleaning station, a power cord and 3 garbage bags, the second contains a vacuum cleaner and accessories:

  • mop with one reusable microfiber;
  • 10 disposable wipes;
  • replaceable fine filter;
  • service brush;
  • user manual.

The only thing missing before a full package is spare end brushes.

Battery capacity (mAh)5200
Running time (min)150
Charging time (min)300
Rated power (W)50
Cleaning features
Suction power (Pa)2700
Cleaning area (sq. M)250
Noise level (dB)70
Side brushes (qty)Two
Turbo brushThere is
Recommended house sizeMedium, large
Cleaning modes
Trash can volume (ml)300
Automatic dirt removal (self-cleaning)there is
Wet cleaningthere is
Water tank capacity (ml)250
Electric control of water supplythere is
Overcomes thresholds, height (mm)twenty
HEPA filterthere is
Washable filterN / A
Types of carpetsLow to medium pile
Cartographer sensor typeLDS
Carpet detectionthere is
Drop / break sensorthere is
Dirt detectionNo
Container full indicatorNo
Navigation and control
Cartography / Route Planningthere is
High-precision mapthere is
Planningthere is
IR remote controlNo
Wi-Fi App / Smartphonethere is
Wi-Fi frequency (GHz)2.4
Support for voice assistantsNo
Magnetic / Optical Virtual WallsNo
Application features
Real-time trackingthere is
Saving a room mapthere is
Digital locked areathere is
Room cleaningthere is
Cleaning the areathere is
Areas without a mopNo
Manual controlthere is
Additional functions and characteristics
Auto return to charging dockthere is
Recharge and resume cleaningthere is
Voice promptsthere is
LCD displayNo
Dimensions (mm)350 x 98
Weight, kg)N / A
Where can I buy
Yandex Market

Roidmi EVE Plus, although it looks similar to its relatives, deviates a little from the templates adopted by Xiaomi: black inserts (border and control panel) appeared on the monochromatic body, a second end brush was added under the bottom, and the dust collector is placed at the back, and not under the lid. The dimensions of the case are usual – 350 x 98 mm (including the lidar). Control buttons light up only when pressed. There are three of them: switching on, local cleaning and recharging.

The front side of the case is covered by a C-shaped bumper with slots for sensors and a rubber shock absorber. The Roidmi EVE Plus has a combined dust collector: on top – a 250 ml tank, on the bottom – a 300 ml waste chamber. The container is equipped with a non-return valve, so when you remove it, debris will not fall into the air duct. Self-cleaning is carried out through a hatch in the rear wall.

The following working tools are located under the bottom of the Roidmi EVE Plus:

  • two wheels and a swivel roller;
  • fall sensors (2 on each side);
  • two end brushes;
  • dismountable turbo brush with a floating frame;
  • mop mounts;
  • charging terminals for parking on the classic docking station.

Another pair of terminals is built into the rear wall of the dust collector – it is already used when parking at a self-cleaning station.


For orientation on the terrain, Roidmi EVE Plus uses lidar, so during the cleaning process the assistant draws an accurate map. The route building algorithm is implemented at a high level:

  • cleaning is carried out sequentially, room by room, without breaking down into small areas;
  • the robot gently touches obstacles, sweeps furniture legs, moves parallel to the wall (due to side sensors);
  • does not go up the stairs and is not afraid of black carpets.

The passability of thresholds is average: 10-15 mm Roidmi EVE Plus overcomes easily, and 20 mm – with difficulty.

The 5200 mAh battery lasts for 2 hours at maximum and 3 hours at minimum. In one minute, the robot manages to vacuum 0.8 sq.m., and in one working cycle, respectively, from 96 to 140 sq.m. If necessary, Roidmi EVE Plus will resume working after recharging.


The Roidmi app is used for control. It offers the following possibilities:

  • interactive cartography: dividing an apartment into rooms with setting cleaning parameters for each of them, indicating target and prohibited zones, virtual walls, local cleaning points;
  • adjustment of the suction force, the abundance of wetting of the napkin and the number of passes (1-3);
  • Y-shaped floor wiping trajectory;
  • obstacle avoidance mode (analogous to delicate cleaning);
  • do not disturb mode;
  • automatic power boost on carpets;
  • self-cleaning setting: frequency of emptying the dust container and parameters for turning off the display;
  • work schedule by days of the week;
  • cleaning history and condition of accessories;
  • voice pack and notification volume;
  • manual control (joystick);
  • virtual directory.
Dry cleaning

The dry cleaning algorithm is traditional: end brushes sweep away debris under the bottom, a turbo brush comb out carpets, and a motor with a force of up to 2700 Pa pulls dirt into the dust collector. Such a system is sufficient for high-quality cleaning of smooth floors and thin carpets.

The results speak for themselves:

  • on the Roidmi EVE Plus laminate, 92% of cereals and flakes, and 97% of sand were collected;
  • the thin carpet was 97% free of small debris.

It should also be noted that the robot is good at sweeping dirt out of corners and picking up wool efficiently.

On medium carpets, the results are average – Roidmi collected only half of the scattered rubbish. The rubbish clings to the carpet pile, so the brushes cannot work efficiently enough.

Reference! The noise level of Roidmi EVE Plus is modest – from 54 to 61 dB.

Wet cleaning

During wet cleaning, Roidmi EVE Plus evenly doses water onto the napkin and wipes the floor with it. By default, the vacuum cleaner moves in the same way as during dry cleaning – in zigzags, but you can activate the “herringbone” driveways. This mode is designed to wipe away stains. But in fact, Roidmi only handles surface dust, and the napkin does not have enough downforce to remove stubborn dirt.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • self-cleaning base;
  • attractive design;
  • two end brushes;
  • premium navigation;
  • scheduling work by room;
  • high-quality dry cleaning;
  • high performance


  • lack of spare brushes;
  • mediocre wet cleaning.

Roidmi EVE Plus – a reliable and high-quality assistant from Xiaomi. He will put things in order in a large house with thin carpets and smooth coverings, carefully collect wool and sand. After cleaning, the vacuum cleaner will empty the dust collector on its own and save its owner from dirty work.

In the segment of self-cleaning robots, Roidmi EVE Plus takes the middle ground. It is more expensive than simple models with low build quality and more affordable than other branded robots. In general, for such functionality and technical characteristics, the combination of price and quality is optimal.

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